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Liquid metal pressure sensor suitable for health monitoring

20 March, 2020

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive wearable pressure sensor that is capable of sensitive, precise and continuous measurement of physiological and physical signals.

Tiny pressure sensors made of silicon

16 March, 2020

Researchers have developed a micrometre-scale, low power consumption pressure sensor with potential applications in vacuum environments.

Würth Elektronik WSEN-PADS absolute pressure sensor

06 November, 2019

The WSEN-PADS absolute pressure sensor measures pressure in the range between 26 and 126 kPa. Its output data rate can be selected between 1 and 200 Hz.

Lord Sensing SG-Link-200 wireless sensor

03 September, 2019

The SG-Link-200 is a 3-channel wireless sensor for precise measurement of a large range of sensor types, including strain gauges, load cells, pressure transducers and accelerometers.

STMicroelectronics LPS33W water-resistant MEMS pressure sensor

08 May, 2019

The STMicroelectronics LPS33W water-resistant MEMS pressure sensor combines chemical compatibility with stability for use in a wide range of applications, including fitness trackers and other wearables, vacuum cleaners and general-purpose industrial sensing.

Predictive maintenance — not just for industrial applications

18 December, 2018

Predictive maintenance is outgrowing industrial applications to transform consumer products in part because our products make this new field more accessible and cost-effective.

STMicroelectronics ISM330DLC 6-axis inertial measurement unit

28 November, 2018

Containing a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope with user-selectable full-scale up to ±16g and ±2000 dps respectively, the IMU provides high measurement resolution and smart energy-saving features to enable long-lasting, battery-powered industrial devices.

Creating smart textiles with carbon nanotube-based sensors

10 September, 2018

Fabric coated with the sensing technology could be used in future 'smart garments', with the sensors slipped into the soles of shoes or stitched into clothing.

STMicroelectronics sensors complete Alibaba IoT validation

28 March, 2018

STMicroelectronics has announced the validation of its LSM6DSL 6-axis inertial sensor and LPS22HB pressure sensor for Alibaba IoT's ecosystem, which enables users to create complete IoT nodes and gateway solutions with good time to market.

InvenSense ICP-10100 low-power, waterproof MEMS sensor

19 March, 2018

The ICP-10100 MEMS capacitive barometric pressure sensor offers a full pressure operating range of 30 to 110 kPa, and ensures good temperature stability with a temperature coefficient of ±0.5 Pa/°C.

Dytran Model 2006M1 IEPE acoustic pressure sensor

14 March, 2018

The Dytran Model 2006M1 is an ATEX certified, IEPE high-intensity acoustic pressure sensor. With a sensitivity of 1000 mV/psi, the product is designed to measure dynamic pressure phenomena of up to 5 psi at frequencies over 21 kHz.

STMicroelectronics LPS33HW water-resistant pressure sensor

07 November, 2017

STMicroelectronics has released its latest miniature pressure sensor, the LPS33HW. Resistant to chemicals like chlorine, bromine and salt water, it is suitable for pool or sea swimming, and will also resist soaps or detergents used when showering or cleaning.

Enabling fastener torque auditing and certification

13 October, 2017

Take apart any electronic device from the past or present and you'll encounter a myriad of screws and bolts. Consistent torque application is key for these products to meet promised specifications.

Pick the torque sensor for your servo motor in three easy steps

26 September, 2017

At the heart of many automated assembly platforms and robots is an electric motor. If the motor is the heart, then the brain is the controller and closed loop control system.

Silk could improve wearable body sensors

28 August, 2017

Chinese researchers are investigating the use of silk in wearable body sensors, with the aim of developing a more sensitive and flexible generation of these devices that can monitor a slew of body functions in real time.

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