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ROLEC OKW Australia New Zealand offer high quality plastic, aluminium and stainless steel enclosures from leading manufacturers ROLEC and OKW, both companies offer a wide range of customising options to modify the enclosures to suit your individual requirements. Machining, printing, EMC shielding, moulding custom materials, surface finishing are some of the available options

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Unit 6 29 Coombes Drive , Penrith NSW 2750 (Directions)


ROLEC aluCASE diecast aluminium enclosures with colour-coded trims

Colour-coded trims are now available as options on ROLEC's aluCASE premium diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics.

METCASE TECHNOMET 19″ rack enclosures

METCASE has created a 19″ mini-rack version of its TECHNOMET tabletop instrument enclosures. The TECHNOMET cases are designed for mounting standard 19″ subracks, chassis and front panels.

ROLEC technoPLUS enclosures with IP69K protection

ROLEC's technoPLUS pole-mounted enclosures are now available with optional IP69K protection, safeguarding electronics from high-pressure and high-temperature jet washing.

ROLEC aluCASE enclosures with IP69K protection

ROLEC's aluCASE diecast aluminium enclosures are now available with an optional IP69K rating to protect electronics from high-pressure jet washing and steam cleaning.

ROLEC enclosures for Industry 4.0

ROLEC has incorporated the requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 into its current range of enclosures.

ROLEC multiPANEL designer command/display enclosures

ROLEC's ultramodern multiPANEL designer command and display enclosures can be specified for a huge range of applications involving displays, touch screens and flush integration of PCs.

ROLEC enclosures IP67/IP69K protection class upgrades

ROLEC now offers its diecast aluminium enclosures with the option of factory-fitted IP protection class upgrades. Depending on the type of enclosure, the ratings can be increased from IP66 to IP67 and from IP67 to IP69K.

ROLEC multiPANEL command enclosure

The multiPANEL profile enclosure, with dimensions of between 150 and 800 mm in length and width, can be produced to meet user requirements to the exact millimetre. Decorative inlays in brushed stainless steel fully encircle the enclosure body of extruded aluminium profiles.

OKW BODY-CASE wearable enclosures

The BODY-CASE series of wearable enclosures is suitable for applications on or near the body. Due to its small, compact format, it can be worn on the arm, around the neck, in shirt and trouser pockets or carried loose in an article of clothing.

OKW CONNECT enclosure for wired applications

The CONNECT is a versatile and compact plastic enclosure for wired applications. It consists of two enclosure shells that are joined together by means of a concealed locking edge. The enclosure ends are designed in such a way that they are either closed or they can be fitted with cable glands.

OKW enclosures made of special materials

In addition to its diverse range of standard plastic enclosures and tuning knobs, OKW also offers production in other special materials. The enclosures can be produced in special colours, flame-resistant material or environmentally friendly bioplastic.

OKW CARRYTEC M Slim portable instrument enclosures

OKW's CARRYTEC M portable instrument enclosures are now available in a slim version for tablet-style electronics. CARRYTEC M Slim is aimed at tablets and instruments which have modest space requirements but still require a tough level of protection.

ROLEC technoPLUS pole-mount enclosures

Plastic enclosures designed for pole-mounted electronics are now available from ROLEC. The company's technoPLUS range features a dedicated bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting on poles, masts and other street furniture.

OKW SYNERGY Round and Oval extruded enclosures

OKW has added Round and Oval models to its range of SYNERGY electronic enclosures. Applications include medical and therapeutic systems, measurement and control technology, home automation, peripherals and building services electronics.

ROLEC conFORM die-cast IP66/IP67 enclosures with in-built EMC shielding

The conFORM enclosures, from ROLEC, are specially designed to protect highly sensitive electronic components against radiofrequency interference. The enclosures have been EMC performance tested by Hannover University in Germany.

OKW flush-mount Interface-Terminal enclosures

OKW has extended its Interface-Terminal plastic enclosures series with a new range of accessory kits which allow the enclosures to be flush-fitted in walls or control panels.

OKW COMTEC ergonomic keypad enclosures

OKW's COMTEC range of sloping front keypad enclosures is available in seven standard sizes. The modern housings feature a 'softline' design with an ergonomically inclined (10°) operating area, which ensures comfortable operation of the controls.

ROLEC aluCASE custom-ready die-cast aluminium enclosures

ROLEC's aluCASE die-cast aluminium enclosures have been designed to simplify customisation requirements. The enclosures are rated to IP67 but can also be specified to IP69K with a special factory-fitted gasket.

ROLEC handCASE IP66 die-cast handheld enclosures

ROLEC has extended the handCASE range of enclosures with four models that have a full format top recess for membrane keypads or product labels.

