Australian patent granted for Archer's quantum computing chip

Thursday, 26 May, 2022

Australian patent granted for Archer's quantum computing chip

Local small cap Archer Materials has announced the granting of an Australian patent associated with the company’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology, which Archer aims to build for quantum computing operation at room temperature and integration onboard modern electronic devices.

Archer is a technology company developing advanced semiconductor devices, including processor chips that are relevant to quantum computing. The 12CQ chip is a qubit processor technology that could allow for quantum computing powered mobile devices (QPMDs). Archer says it is the only ASX-listed company and one of a few players in the world developing qubit processor chip technology in the semiconductor industry.

The granting of the Australian patent (Patent No. 2016363118) represents a significant early-stage milestone in Archer’s development of the 12CQ chip, protecting a proposed qubit processor chip that offers a path to realise practical quantum computing. Archer already holds patents for the technology in Japan, South Korea, the US and a further 12 countries in Europe.

The Australian patent provides Archer with exclusive and legally enforceable commercial rights to the 12CQ chip invention in Australia. The protection provided by the Australian patent system gives Archer the right to stop others from manufacturing, using and/or selling the 12CQ chip technology invention in Australia, and is required for any possible future Australian commercialisation operations.

“We are excited about the grant of the 12CQ chip Australian patent,” said Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair. “Patent protection in major markets is a central element in Archer’s strategy to develop the 12CQ chip.

“Obtaining Australian patent approval effectively protects the 12CQ chip technology and prevents others from copying, making or selling our devices in Australia.

“With the focus on quantum technologies in Australia now stronger than ever, we believe that the granting of the Australian patent related to Archer’s 12CQ chip will contribute to strengthening quantum computing and technology innovation in Australia.”

Image credit: © Le Moal

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