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Elegantly tough buttons and switches

01 March, 2020

The Metal Line from SCHURTER are highly configurable switches using various technologies designed to resist against high usage and extreme environments.

Optical switch can reroute light in computer chips

29 November, 2019

The compact switch is claimed to be the first to operate at voltages low enough to be integrated onto low-cost silicon chips, and redirects light with very low signal loss.

MACOM MASW-011107-DIE SPDT non-reflective switch

02 October, 2019

The MASW-011107-DIE is a versatile, broadband, non-reflective SPDT switch from MACOM Technology Solutions, offered as a bare die part.

APEM IX Series push-button

09 July, 2019

The IX Series push-button, from APEM, combines the qualities of the IP and IA series with a backlit switch.

Reducing error in quantum logic gates

07 March, 2019

Physicists have demonstrated improvement in quantum computers, thanks to the use of codes designed to detect and discard errors in the logic gates of such machines.

Hirschmann SPIDER III Power over Ethernet switches

22 February, 2019

The SPIDER III range of switches from Hirschmann has expanded to include Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) options, enabling fast data transfer over long distances.

Inkjet-printed switches to manage multiple frequency bands

15 February, 2019

Researchers have created inkjet-printed switches that enable control over frequency-tuneable communication modules, such as antennas and filters.

Würth Elektronik eiSos WS-DITU DIP switch

10 October, 2018

The WS-DITU DIP switch, from Würth Elektronik eiSos, features gold-plated contacts that ensure the switch has stable contact resistance.

STMicroelectronics STPW12 programmable electronic power breaker

28 September, 2018

STMicroelectronics' STPW12 programmable electronic power breaker provides a convenient, integrated solution for quickly and safely disconnecting a faulty load from a 12 V bus.

Advantech EKI-2525LI Ethernet Switch

01 June, 2018

The EKI-2525LI is an unmanaged, 5-port Ethernet switch that comes in an ultrasmall palm size. This makes it a suitable solution for environments with limited space, such as electronic boxes, cabinets and high-density plants.

STMicroelectronics IPS4260L quad low-side intelligent power switch

31 May, 2018

The STMicroelectronics IPS4260L quad low-side intelligent power switch is designed to boost efficiency in industrial automation.

Pickering Interfaces Model 40-202 PXI Fault Insertion Switches

02 May, 2018

The Model 40-202 PXI Fault Insertion Switches, available with 22 or 11 fault insertion channels, were primarily designed to simulate fault conditions in automotive and avionics test applications involving the reliability testing of safety-critical controllers.

Phoenix Contact PTCB electronic circuit breaker

21 March, 2018

Phoenix Contact has released a compact, single-channel electronic circuit breaker — the PTCB. Measuring 6 x 106 mm, the electronic circuit breaker offers space-saving circuit protection and potential distribution.

Advantech EKI-9600 L3 managed switch

01 March, 2018

The EKI-9600 switch from Advantech is a L3 Managed Gigabit Switch that supports static routing and network address translation (NAT) features.

RF-Lambda RFSP4TA0218GUSB SP4T absorptive coaxial switch

27 November, 2017

The RFSP4TA0218GUSB is an SP4T absorptive USB-controlled and -powered switch from RF-Lambda. It is suitable for ultra-wideband aerospace and military test applications.

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