Elegantly tough buttons and switches

Sunday, 01 March, 2020

Known for a robust design with a high degree of ingress protection and impact resistance of IP67 and IK07, they withstand extreme conditions without compromising the aesthetics and functionality to suit various applications.

More often than not, switches are actuated with high frequencies and emergency buttons essentially require high visibility. The Metal Line from SCHURTER are highly configurable switches using various technologies designed to resist against high usage and extreme environments, as well as to meet visibility requirements even in the dark. They meet the mechanical shock requirements up to IK07 according to DIN EN 50102 and are designed for a lifetime of up to 20 million actuations.

Stroke or piezo

Designed with classic stroke technology (short and medium stroke) or piezo impulse activation, the components of the Metal Line are specified according to IP protection classes. The piezo buttons and switches of the completely sealed PSE series meet at least one protection class from IP67, which corresponds to temporary submergence. The pushbuttons in the MSM series are designed with different protection classes between IP40 and IP67. There is also a distinction between the IP protection at the mechanical level and at the electrical contact level for this series. For example, the electrical contact level can be designed to protection class IP67, while the mechanical level corresponds to protection class IP40.

Feedback & Illumination

Receiving a clear confirmation of whether the system has detected their input can be communicated acoustically, tactilely, visually or by the release of the function selected on the device.

Visual feedback is accomplished with the illumination of a single point or ring illumination integrated in the button, multicolour light variations or by means of the corresponding indicator on the equipment. And by using a new material that diffuses the light much more widely, the LEDs used for ring illumination are no longer individually visible but provide a homogeneous illumination instead.

The latest design features a complete backlit ceramic actuating surface that can be labelled using laser technology lighting effects, and minimal glare can be achieved using etching processes.

Functions that are seldom used on the input system, such as a Help function, should be triggered by buttons with a pronounced tactile feel since our fingers will recognise this feedback the fastest.



The standard surfaces are stainless steel, anodised aluminium and hardened ceramic (titanium nitride). The metallic surfaces can be coated, dyed or refined in various customisable ways. Aluminium, for example, can radiate in almost any imaginable colour by anodising while steel can be gold-plated or chrome-plated.

Examples of surface treatments:

  • polished or brushed
  • high-gloss chrome-plated
  • silk matt chrome-plated
  • black chrome-plated
  • gold-plated
  • QPQ
  • PVD coated
  • aluminium hard coated

Raised characters can also be made on the surfaces. These may be symbols, logos or other signs such as Braille characters for visually impaired people.

Metal Line Custom switches with concave actuator for extra grip.

Surface coating with titanium nitride/combined laser braille marking.

Certified switches for special applications

Switches for applications such as in the food industry, the medical sector or potentially explosive environments often require certificates for approved usage. SCHURTER can also meet this need upon special request.

Complete operating panel

According to customer-specific requests and specifications, SCHURTER can also supply complete operating panels. The switches are installed in an individual housing front. Furthermore, an additional integration of additional components or complete electronic assemblies is conceivable for completely assembled system solutions.


Depending on switch series, the following are available:

  • mechanical movement or solid state
  • 5VDC to 250VAC
  • 0.1A to 10A switching current
  • momentary or latching
  • 1-pole or 2-pole
  • operating temperature ranges from -25°C to +85°C
  • non-illuminated, point or ring illuminated


Below is a small selection of applications in which SCHURTER Metal Line switches and buttons have been used.


The metal housings are robust and can be completely sealed, allowing their full functionality to remain intact and unaffected despite being exposed to harsh elements and subjected to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.


Their design for up to 20 million operations and excellent tactile feedback make them perfect for use in public transport, and payment terminals in car parks and petrol stations.

Wet rooms/Spa

High degree of IP protection (IP67) makes them suitable for use in wet rooms or wellness areas. For example, luxury showers, elegant hand-washing basins or control elements in saunas were realised.

Medical/food processing equipment

With stainless steel housing and high IP rating, the switches are sealed to resist corrosion from cleaning and sanitising agents.

Piezo push-button in red anodised aluminium for potentially explosive applications.

For more information: http://bit.ly/39Kkjd8.

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