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After over 30 years developing electronics enclosures in Australia, no-one will think more creatively than our team at Erntec to engineer the optimal solution. Erntec designs, manufactures & integrates enclosure & Micro-drive solutions for applications ranging from small electronic devices to large infrastructure projects.

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15 Koornang Road , Scoresby VIC 3179 (Directions)


Inotec MSR12/MRR12 series circular connector system

The Inotec MSR12/MRR12 series circular connector system is suitable for applications requiring transmission of sensitive low-voltage signals or data through shielded cables and field assembly.

FAULHABER L series Linear Actuator

The FAULHABER L series linear actuator is designed to provide high performance in compact dimensions and can support large input speed or high output force.

Bopla Bocube Alu protective enclosures

Bopla has added two extra sizes and a variant with lid screws to the Bocube Aluminium (Alu) series of enclosures.

FAULHABER AM3248 stepper motor

The AM3248 stepper motor from FAULHABER provides high speed and torque performance at 32 mm diameter.

BOPLA Bocube industrial enclosures

The enclosures are made of flame-retardant or self-extinguishing materials in ABS or polycarbonate UL 94 V0, with a simple design that contains no metal parts.

FAULHABER MCS 3274…BP4 motion control system

The product features a 4-pole brushless motor with maximum torque in a compact installation space.

FAULHABER MC3001 motion controllers

The MC3001 controllers are unhoused units and can control DC micromotors, linear DC servomotors or brushless DC motors in the FAULHABER product line from 6 to 30 mm diameter by utilising an integrated output stage.

FAULHABER AEMT-12/16 L absolute encoder

The magnetic AEMT-12/16 L absolute encoder from FAULHABER delivers absolute angle information with a preset multiturn resolution of 16 bits (65536 revolutions) and a single-turn resolution of 12 bits (4096 steps) for commutation, speed control and motion control.

FAULHABER DM66200H stepper drives

The FAULHABER DM66200H series stepper drives feature an aperture larger than most conventional motor solutions (up to 40 mm). Since the DM66200H is a direct drive it achieves high performance in terms of both speed and torque while also operating backlash-free.

Faulhaber MC3 motion controllers for high-level automation

Faulhaber motion controllers offer decentralised intelligence and the capacity for real-time communication with high-level process control.

FAULHABER LM 1483 Linear DC-Servomotors

The LM 1483, with a continuous force of 6.2 N and a peak force up to 18.4 N, is the latest in the portfolio of FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors.

FAULHABER Speed Controller for BXT motor family

FAULHABER's BXT motor family, consisting of brushless DC servomotors with especially short design, has been expanded in all sizes with a diameter-compliant, integrated Speed Controller.

FAULHABER 2057…BA sterilisable motors

FAULHABER developed the sterilisable 2057…BA family of motors especially for medical applications. In the sensor-free variant, the drives can withstand more than 1500 autoclave cycles.

FAULHABER IEF3-4096 integrated encoder for flat motors

With a flat design, the IEF3-4096 offers three channels with index function and a high resolution of up to 4096 lines per revolution.

FAULHABER AES-4096 L magnetic single-turn absolute encoder

FAULHABER's AES-4096 L magnetic single-turn absolute encoder is equipped with a line driver that eliminates interference during signal transmission.

FAULHABER GPT planetary gearhead family

The pure metal GPT planetary gearheads operate with high efficiency and can be combined with many different motors and enable various shaft configurations.

FAULHABER DM series stepper motors

FAULHABER has expanded its portfolio to include the DM series of stepper motors — suitable for situations where speed and direction change often and quickly. This occurs often in the semiconductor and textile industries, as well as in medical technology and robotics.

FAULHABER BXT series flat brushless DC servomotors

FAULHABER has introduced the BXT family of flat brushless DC motors, featuring high performance, external rotor and slotted drives.

FAULHABER 1645 … BHS brushless DC servomotor

FAULHABER's 1645 ... BHS brushless DC servomotor features a short response time, high speed and large permissible radial load. The powerful BLDC motor is also characterised by low vibration and heat development.

FAULHABER 1660 series brushless DC servomotors

The 1660 ... BHx series are high-power slotless brushless motors in 16 mm diameter based on a 2-pole technology.

BOPLA BoLink IoT sensor enclosure series

With the BoLink series of sensor enclosures, BOPLA is now offering enclosure series for every type of IoT device.

BOPLA electronics enclosures with UL 94 V-0 design

Many BOPLA models are now available as standard ex-warehouse products with a UL 94 V-0 design. The polycarbonate enclosures are particularly flame-resistant and self-extinguishing, making them a suitable choice when safety is a critical factor for use.

BOPLA touch screen integration for enclosures

With its BoTouch product range, BOPLA offers a series of enclosures that enable the mainly standardised fitting of commercial displays in different sizes as well as resistive and capacitive touch screens.

BOPLA Bocube Alu aluminium enclosure with quick-release fastener

BOPLA is offering a quick-release fastener as an option for its sturdy Bocube Alu series of aluminium enclosures. Use of the fastener means it is no longer necessary to unscrew and screw the enclosure in order to open and close it.

BOPLA BoPad electronics enclosures

With its BoPad series of electronics enclosures, BOPLA has developed modern-styled enclosures for the integration of membrane keypads, touch screens and displays.

