Mornsun R3 series fixed input DC converters

13 June, 2018 | DLPC Pty Ltd

Mornsun's R3 series fixed input DC converters offer solutions to common issues with power supply design.

Advantech EKI-2525LI Ethernet Switch

01 June, 2018 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The EKI-2525LI is an unmanaged, 5-port Ethernet switch that comes in an ultrasmall palm size. This makes it a suitable solution for environments with limited space, such as electronic boxes, cabinets and high-density plants.

Fluke 233 Digital Multimeter with remote display

01 June, 2018 | TechRentals

The Fluke 233 Digital Multimeter features a removable display which gives the user flexibility in unusual measurement scenarios.

Anritsu MS2850A Signal Analyzer for 5G NR Analysis to Power 5G Service Rollout

01 June, 2018 | Anritsu Pty Ltd

Anritsu announces the launch of five additional 5G measurement software options for its MS2850A Signal Analyzer. The five software options are compliant with the 3GPP 5G standards (5G NR hereafter) and used for measuring the RF Tx characteristics of next-generation 5G base stations and mobile terminals.

Advantech Wzzard LRPv Node and SmartSwarm 243 LoRa Gateway

01 May, 2018 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

Advantech's Wzzard LRPv Node can connect up to four sensors simultaneously. It is suitable for production lines that have many sensors or for applications where there is limited space for additional devices.

SEMIKRON power electronic stacks

01 May, 2018 | Semikron Pty Ltd

SEMIKRON's portfolio of power electronic stacks ranges from off-the-shelf platforms — with short lead times and delivered ready to install — to customised stacks with different levels of integration, from modules on heat sinks to fully integrated cabinets.

Coilcraft LPD8035V series high-voltage coupled inductor

01 May, 2018 | TRI Components Pty Ltd

The Coilcraft LPD8035V series offers high-isolation miniature coupled 1:1 inductors that provide 1500 Vrms 1-minute isolation between windings in a small package. It is said to offer significant size reductions over conventional bobbin-wound alternatives.

RECOM RFB, RFM and RFMM 1 W commodity DC/DC converters

01 May, 2018 | RECOM Power GmbH

The RFB, RFM and RFMM are SIP4 and SIP7 case DC/DC converters that are typically used in power isolation and voltage matching applications in board interfaces, which have become high-volume commodity applications.

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