Right-First-Time PCB Design & Layout for Spacecraft Avionics

18 October, 2021 - 18 October, 2021

Spacechips is pleased to announce a new one-day course on Space-Systems Engineering for the Australian space industry: Right-First-Time PCB Design & Layout for Spacecraft Avionics. Space is a harsh environment and PCBs must withstand the shocks and stresses of spacecraft launch, and then deliver the required functionality in a challenging vacuum environment with lots of thermal cycles. How do you choose a suitable dielectric? How to you design your PCB stack to minimise EMI and susceptibility to external RFI? How can you re-use your PCB as a heatsink to help thermal control?

How do you decide on the maximum number of layers? How do you decide if a trace needs termination? What is the maximum current-carrying capacity of tracks? Right-first-time layout of RF, GHz digital, GSPS mixed signal, DC-DCs and switching regulators. What are the space-industry standards for PCB fabrication and should you use silkscreen or solder mask for space applications?

Spacechips’ training courses are unique. Numbers are limited to give you a personal and interactive education experience, and all attendees receive a personal bound copy of the training notes and an e-certificate.

Event Details

Date 18 October, 2021 - 18 October, 2021
Online Click here to visit the event website
Venue Online
Organiser Spacechips

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