Charge your smartphone on an outdoor table

Monday, 21 May, 2018

Charge your smartphone on an outdoor table

Tabletop manufacturer SM France has partnered with IPAN IPAN, a pioneer in wireless charging technologies, to develop a new generation of tables that enable mobile phone charging.

The technology takes advantage of the wireless charging function that is now integrated into all new smartphones, resulting in fewer cables. This led IPAN IPAN to adopt this technology with a new approach, giving consumers the ability to recharge a phone by placing it on the table with innovative inductive charging.

The technology is designed to be barely noticeable except for an embedded sticker, subtly indicating the charging spot. Due to this integration process, the tabletop retains the features that SM France has built its reputation on, including a smooth tabletop; durable materials and colours; high resistance to the sun, moisture and intense climate variations; and easy upkeep with hygienic materials.

SM France tables are also equipped with two USB ports for phones incompatible with wireless charging. Powered by a fully waterproof integrated battery, the table benefits from a capacity of 15 A/h, offering approximately eight days’ autonomy. Secured against robbery, the rechargeable battery is easily extracted thanks to a dedicated key supplied with the table.

More than 350 models of table are available, making them suitable for both terraces and business areas. IPAN IPAN believes the technology will become as significant as Wi-Fi in public areas, with the idea of charging a smartphone on a terrace table set to become totally normal.

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