Iron could be key to less expensive, greener Li-ion batteries

06 June, 2024 by Steve Lundeberg, Oregon State University

Researchers have demonstrated that iron, instead of cobalt and nickel, can be used as a cathode material in lithium-ion batteries.

Batteries: modelling tomorrow's materials today

30 May, 2024 by Dr Martin Heidelberger, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Researchers have used microstructure simulations to reveal the influence of elastic deformation on the charging behaviour of layered oxides used as cathodes in sodium-ion batteries.

Solid-state sodium-air batteries: a promising green energy source?

30 May, 2024

Researchers have developed a high-efficiency, all-solid-state sodium-air battery that can reversibly utilise sodium and air without requiring special equipment.

Designing safer, higher-performance lithium batteries

24 May, 2024 by Holly Evarts, Columbia Engineering

Columbia Engineers have used nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to examine lithium metal batteries through a new lens — this could help them design new electrolytes and anode surfaces for high-performance batteries.

Eco-friendly battery for low-income countries

17 May, 2024 by Anders Törneholm, Linköping University

Able to be used more than 8000 times, this battery has an energy density that is comparable to lead-acid batteries.

A second life for batteries

16 May, 2024

Discarded lithium-ion cells from electric cars could be re-used as stationary power storage units. Researchers at TU Graz have established the first indicators for a reliable assessment of their condition.

Low-energy process developed for high-performance solar cells

10 May, 2024 by Harrison Tasoff, UC Santa Barbara

Researchers from UC Santa Barbara have developed a process to make high-quality perovskite films at room temperature.

Enhancing the cyclability of lithium-ion battery cathodes

09 May, 2024

Researchers have found that the charge-recharge cycling of lithium-iron-oxide, a high-capacity cathode for lithium-ion batteries, can be improved by doping with readily available mineral elements.

Cincon LFM300S AC-DC semi-potted power supply

01 May, 2024 | Supplied by: Glyn Ltd

The Cincon LFM300S AC-DC semi-potted power supply is suitable for a range of applications and also features OCP, OVP and OTP full protection.

Robotic lab enhances battery manufacturing

26 April, 2024 by Derek Smith, University of Michigan

Mixing unconventional ingredients in just the right order can make complex materials with fewer impurities. The robotic lab that tested the idea could be widely adopted.

Hybrid sodium-ion battery can be charged in a few minutes

25 April, 2024

Researchers have unveiled a hybrid sodium-ion battery that charges in just a few seconds — and could be used in electric vehicles in the future.

Novel material improves stability, efficiency of PSCs

17 April, 2024

A team of chemists has developed a new material for perovskite solar cells that can be used as a hole transporting layer in both regular and inverted architecture solar cells.

Device gathers, stores electricity in remote settings

12 April, 2024 by Brian Maffly, University of Utah

New research shows the pyroelectrochemical cell, or PEC, harnesses changes in ambient temperature to self-charge, demonstrating its potential for Internet of Things applications.

Four-terminal tandem organic solar cell achieves 16.94% PCE

12 April, 2024

Researchers have fabricated a new four-terminal organic solar cell with a tandem configuration with a 16.94% power conversion efficiency (PCE).

Scientists unveil novel material for magnesium batteries

11 April, 2024

Researchers have developed a cathode material for rechargeable magnesium batteries that could enable efficient charging and discharging at low temperatures.

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