Kremford Hyperdrive10 High Power Stepper Motor Controller

Tuesday, 01 September, 2020 | Supplied by: Kremford (Vic) Pty Ltd

Capable of up to 10 A peak and up to 64 V, Kremford’s Hyperdrive10 High Power Stepper Motor Controller can drive medium through to the very largest stepper motors.

Statically and dynamically configurable with a complete set of Modbus registers for all motor parameters, the product provides precision control for every aspect of the motor’s motion profile. Among others, these include step-defined movement profiles, timed and step defined runs, acceleration and deceleration rates, micro-stepping, individual power settings for the four motion states, and the ability to switch to full-step at a given speed for maximum high-speed torque.

Motion control includes four isolated and configurable control inputs and two switchable outputs. An isolated RS485 interface and USB access provide for both static and dynamic control. Programming is standard Modbus, allowing convenient HMI or PLC control.

Configurations include a number of built-in modes, allowing a simple standalone step/direction mode through to connecting up to seven controllers operating on the same RS485 bus and acting together in a master/slave configuration for acceleration and speed control where multiple motors on the same machine must remain synchronised at all times through complex speed profiles.

Most motor and operational parameters can be set and/or changed via Modbus commands. Most set-up type parameters are saved to memory and thus will survive power cycling. The controller responds directly to Modbus packets over duplex RS485 and to simple encapsulated Modbus packets over USB.

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