South Korea grants patent for Archer's quantum computing chip

Thursday, 12 August, 2021

South Korea grants patent for Archer's quantum computing chip

Australian small cap Archer Materials has announced the granting of a Republic of Korea patent associated with the company’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology.

Archer is a technology company that builds advanced semiconductor devices, including processor chips that are relevant to quantum computing. The company describes its 12CQ chip as a world-first qubit processor technology that would allow for mobile quantum computing powered devices.

The Korean patent is a significant commercial milestone in the development of the 12CQ chip and in Archer’s efforts to access global markets. South Korea is a major global manufacturer and exporter of semiconductor chip devices, filing patents most heavily in electronic equipment (top-ranked globally) and computing technology.

Together with the US and China, South Korea is one of the most competitive jurisdictions for patent granting. Patent protection in South Korea is required for any future commercial operations in the country and provides Archer with access to a top-five innovation economy to exploit IP rights related to the 12CQ chip, with a duration of patent right up until December 2036.

“Archer’s quantum computing chip IP is now well protected in South Korea — home to some of the world’s largest chipmakers, and a critical part of the global semiconductor supply chain,” said Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair.

“We now have 12CQ chip patents granted in Japan and South Korea, with patent applications in the US, China and Europe progressing well.

“To realise the full commercial benefits of the 12CQ technology globally, Archer’s IP strategy includes patent protection in Asia, and especially South Korea. This is because South Korea’s semiconductor industry is one of the world’s best, while Asia as a whole dominates in semiconductor manufacturing, where close to 80% of all chips are produced.

“The global economy’s transformation includes the semiconductor industry becoming key to almost all industrial areas. Archer is ensuring its participation in this transformation, with Archer being one of few companies in the world with a patent portfolio protecting quantum computing chip technology.”

Image credit: © Le Moal

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