Telecoms testing in a 5G world

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Thursday, 04 November, 2021

Telecoms testing in a 5G world

5G-capable devices are well and truly here.

Partnerships between technology and service providers are emerging, and carriers are covering the nation with their 5G infrastructure. 2021 is the year that 5G has gone from this amazing new unknown thing to mainstream.

5G’s high speeds and lower latency technology is actually being put into practice this year in a real way as the country’s largest carriers build their 5G networks, capabilities and extend service into metro and regional Australia. 5G-capable smartphones, laptops, and tablets are hitting the market this year, so consumers and business users are getting to experience 5G service for themselves.

While 5G was a consumer play in the beginning, service providers have been prioritizing business use cases this year with the introduction to 5G for business internet services. But it’s not just the biggest wireless providers making news. 5G-focused startups are entering the game, from companies offering infrastructure to those making private 5G connections a reality for businesses of all sizes and powering IoT and edge computing.

With the emerging technology comes the upcoming publication of AS/CA S042.5, a new part of the series of Australian standards for cellular customer equipment. Revisions are being made to this series of standards, including revised and more detailed Emergency Service Access requirements for 4G Voice over LTE, 5G Voice over New Radio and Voice over Wi-Fi technologies as well as a new requirement for Advanced Mobile Location supported technologies.

IoT and 5G will have an impact on a vast array of different products and industries including the mining sector, factory automation and road safety, providing fast internet services for home automation and more. It will provide real-time accessibility to those who really need it, bringing the world literally to their fingertips.

As someone once said, “We know that short-term choices carry long-term impacts. That’s why we want to ensure our customers address the short-term concerns effectively, while helping them build a robust foundation for the future by ensuring their products are released to market with peace of mind.”

Crucially important will be the provision of 5G Voice over NR supported smartphone and smartwatch devices, in delivering a safe and reliable platform for accessing emergency services in times of crisis. Our experienced and qualified team have the expertise to ensure such devices meet all aspects of voice communications over 5G and all other legacy cellular platforms. Choose Comtest’s quality expertise to help you provide a safer world for your consumers in a rapidly changing and evolving technological world.

Modern telecommunications systems are marvels of design and engineering. But nothing is perfect. Consumers expect telecoms products to work flawlessly whether they are purchased on the public market or supplied to businesses.

It’s essential that telecom manufacturers and importers have their systems tested to Australian standards to ensure compliance before they go to market. In a world of ever-changing equipment and compliance standards, only Comtest Laboratories offers a complete telecommunications testing service you can rely on.

Comtest leads the way for telecoms testing

Comtest Laboratories is the only telecommunications testing group certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in Australia. This certification is an endorsement of Comtest’s proven telecommunications testing experience over more than thirty years. Our experience and expertise in the field allows us to test and assess telecoms systems to ensure they comply with the technical standards they must meet.

Comtest can complete compliance assessment and certification services for analogue and digital phone systems across the spectrum of consumer and industry technology.

Telecommunications testing is more than just making sure the gear switches on and lights up. To thoroughly test acoustic telecoms gear, Comtest deploys a Head And Torso Simulator (HATS) that uses an artificial ear to make sure the technology being tested operates as it’s intended for human senses and is within permissible limits.

This innovative approach is just one example of the lengths Comtest will go to guarantee that your telecoms gear is ready to use. Using high-precision equipment in temperature-regulated laboratories, Comtest will test the efficacy of your products, calibrate electronic equipment and ensure safety to an extraordinary level of accuracy. Our combination of high-quality equipment and deep expertise as Australia’s oldest telecommunications testing lab allows us to tackle any telecommunications testing to the highest standards.

Image credit: © Marko

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