Australian EdTech sector generates 2.9 billion in revenue

Melbourne Business School
By Ben Crowle
Friday, 08 March, 2024

Australian EdTech sector generates 2.9 billion in revenue

Educational Technology (EdTech) may not only be one of the nation’s best ways of ensuring that future generations have access to a stellar education — but also a lucrative and secure career path. A recent report by EdTech acceleration company, EduGrowth, found that the EdTech sector turns in a revenue of around 2.9 Billion dollars.

With many of the recent advancements in EdTech being focused on connectivity and AI integration, this is an exciting time for many career paths. An online MBA, for example, would give you the tuition relevant to becoming a Pathway Manager, Project Manager, or Human Resource Development; all of which are essential jobs in the educational technology sector. The excellent thing is that this is one of only a myriad of educational opportunities that can land you a career in this industry.

Considering the current state and projected growth of educational technology in our schools, the apparent lucrativeness, security, and demand for EdTech professionals will climb in the coming years. A report by Campion, a company that specialises in the supply of print and digital education resources, found that half of Australian Schools are using dual-learning methods. Simply put, that means 50% of all schools are using both print and digital media to teach their students. The report also showed that a third of schools are hoping to expand the role that up-to-date technology plays in their educational endeavours.

As schools attempt to increase their technological teaching and learning capabilities, demand for professionals in the industry will increase exponentially. Considering the EdTech industry’s previous trends in growth, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why we shouldn’t expect the sector to grow just as much, if not more, than in previous years.

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Australia has a reputation for offering good educational standards. In 2023, global rankings put Australia in tenth place for education. Against the entire world that’s quite a feat. Despite recent criticisms thrown at our national curriculum, the consistent and aggressive growth of the educational technology industry sector is emblematic of a nation that considers the education of its citizens a high priority. With technological innovation and implementation like this, curriculum reform may not be too far behind.

Indeed, in 2022, the curriculum did undergo some changes, with topics such as consent and ethics in personal relationships, as well as a deeper understanding of First Nations people’s history and culture, earlier and deeper global history tuition, a deeper focus on English phonics, and more, the curriculum reform isn’t something Australia is hesitant about.

All in all, the EdTech sector, according to previous trends and the EduGrowth annual industry growth report, there is a lot to look forward to right now if your career path is sending you to the land of digitised textbooks and online exams. Educational Technology is an exciting industry sector to be involved in at the moment and as an industry with such astronomical revenue growth, not only is there no shortage of opportunity, but it’s lucrative as well.

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