The potential of potassium-ion batteries for a greener future

22 September, 2023

Researchers from the Tokyo University of Science have conducted experiments on aqueous potassium-ion batteries to gain insights into solid-electrolyte interphases.

Aussie invention could turn petrol cars into hybrids

22 September, 2023

RMIT University student Alexander Burton has developed an electric motor that can turn almost any petrol or diesel car into a hybrid.

New battery holds promise for green energy

13 September, 2023 by Michael Miller

Chemists from the University of Cincinnati have developed a novel battery designed for storing energy from wind or solar farms.

Consortium to make batteries for electric vehicles more sustainable

13 September, 2023 by Theresa Duque, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lithium-ion batteries could get a significant boost in energy density from disordered rock salt (DRX), a versatile battery material that can be made with almost any transition metal instead of nickel and cobalt.

Upcycling pure silicon to make lithium-ion batteries

13 September, 2023

Scientists from NTU Singapore have developed a method to recover high-purity silicon from expired solar panels, enabling them to produce Li-ion batteries.

Flexible solar cells achieve 19% PCE gain

07 September, 2023

Researchers have developed a ternary organic solar cell with power conversion efficiency gains of over 19%, using a component to improve crystallinity and alignment.

Enhancing batteries and fuel cells with dispersibility estimation

05 September, 2023

Researchers have developed a new approach to evaluate the dispersibility of carbon slurries, a key factor in the production of battery electrodes.

Helios Power Solutions medical power supplies

01 September, 2023 | Supplied by: Helios Power Solutions

The medical power supplies offered by Helios Power Solutions feature robust thermal and EMC design and the opportunity for customisation.

True shape of lithium revealed

01 September, 2023 by Wayne Lewis, UCLA

Fundamental discovery and new technique could lead to better, safer rechargeable batteries.

Suppressing lithium plating in batteries for fast-charging EVs

31 August, 2023

A new way to prevent lithium plating in electric vehicle (EV) batteries could lead to faster charging times, according to researchers from the UK.

Generating electricity from MCH using solid oxide fuel cells

30 August, 2023

Researchers from Waseda University in Japan have successfully generated electricity from methylcyclohexane (MCH) using solid oxide fuel cells.

Transparent thin-film solar cell developed with flexible substrate

30 August, 2023

Researchers have developed a transparent thin-film solar cell on a flexible substrate that displays various reflective colours without reducing solar cell efficiency.

Framework developed to guide electrolyte design for batteries

30 August, 2023

Researchers have developed a framework that can guide the design of electrolytes for advanced batteries.

Saline-powered ultrathin battery developed for smart contact lenses

25 August, 2023

Scientists have developed a flexible battery as thin as a human cornea, which stores electricity when it is immersed in saline and could power smart contact lenses.

Zinc-air batteries: a cheaper, safer alternative to Li-ion

24 August, 2023

A study by Edith Cowan University has found that zinc-air batteries are a promising alternative to Li-ion batteries, due to their high theoretical energy density and environmental friendliness.

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