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Altronic Distributors

Altronic Distributors has been supplying electronic components to the OEM industry for 30 years. As an OEM manufacturer themselves, they understand the importance of reliable componentry. Stocks of over 7500 product lines are available for immediate delivery via their three distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Phone: 08 9428 2199
Fax: 08 9428 2198
174 Roe Street , Perth WA 6000 (Directions)


Altronic Distributors T 2460A lead-free touchscreen soldering station

Altronic Distributors has introduced the T 2460A high-power, temperature-controlled soldering station with touch screen. The soldering station incorporates a special intelligent microchip control design.

Altronic Distributors S0080 DIN rail timer

The S0080 is a versatile timer with a 35 mm DIN rail mount, including four switched 24 V output and four closing contacts that activate simultaneously. It also features a terminal cover.

Altronic Distributors componentry for OEMs

Altronic Distributors (Altronics) is a bulk wholesaler of componentry to OEMs as well as a local manufacturer of public address equipment. The company's focus is on providing good local service, coupled with indent sourcing for bulk users.

Altronic Distributors utility boxes

Altronic Distributors has released a range of heavy-duty steel utility boxes for wall-mounting electrical and industrial circuitry. The IP65 dust- and water-resistant boxes are constructed from 1.2 mm steel and powdercoated in a tough epoxy polyester RAL7035 paint.

Altronic Distributors N 2104 Manson 12 V battery isolator

Altronic Distributors has released the N 2104 Manson heavy-duty, 12 V battery isolator, designed for use in dual battery systems, eg, a main battery and an auxiliary battery.

Fibreglass sleeving

Altronic Distributors now supplies fibreglass cable sheathing for use in industrial and motor vehicle applications.

Altronic 2008–2009 product catalogue

Altronic has released its 2008–2009 catalogue. With over 8000 products, this 340-page publication is claimed as the company’s best ever.

Super capacitors

Altronic Distributors has added a range of super capacitors to its component range.

Plugpacks and power supplies

Altronic Distributors has expanded its range of consumer plugpacks and power supplies to cater for the updated requirements of regulatory bodies in Australia. The Powertran range includes both AC to AC and AC to DC adapters in a variety of voltage and current outputs. These include 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 18, 24 V models, from 250 mA up to 5.4 A.

Altronic Distributors DIN rail power supplies

Altronic Distributors has released a range of DIN rail mounted power supply modules.

IP67 rated waterproof LEDs with bezel

Altronic Distributors has released a range of waterproof LEDs designed for use as visual indicators in marine, mining and agricultural equipment.

Multifunction handheld 8 MHZ oscilloscope

Altronic Distributors has released a highly portable multifunction digital storage oscilloscope manufactured by Uni-Trend.

Waterproof connectors for industrial use

Altronic Distributors has added the M12 to its stock lines of quality LTW waterproof connectors.

100,000 count datalogger multimeter

Altronic Distributors has released an advanced autoranging multimeter designed for field servicing, labs and R&D centres.

AC tester

Altronics has released an AC non-contact tester that detects live AC voltages from 100 to 600 V (50-60 Hz) and allows detection of live wires without contact. The tester illuminates red whenever AC is detected at a power point, sheathed or bare-ended cable. It is also equipped with an LED flashlight for lighting the way in rooftops or wall cavities.

Toroidal transformers

Powertran has released a range of toroidal transformers especially designed for use in audio amplifiers.

Component identifier

The Atlas Component Analyser identifies bipolar and Darlington transistors, enhancement and depletion mode MOSFETs, JFETs, triacs, thyristors, LEDs, bicolour LEDs, diodes and diode networks.






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