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WAGO Pty Ltd
Thursday, 01 August, 2019

Control cabinets are undergoing a transformation, because the requirements on them are constantly increasing — both quantitative and qualitative requirements. Greater networking, rising energy costs and increasing customization require compactness, economy, speed and flexibility in control cabinets.

Our answer to these stricter requirements is the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 — the best power supply we’ve ever built — the heart of the control cabinet, which takes the challenges of today and tomorrow and turns them into concrete possibilities. We call this the power of possible!

We start planning for tomorrow today — that’s how WAGO approaches processes and efficiency, including the details. And that’s also how WAGO approached the topics of planning, installation, configuration and commissioning during the development that led to the Pro 2 Power Supply. The result is a combination of outstanding product features that no other power supply offers.

WAGO’s new line of Pro 2 Power Supplies sets new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. The Pro 2 Series includes six units ranging from 120–960W, providing an energy conversion efficiency of up to 96%. These new power supplies permit fieldbus connection via snap-on type communication modules (IO-Link) and feature WAGO’s exclusive high-performance TopBoost and PowerBoost capabilities for maximum system uptime and lower hardware costs. Another key advantage is that these units can be tailored to any application requirement, allowing parameters such as output voltage and overload behavior to be easily configured via software.


WAGO’s pluggable IO-Link Communication Mod­ule allows continuous fieldbus communication, provides data such as the actual output current and voltage and can also be configured or put in standby mode remotely.


WAGO’s new Interface Configuration Software offers both local/remote configuration and pa­rameter setting, allowing the power supplies to be quickly and easily tailored to all system require­ments. The configuration function can be used to configure the power supply as an ECB. In case of an overcurrent, the output can be reactivated by the digital input — saving space and money for external fuses, while protecting downstream devices.

Load Management

Rapidly switching capacitive loads and high start-up currents are no problem, thanks to 150% output power (PowerBoost) for 5 seconds. Output current up to 600% for 15 ms provides reserves for rapid, re­liable tripping of miniature circuit breakers. The ability to allow a specified output current to be exceeded for a configurable amount of time allows the Pro 2 Power Supply to work like a single-channel ECB.


Up to 96% efficiency in a wide load range is the key to energy cost savings, reduced power losses and lower demand for control cabinet cooling. The CO2 footprint is also dramatically reduced. WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply can be permanently connected to the PLC via the communication module or a digital signal, enabling switch off of the power supply output via a signal and use the standby mode for energy savings.


WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supplies can be started and operated from -40°C to +70°C, allowing significant cost savings by reducing the need for control cabinet air conditioning. Featuring low derating capability above 60°C, the Pro 2 units deliver near­ly full output power at 70°C. Furthermore, their highly robust design provides reliable operation in high-vibration and shock-prone applications.

WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply requires less space in the control cabinet and less distance from other components, which helps minimize cooling costs. 2D/3D data is available for the devices via CADE­NAS PARTcommunity, EPLAN Makros and Smart Designer support. The connectors and clamping units are labelled in accordance with EN 81346-2 for sophisticated marking of individual connection points.


MTBF > 1,000,000 hours and long service lives of the components used mean lower maintenance costs compared to other power supplies. Further­more, WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply offers higher output currents at 70°C, so downsizing the power supply saves money and space in high-tempera­ture applications.


WAGO’s spring pressure connection technology guarantees highly secure, maintenance-free and fast connections, significantly reducing costs. WAGO’s pluggable connectors enable both pre-assembled wiring and fast installation, pro­viding additional cost reductions. The front-panel interface allows fast and easy parameterization, while an LED bar chart intuitively indicates the cur­rent load. Marking in accordance with EN 81346-2 for clear connection point identification prevents wiring errors.

These slimline power supplies combine exceptional high-power density with excellent efficiency, requiring less space and generating less heat in the control cabinet. For more information, visit

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