FAULHABER DM66200H stepper drives

Friday, 01 January, 2021 | Supplied by: ERNTEC Pty Ltd

The FAULHABER DM66200H series stepper drives feature an aperture larger than most conventional motor solutions (up to 40 mm). Since the DM66200H is a direct drive it achieves high performance in terms of both speed and torque while also operating backlash-free.

Mechanically the drive can be integrated with limited effort, since it has a relatively low weight and an ultraslim design compared to most hybrid steppers with reluctance technology. Due to minimal wear (bearing only), it is also suitable for maintenance-free continuous operation.

The DM66200H rotor runs around the opening and drives the surrounding mechanics directly without the need for a transmission. Using tried-and-tested stepper technology, the drive is energy efficient and requires neither a brake nor an encoder. With a high resolution of 1.8° in full-step mode, it can execute positioning tasks precisely in open loop operation. Because the moving mass of the rotor is small, speeds of up to 2000 rpm are possible. A dynamic torque of up to 180 mNm can be achieved for moving large loads.

The product is suitable for applications where cables need to be guided through the aperture or where gases, fluids or light signals need to pass through the opening — including optics (eg, for microscope stages, apertures, zoom lenses, laser beam controls, etc), impellers, prostheses and robotics — as well as many different control and positioning tasks.

Other advantages include: ease of integration compared to torque motors, which are heavy and cannot achieve high speeds; and simple design compared to motor and bearing systems, which often require complex transmission and exhibit backlash. The DM66200H drive is designed to offer optimum speed-torque balance with minimal weight and volume.

For more information: https://www.erntec.net/motor-solutions/products-technology/stepper-motors/dm66200h-stepper-drives/.

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