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Ceyear 4024 series handheld spectrum analysers

08 August, 2019

Ceyear 4024 series spectrum analysers (seven models from 9 kHz to 44 GHz) have many advantages, including wide frequency range, high performance, high sweep speed, various functions and easy operation.

Anritsu MS2090A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer with 3D Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Mapping for 5G NR

01 August, 2019

Anritsu has introduced the Field Master Pro MS2090A RF handheld spectrum analyser, featuring high continuous frequency coverage up to 54 GHz, real-time spectrum analysis bandwidth up to 100 MHz and a ruggedised design to withstand the demands of field test.

R&S FSV3000 and FSVA3000 spectrum analysers

19 April, 2019

Rohde & Schwarz has launched two signal and spectrum analysers, the R&S FSV3000 and R&S FSVA3000, with different frequency models covering up to 44 GHz.

R&S Spectrum Rider FPH handheld microwave spectrum analysers

01 November, 2018

Rohde & Schwarz has expanded its R&S Spectrum Rider FPH family with three more base models providing frequency ranges from 5 kHz to 6, 13.6 and 26.5 GHz.

SIGLENT SVA1000X series spectrum and vector network analyser

03 July, 2018

The SIGLENT SVA1000X series spectrum analysers are powerful and flexible tools for broadcast and RF device testing.

Rohde & Schwarz R&S FPC1500 entry-level spectrum analyser

10 April, 2018

The R&S FPC1500 combines a spectrum analyser, a one-port vector network analyser with internal VSWR bridge, an independent CW signal generator and a tracking generator, all in one compact instrument.

Rigol Technologies RSA5000 Series RF real-time spectrum analysers

05 March, 2018

Rigol Technologies has released the RSA5000 Series of RF real-time spectrum analysers with a frequency spectrum of 9 kHz to 3.2 or 6.5 GHz and a maximum sample rate of 51.2 MS/s.

Narda Safety Test Solutions SignalShark monitoring receiver

21 February, 2018

Narda Safety Test Solutions presents the SignalShark monitoring receiver. Powerful, portable, versatile and suitable for both mobile and fixed applications, the unit combines minimal noise with high intermodulation immunity.

VeEX VePAL CX350s CATV Analyser

25 January, 2018

The VeEX VePAL CX350s is a portable, all-in-one test solution for legacy analog and digital cable TV networks.

Berkeley Nucleonics Model 7550 real-time spectrum analyser

18 September, 2017

Berkeley Nucleonics' Model RTSA7550 has all the usual features of a spectrum analyser, such as frequency controls, marker functions and multitrace functionality. It also includes a real-time trigger mode for measuring complex data signals such as Wi-Fi and LTE, along with markers for tracking specific frequencies.

Aaronia Spectran V5 X spectrum analyser and recorder

01 June, 2017

The Spectran V5 X is a portable USB real-time spectrum analyser and recorder that operates from 1 Hz to 20 GHz. It is now available in 6, 12, 16 and 20 GHz options.

Solving Millimetre Wave Test Challenges

03 May, 2017

As millimetre wave frequencies are now being used for commercial and consumer electronics, design engineers must be aware of the issues encountered using coax cables within a test system.

Anritsu Ultraportable Spectrum Analyser up to 110 GHz

01 May, 2017

Anritsu has introduced the Spectrum Master MS2760A family, the world’s first ultraportable, millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum analysers that operate up to 110 GHz, according to the company.

Rohde & Schwarz R&S FPC1000 spectrum analyser

01 April, 2017

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S FPC1000, an entry-class spectrum analyser with good quality and innovative features. It features a flexible keycode upgrade concept; solid RF performance; a large, high-resolution display; and integrated Wi-Fi for wireless remote control via mobile apps.

Anritsu Vision Spectrum Monitoring Application Software

01 March, 2017

The Anritsu Vision Spectrum Monitoring Application Software simplifies locating interfering signals that adversely affect commercial and private wireless network performance.

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