Big iron flow battery powering energy storage solutions in Qld

22 February, 2023

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology have commissioned what is reportedly the biggest large-scale iron flow battery outside of the United States.

Harvesting solar energy using self-assembled nanoparticles

22 February, 2023

Researchers have developed an efficient and flexible solar energy harvesting design based on self-assembled nanoparticles.

Topological waveguide reduces energy consumption in electronics

21 February, 2023

Researchers have developed an acoustic waveguide based on topology that could lead to reduced energy consumption in electronic devices.

Research: Halide perovskite solar cells are unstable

17 February, 2023

Researchers have found that highly efficient halide perovskite solar cells are far less stable than previously thought due to thermal instability in the cell's interface layers.

New cathode material for rechargeable magnesium batteries

16 February, 2023

Scientists have discovered the optimal composition for a magnesium secondary battery cathode for better cyclability and high battery capacity.

Australian solar researchers win QEPrize for Engineering

09 February, 2023

Four Australian researchers have won the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering for developing highly efficient solar cells that are central to reducing emissions.

Researchers develop bilayer electrodes for Li-ion batteries

06 February, 2023

Researchers have created a Li-ion battery using bilayer electrodes that is expected to improve the performance and lifespan of electric vehicles and electronic devices.

Using soundwaves to extend battery life

01 February, 2023

Engineers from RMIT University are experimenting with an innovation that uses high-frequency soundwaves and the nanomaterial MXene to extend the lifespan of mobile phone batteries.

Metal-free batteries raise hope for more sustainable and economical grids

16 January, 2023

Ammonium-ion electrolytes could help create ecofriendly and sustainable alternatives to lithium-ion batteries, particularly for grid storage.

Nordic Semiconductor nPM1300 multi-function PMIC

16 January, 2023 | Supplied by: Nordic Semiconductor

The Nordic Semiconductor nPM1300 multi-function Power Management IC (PMIC) is designed to support longer run times and efficient battery charging.

Engineers solve a mystery on the path to smaller, lighter batteries

16 January, 2023 by David Chandler, MIT News Office

Branchlike metallic filaments can sap the power of solid-state lithium batteries. A new study explains how they form and how to divert them.

Helping lithium–sulfur batteries reach their full potential

12 January, 2023

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have created a redox-active interlayer within lithium–sulfur batteries that enhances their energy storage capacity.

New mechanism developed for high-efficiency organic solar cells

11 January, 2023

Scientists from City University of Hong Kong have discovered a novel photophysical mechanism that has enhanced the efficiency of organic photovoltaics.

Ammonium: the secret ingredient for stable perovskite solar cells?

11 January, 2023

Scientists from Exciton Science have created perovskite solar cells with 21% efficiency, reportedly the best results ever recorded for a device made from a non-halide lead source.

Helios Power Solutions Variable DC power supplies

01 January, 2023 | Supplied by: Helios Power Solutions

Helios Power Solutions offers a range of DC Programmable Laboratory/Variable Power Supplies that can be operated in constant voltage mode or in constant current mode.

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