Power Electronic Solutions for Energy Storage Applications

Semikron Danfoss
Monday, 01 November, 2021

Power Electronic Solutions for Energy Storage Applications

As renewable energy’s share of the total energy generated increases, so do the requirements to balance the fluctuations in power generation and energy consumption. One problem with the different forms of renewable energy is that they are not constantly available. In order to integrate them into the regular energy market, efficient energy storage systems are imperative.

With decentralized renewable energy sources in our power grid, the demand for energy storage systems to stabilize fluctuations is quickly growing. Energy storage systems have to operate reliably and safely for a period of 20 years. Increasing requirements are being made for the efficiency, robustness and reliability of the storage systems. Yet, the procurement and operating costs still have to be low. The requirements of the power semiconductors and of the mounting and connection technology of the power modules are then correspondingly high.

Power electronics is a key technology that enables the storage of electrical energy with a high degree of efficiency. With the development of Battery Energy Storage Systems with an ever-greater power capacity, the requirements made of the maximum permissible currents and voltages of diode and power transistor modules increase. Low conduction and switching losses are associated with two advantages: the system efficiency is increased and waste heat can be dissipated more easily. Infrastructure costs for the storage stations can also be reduced if the mounting and connection technology of the power semiconductors meet high requirements for climatic operating conditions.

SEMIKRON has many years of experience in power modules for a wide variety of different energy storage systems ranging from a few kW to several MW. SEMIKRON’s portfolio includes a wide range of products for energy storage systems — from small and medium power modules for residential and industry-scale storage systems to high power components for utility-grade storage systems. Pulse frequencies as high as possible are sought to reduce the dimensions, weight, and cost of system filters and transformers, as well as to minimize the phase effects on the system. For these applications, SEMIKRON offers 3-level IGBT-modules in NPC and TNPC topology, as well as 2-level with silicon carbide technology.

For more information: https://www.semikron.com/industrial-applications/energy-storage/application-examples.html.

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