Why SEHO Selective Systems are changing the way manufacturers solder boards using through hole designs

Hawker Richardson
By Hawker Richardson
Friday, 17 May, 2024

Why SEHO Selective Systems are changing the way manufacturers solder boards using through hole designs

While a lot of manufacturers are benefitting from board designs utilising surface mount technology (SMT), some boards can only ever use Wave and Selective technologies. This article looks at some of the best solutions on the market for Soldering through hole boards from SEHO and why some of the technology they’ve employed could be a game changer for manufacturers requiring Wave and/or Selective solutions.

Who are SEHO?

Founded in 1976, SEHO are world leaders in solder systems, with locations in the USA, South Korea, and China, in addition to their headquarters In Germany.

SelectLine-C – Award-winning mid-range modular system

The SelectLine is ideal for growing organisations because the modular system can increase its capability as your organisation’s production grows. The standard configuration consists of a base module and controller, and it can be retrofitted with additional features either from the factory or later. Features include automated optical inspection (AOI), brush for reducing maintenance, gold nozzles for greater longevity.

The SelectLine can be run in a couple of modes: Chaotic mode (Running board A and then B behind it and then C etc.) So, running one board and then another rather than batch building; Synchro mode - with two solder pots for greater speed i.e. one solder pot does one half of the board, and the other solder pot does the other half to increase throughput.

SEHO design and manufacture their soldering solutions in Germany and the offering consists of both Wave and Selective solutions for soldering which range can be utilised or inline production or standalone including:

Greater flexibility – high-mix, high volume. SEHO soldering systems are designed to increase efficiencies as well as provide greater flexibility, allowing users to configure the systems for providing multiple processes.

Minimising maintenance and downtime – crucial for wave and selective solutions because maintenance tends to be more a costly and time-consuming process compared to reflow. However, SEHO spend a lot of time investing in their R&D and so deliver systems designed to clean at regular intervals, so that it doesn’t impact production but helps to prevent build-up of solder deposits.

What makes SEHO’s soldering solutions unique?

The SEHO systems are designed with a range of patented technological advances. One important feature which can ensure repeatable quality and improve cycle times is the integrated automated optical inspection (AOI) system. The AOI can be stationary mounted in the production cell or installed on a separate access so there is no impact on cycle time.

Is there support and maintenance for SEHO solutions in Australia and New Zealand?

Hawker Richardson have recently sold a SEHO solution to a contract manufacturer who are still running their SEHO they purchased twenty-five years ago. Investing in a good quality product over cheaper alternatives pays back in the long run. Hawker Richardson keeps a large range of spares in their warehouse and with a large, dedicated service team, they can support customers with both repairs and maintenance anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. The systems can also be accessed remotely so initial support can be provided quickly to minimise downtime.

Hawker Richardson is the authorized distributor for SEHO Systems GmbH in Australasia.

Top image credit: iStock.com/anyaivanova

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