OKW CARRYTEC portable enclosures range

OKW's CARRYTEC range of portable enclosures is designed for portable electronics equipment and is available with optional docking stations for charging and data transfer when the equipment is not being carried.

OKW SMART-CASE handheld enclosures with integrated cable glands

Integrated cable glands are now available on OKW's SMART-CASE range of handheld enclosures. They help to protect the cable as well as further enhancing the aesthetics of the range.

OKW Interface-Terminal iPad Air front panels

OKW has added two iPad Air front panels to its Interface-Terminal multifunction electronic enclosures range, enabling the tablets to be securely mounted to walls or desks or in a robust, handheld enclosure to help prevent damage or even theft.

ROLEC profiPLUS suspension arms

ROLEC has unveiled its profiPLUS designer suspension arms. The elegant and ergonomic modular system offers a huge range of couplings, joints and sections to create a suspension arm solution for a broad spectrum of electronics applications.

OKW Ergo-Case wearable enclosures range

OKW's range of Ergo-Case wearable enclosures includes six smaller XS models, consisting of a top, base and intermediate ring. They are assembled with two self-tapping screws and can be specified with no eyelets, one eyelet for a lanyard or two lateral eyelets for fitting the device to a wrist strap or belt.

ROLEC mobilCASE handheld enclosures

ROLEC has extended the mobilCASE range of handheld enclosures with more case combinations and accessories. The robust and attractive enclosures can be used for either cable-connected or battery-powered equipment such as data collection units, machine controllers, robot programmers and test and measurement devices.

OKW DIATEC enclosures for wall-mount and desktop electronics

OKW's DIATEC range of plasic enclosures is suitable for wall-mounted applications as well as desktop-mounted electronics - especially the XS and L models.

OKW Datec-Compact S and L handheld enclosures

OKW has completed its range of Datec-Compact outdoor handheld enclosures by adding sizes S and L to the existing M models. The units have been designed for mobile applications in harsh environments, including data recording and transfer; measuring and control; and stock and sales logging.

ROLEC inoCASE and inoCASEmini stainless steel electronic enclosures

ROLEC has unveiled is first ever range of stainless steel electronic enclosures: inoCASE V2A and inoCASEmini V2A. The enclosures are rated IP66 for demanding industrial environments such as marine and offshore, the petrochemical industry, dairy and food manufacturing.

OKW Smart-Box IP66 enclosures

OKW has extended its Smart-Box range of IP66 enclosures. The attractive enclosures are designed for modern industrial electronics and are said to provide a more professional appearance than traditional rectangular housings.

OKW Interface-Terminal desk and wall-mount enclosures

OKW has added desk and wall-mount versions of its Interface-Terminal cases. The attractive and ergonomic enclosures have been designed for fast installation and replacement of the electronics.

ROLEC aluPLUS diecast enclosures

The aluPLUS diecast aluminium enclosures are now available in four more sizes: 125 x 84 x 59 mm, 175 x 84 x 59 mm, 100 x 100 x 82 mm and 160 x 100 x 82 mm. As a result, the range is now available in eight sizes with external dimensions up to 260 x 160 x 90 mm.

ROLEC technoPLUS UV-stable IP66 enclosures

ROLEC has launched the technoPLUS IP66-rated enclosures, offering the technical features of its diecast aluminium boxes in a range of UV-stable plastic housings. The series is manufactured from ASA LURAN so it does not degrade in sunlight, making it suitable for outdoor applications such as base stations, monitoring equipment and detection equipment.

ROLEC aluDISC round IP 66 diecast enclosures range

ROLEC has added three further sizes to its aluDISC range of round diecast aluminium enclosures. The off-the-shelf housings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor industrial electronics and electrical equipment.

ROLEC commandCASE diecast aluminium enclosures

ROLEC has launched commandCASE - a range of high-quality diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial control applications. The tough and versatile enclosures can be mounted on suspension arms, machine housings, walls and bulkheads.

OKW Railtec B low-profile DIN rail enclosures

OKW has added low-profile models to its range of Railtec B DIN rail enclosures. The enclosures are very versatile, with applications including machine building, control equipment and the automotive industry.

OKW Synergy combined plastic/aluminium enclosures

OKW has launched its Synergy electronic enclosures range, featuring both plastic and aluminium for added strength and versatility. The range of 36 individual enclosures features a high-quality surface finish.

ROLEC aluCASE die-cast enclosures range

ROLEC has extended its aluCASE range of die-cast aluminium electronics and electrical enclosures with four extra sizes: 280 x 250 x 120, 380 x 250 x 120, 330 x 300 x 120 and 430 x 300 x 120 mm.

OKW Datec-Compact mobile enclosures

The Datec-Compact range of mobile enclosures from OKW has been given a robust design and an ergonomic shape to give the user a secure hold of the enclosure. This allows fatigue-free operation in a variety of situations.



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