Stretchable fabric generates electricity from body movement

08 June, 2022

The fabric is an energy-harvesting device that turns vibrations produced from the smallest body movements in everyday life into electricity.

Portable hydrogen cartridge prototype developed

03 June, 2022 | Supplied by: Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd

Hydrogen cartridges provide a portable and convenient source of energy that makes it possible to bring hydrogen to where people live, work and play.

Volkswagen EV breaks altitude record

31 May, 2022

Rainer Zietlow travelled to Bolivia to climb the world's highest, still-passable mine road, at the Uturuncu volcano, using only electric power.

POS POSC series switch mode desktop power supplies

27 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Transfer Multisort Elektronik

The products have a MTBF of 100,000 h and can work in ambient temperatures from -5 to +40°C (and humidity up to 95%).

Silicon anodes stabilised in Li-ion batteries

26 May, 2022

Adding a polymer composite binder to the silicon anode of Li-ion batteries can significantly improve its structural stability.

Storage capacity improved in organic radical batteries

12 May, 2022

Researchers used a catalysis strategy to produce two-electron storage in organic radical batteries — a big advance in improving their storage capability.

Turmeric extract could be key to greener fuel cells

11 May, 2022

Researchers combined curcumin and gold nanoparticles to create an electrode that requires 100 times less energy to convert ethanol into electricity.

Würth Elektronik MagI³C-FDSM fixed step-down regulator modules

06 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Wurth Electronics Australia Pty

Würth Elektronik's MagI³C-FDSM fixed step-down regulator modules now cover all bus voltages from 12 up to 48 V.

Wearable material captures energy from body movements

05 May, 2022

The lightweight textile produced over 35 V using mild artificial movements that replicated slow body movements.

P-DUKE WAF300 series ruggedised, 300 W, compact DC/DC converters

01 May, 2022 | Supplied by: Helios Power Solutions

The WAF300 series is a compact and ruggedised range of DC/DC converters designed for harsh industrial environments, where issues such as vibration, dust or moisture may be present.

Smart grid technology helps to manage network voltage

29 April, 2022 | Supplied by: Hetech Pty Ltd

With the rapid uptake of solar PV, the low-voltage residential electricity network is being required to perform in ways it was never originally designed to perform.

Diotec DI62061/2/3 low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators

22 April, 2022 | Supplied by: Transfer Multisort Elektronik

Diotec's DI62061/2/3 series of high-precision low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators are capable of supporting an extended operating temperature range of -40 to + 85°C.

Honeycomb design increases ultrathin solar panel efficiency

08 April, 2022

The innovative honeycomb design enables light absorption from any angle and traps light inside the solar cell, enabling more energy to be generated.

'Quantum charging' would reduce EV charge time

05 April, 2022

Quantum technologies may promise new mechanisms to charge batteries at a faster rate.

Murata MGJ1 series DC/DC converters

31 March, 2022 | Supplied by: element14

Murata's MGJ1 series of DC/DC converters are suitable for powering high-side and low-side gate drive circuits for IGBTs and SIC FETS in inverters.

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