DuPont and TactoTek collaborate on in-mould electronics

DuPont (Aust) Limited

Thursday, 06 July, 2017

DuPont and TactoTek collaborate on in-mould electronics

DuPont Electronics and Communications, a provider of electronic materials, is collaborating with TactoTek, a designer and producer of injection-moulded electronics (IME), to meet the growing demand for IME solutions.

IME integrates flexible circuitry and electronic components into three-dimensional moulded plastics. By printing circuits directly onto plastic substrates, product designers can integrate touch controls, lighting and antennas in applications such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, as well as automotive consoles, dashboards, steering wheels and armrests. An IME control panel eliminates complex, thick and heavy multilayer assemblies typical of traditional electronics designs and can be as thin as 2 mm.

DuPont and TactoTek’s collaboration is expected to result in the advancement of materials, design, prototyping and fabrication processes for IME. DuPont plans to offer advanced materials and TactoTek plans to offer innovative designs that will work together focusing on touch controls, illumination and connected intelligence for automotive and home appliance markets.

“The anticipated DuPont and TactoTek IME solutions will allow user interface designers and engineers to create touch control surfaces that are beautiful, functional and durable,” said Michael Burrows, global venture leader, DuPont. “The resulting parts can significantly reduce the weight, assembly effort and overall cost of the product. DuPont is very excited to extend and enhance our collaborations with TactoTek to bring these compelling solutions to customers.”

“By encapsulating the complexity of numerous discrete sub-parts into a single solution, IMSE technology greatly simplifies electronics integration and offers new degrees of design freedom,” added Dave Rice, senior vice president, marketing at TactoTek. “Together with DuPont, we can educate designers and engineers about IME design rules so they can access the full benefits of the technology. Several customer projects are already underway, and we are excited to expand our customer base in conjunction with DuPont.”

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