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Grant to accelerate lithium-oxygen battery research

05 February, 2019

The US National Science Foundation has awarded a US$219,312, two-year grant to push forward research into cutting-edge lithium-oxygen batteries.

Shape-conformable batteries based on 3D printing technology

16 January, 2019

Researchers have successfully manufactured various kinds of battery shapes — such as ring-type, H-shape and U-shape — using 3D printing technology.

Design developed for aluminium-ion batteries

07 December, 2018

Scientists demonstrated a strategy for designing active materials for rechargeable aluminium-ion batteries, bringing us closer to making the science behind the technology work.

New electrolyte could be key to aluminium batteries

20 November, 2018

The development of the electrolyte marks one step towards improving aluminium battery technology and making it suitable for commercial use.

How to power wearables without sacrificing energy density

04 October, 2018

Powering wearable sensors without wires calls for pliable batteries that can adapt to the specific material and deliver the power the system requires.

Four-electron conversion achieved in lithium-air batteries

07 September, 2018

Chemists have resolved two of the most challenging issues surrounding lithium-oxygen batteries — and in the process created a battery with near 100% coulombic efficiency.

Campoona graphite shows promise in full-cell Li-ion batteries

30 August, 2018

Archer Exploration has collaborated with UNSW on the development of full-cell lithium-ion batteries, made with graphite from its mine in Campoona, South Australia.

Paper-based battery powered by bacteria

24 August, 2018

In an effort to bring portable power sources to remote parts of the world, US researchers have developed a new type of battery — made of paper and fuelled by bacteria.

Laser-scribed graphene improves sodium-ion battery capacity

17 August, 2018

Researchers have found a way to improve the capacity of sodium-ion batteries, bringing them closer to potentially succeeding lithium-ion batteries in mainstream use.

Powering the future of smart homes

09 August, 2018

Whether it's for security or leisure, tomorrow's IoT devices need consistent power.

More efficient production of battery materials

02 August, 2018

Pure Battery Technologies is commercialising a process to extract nickel and cobalt from low-grade ores more cheaply and effectively than current methods.

Quantum batteries could enable instantaneous charging

01 August, 2018

Unlike ordinary batteries, which take the same amount of time to charge no matter how many you have, quantum batteries should charge faster the more you have of them.

New cathode material could triple Li-ion battery storage

26 June, 2018

US researchers have developed a cathode material from iron fluoride that surpasses the capacity limits of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Pharmaceutical material could be deployed in batteries

18 June, 2018

Scientists in the US have developed a highly reversible, water-soluble material based on phenazine, an organic molecule used in dyes and antibiotics.

Sodium-ion batteries show enhanced performance

01 June, 2018

Researchers have proven the viability of sodium-ion batteries as a cheaper and safer alternative to their lithium-ion counterparts.

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