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When supplying any electrical or electronic products that operate using any voltage onto the Australian market, there are many requirements that need to be considered. One such requirement is the keeping of records and compliance documentation.

Compliance Folder Management Pty Ltd (CFM) is the expert when it comes to assisting our clients with all their ongoing documentation and compliance obligations.

CFM have been assisting both local and international clients to meet compliance requirements for over 20 years. CFM works closely with clients to audit, store and maintain their documentation to comply with ongoing compliance and record keeping, in line with:

  • the ACMA regulatory framework for all electronic products;
  • the Electrical Equipment Safety System (Electrical Regulations); and
  • ACCC recommendations.


We can assist with new or existing products that are to be supplied onto the Australian market by:

  • reviewing test reports and associated documentation;
  • acting as an Agent for international suppliers;
  • registering products on ERAC’s EESS database;
  • organising any additional testing through an appropriate test laboratory;
  • applying on behalf of the client for Certificates of Conformity and Suitability from an Accredited Certifier;
  • storing compliance folders;
  • managing compliance and technical folders by monitoring time frames and confirming with clients any changes that may need to be made to the compliance or technical folders in order to remain up to date and/or compliant;
  • assisting and/or managing product recall processes and requirements — working with the client and government agencies to minimise any potential impact.

The ACMA regulatory framework for products supplied to the Australian market includes regulatory arrangements covering:

  • telecommunications customer equipment and customer cabling;
  • radiocommunications devices;
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance of electrical and electronic devices, vehicles and devices with internal combustion engines;
  • electromagnetic energy (EME) from radio transmitters.


Each of the four regulatory arrangements incorporates a legislative instrument, referred to as a labelling notice. The labelling notices identify the applicable technical standards and testing, record-keeping and labelling requirements for products supplied into Australia.

A supplier should consult the relevant labelling notice/s to identify the requirements that apply to each product that is being supplied in Australia. A supplier must ensure a product complies with all applicable requirements (legislative instrument) before supplying that product to the Australian market.

The Electrical Equipment Safety System

The Equipment Safety Rules outline the processes required to address the legislative requirements of the Electrical Equipment Safety System. They do this by providing a framework which defines the processes, and the roles and responsibilities of key parties.

Failure by a Responsible Supplier to discharge their obligations under the EESS will result in the imposition of significant penalties and possible de-registration.

ACCC specifies:

Compliance programs help owners and managers to become more aware of the day-to-day operations of their business, therefore reducing the risk of supplying unsafe and non-compliant products.

There are a number of benefits to introducing a product safety compliance program to your business, including:

  • clearly identifying the operational requirements of your business to meet the law;
  • reducing your risk of product failure and injury to consumers that may also result in litigation;
  • reducing your risk of supplying non-compliant products that can result in court action and penalties;
  • providing records of controls and business systems;
  • providing a set of procedures that improve efficiency in managing your business;
  • minimising repetitive complaints from consumers.


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Compliance & Technical Folder Management

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