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Ampec Technologies Pty Ltd

Ampec Technologies is a supplier of electrical component solutions specialising in cable assemblies, semiconductor ICs, resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, crystals, oscillators, filters, LED & LCD, relays, sensors, switches, connectors, fasteners, enclosures and GPS modules.

Phone: 02 8741 5000
Fax: 02 9648 4500
Unit 1, 63-79 Parramatta Road , Silverwater NSW 2128 (Directions)


Cornell Dubilier Electronics ultralow-profile aluminium electrolytic capacitors

CDE (Cornell Dubilier Electronics) has introduced ultralow-profile electrolytic capacitors as thin as 1 mm with capacitance up to 20,000 uF (9 VDC @ 85°C or 6.3 VDC @ 125°C).

Ampec Technologies electronic components

Ampec Technologies is a supplier of electronic components, cable assemblies and electronic product assemblies. Its services are suitable for the following applications: box assembly, including internal wiring and cable looms; cable assembly; PCBA for low-volume run or prototyping; metalwork; label printing; testing and packaging.

PennEngineering microPEM TackPin fasteners

The microPEM TackPin fasteners are designed for compact sheet-to-sheet attachments, replacing screw installation in applications where disassembly is not required. The product is said to contribute to faster production times by eliminating tapping operations, the potential for stripped hardware or the need for patches, and all screw-related concerns.

Penn Engineering microPEM inserts

The Penn Engineering microPEM thru-threaded brass inserts for plastics introduce suitable fastener solutions to attach components in compact electronic assemblies.

KEMET high-voltage, multilayer ceramic capacitors

KEMET has introduced its motor vehicle-grade, high-voltage, multilayer ceramic capacitors. Qualified to the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q200 standard, these surface mount devices are available in X7R and C0G dielectrics from 500 to 3000 VDC and with values ranging from 10 pF to 0.27 µF.

Kemet chip capacitor arrays

Kemet has expanded its ceramic chip capacitor array range with a two-capacitor array in EIA 0508 case size, available for both commercial and motor vehicle-grade applications in C0G and X7R dielectrics.

Kemet T528/T521/T520 capacitor range

Kemet has expanded its polymer tantalum portfolio by enhancing the T528 low equivalent series resistance (ESR)/equivalent series inductance (ESL) series, T521 high-voltage series and T520 polymer tantalum series.

MtronPTI LCC clock oscillators

MtronPTI has released clock oscillators for down-hole drilling and other harsh environment applications.

Polymer tantalum cops

Kemet has introduced what it claims are the first 35 V rated surface-mount polymer tantalum chip capacitors.

GPS oscillators

MtronPTI has introduced the M9100 series of global positioning system disciplined oscillators (GPSDO), a small device designed to meet military environmental requirements and timing system demands including holdover. It is suitable for man-pack, vehicle-mount and airborne applications.

Oscillator series

MitronPTI has announced the XO5166 and XO5167 series of HCMOS output OCXO oscillators.

Space-grade capacitors

Kemet has introduced a series of space-grade capacitors designed for military/aerospace use.

Expanded capacitor range

Kemet has expanded its through-the-hole ceramic capacitor range with more capacitance and voltage values added to virtually every available case size of axial (Aximax) and radial (Goldmax) devices in X7R dielectric.

Capacitor range extended

Kemet has expanded its range for its EIA 1812 and EIA 1210 case size multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Bipolar transistors

Combining complementary NPN and PNP transistors in the SOT236 package, the ZXTC2045E6 from Zetex Semiconductors produces the drive requirement needed to switch high power MOSFETs and IGBTs in power supply designs.



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