ERNTEC engineered enclosure solutions for PCBs

For users looking for a customised enclosure to house their electronics, ERNTEC can offer solutions from modifying a standard enclosure to designing a completely bespoke solution.

ERNTEC engineered enclosure solutions

ERNTEC offers both standard enclosures and engineered solutions for user applications. The company can modify an existing enclosure; design and manufacture a metal housing from scratch; and tool a bespoke metal or plastic enclosure.

FAULHABER Brushless DC-Servomotor 2264…BP4

FAULHABER has extended the powerful BP4 product family with the Brushless DC-Servomotor 2264…BP4. As well as having a good ratio of torque to size and weight, the miniature drive comes with integrated sensors and a wide speed range.

FAULHABER 26/1R and 32/3R Series planetary gearheads

FAULHABER introduces the 26/1R and 32/3R Series planetary gearheads. With diameters of 26 and 32 mm, the products build on the previous 26/1 and 32/3 gearheads while maintaining the same geometry to ensure mechanical compatibility with their predecessors.

BOPLA Bocube Alu metal enclosures

The sturdy aluminium enclosures in BOPLA's Bocube Alu series protect sensitive electronics not only against harsh environmental conditions but also against high-pressure water jets.

BOPLA Intertego and Filotec aluminium enclosures

With their aluminium profile technology, BOPLA's Intertego and Filotec enclosure series have high levels of modularity and sturdiness.

FAULHABER V3.0 MC 5005, 5010 and 5004 motion controllers

FAULHABER has developed the V3.0 generation of motion controllers, with three device variants to cover different applications.

FAULHABER IEH2‐4096 integrated encoder

The IEH2‐4096 integrated encoder from FAULHABER IEH2 offers high resolution, an expanded operating temperature range and improved speed control in comparison to the company's previous models.

FAULHABER 2668 … CR DC motor

The 2668 … CR DC motor from FAULHABER is said to offer more power than comparable drives and to be the most powerful copper‐graphite commutated DC micromotor in its size class on the market.

FAULHABER series 3274 BP4 brushless DC servomotor

FAULHABER's series 3274 BP4 brushless DC servomotor, measuring 32 mm in diameter and 74 mm in length, has a large continuous torque of 165 mNm. It weighs in at just under 320 g, which is half that of conventional motors with comparable power.

FAULHABER 3890...CR series DC‐Micromotors

The 3890…CR series is based on the motor concept of the CR DC-Micromotors series with Graphite Commutation from FAULHABER. A powerful neodymium magnet and high copper content in the winding of the rotor provide the compact drive with a large amount of power.

FAULHABER 1024…SR series motors

FAULHABER's 1024…SR series metal brush commutated motors have a diameter of 10 mm. In combination with a gearhead, the motor's output torque can achieve 300 mNm, said to be twice that of similar products on the market.

FAULHABER 2668 … CR motor

The 2668 … CR DC motor from FAULHABER is said to offer considerably more power than comparable drives and to be the most powerful copper-graphite commutated DC-micromotor on the market in its size class.

FAULHABER 1727…CXR DC micromotor

FAULHABER is expanding its range of drives in the medium power range with the 1727…CXR DC micromotor. A powerful neodymium magnet gives the graphite-commutated motor a high power density with a continuous torque of 4.9 mNm.

FAULHABER 20/1R planetary gearhead

FAULHABER is introducing powerful power transmission technology to the market with the 20/1R planetary gearhead. A diameter of 20 mm allows the stainless steel gearhead to achieve continuous torque of 800 mNm, and up to 1100 mNm for short periods during interval operation.

Faulhaber Series LM 1247 and LM 2070 DC servomotors

Faulhaber has extended its linear DC servomotor product range with versions aimed at facilitating product integration inside the user's application. The linear servomotors integrate analog Hall sensors or sin/cos type sensors to match the user's positioning needs without requiring an external encoder.

Faulhaber Series BS32-2.0 spindle drive systems

The ball screws used in Series BS 32-2.0 spindle drive systems allow the rotational movement of micromotors to be converted to linear stroke or tensile movements with minimal travel variations of less than 5 μm over the absolute travel distance.

Faulhaber Series 2057...BHS high-speed brushless DC servomotor

The 2057…BHS series is a high-efficiency slotless design that features smooth speed control with a wide continuous duty speed range up to 40,000 rpm while remaining cool to the touch.

Takachi AW series IP67 heatsink enclosures

The Takachi AW series are robust, aluminium, profile-based enclosures with an IP67 waterproof seal and external mounting flanges. The series can also be supplied in an EMI-screened IP67 version.

Faulhaber and Technosoft intelligent motor with EtherCAT

​Faulhaber and Technosoft have produced a small intelligent motor for speed and position control with EtherCAT communication.

Piezo LEGS LR17 rotary motor

PiezoMotor, part of the Faulhaber Motor group, has introduced the LR17 rotary motor. The product is the first in a series of rotary Piezo LEGS motors with integrated absolute encoders.

Faulhaber FDM0620 series stepper motors

With the FDM0620 series stepper motors, all components are contained in a housing measuring 9.7 mm in length and 6 mm in diameter. With a holding torque rating of 0.25 mNm and a dynamic torque of up to 0.2 mNm, the stepper motors are suitable for applications in which high power is required in a small space.

Erntec 3890 CR DC micromotors

The 3890 CR series from Erntec is based on the motor concept of the CR DC micromotors series with graphite commutation from Faulhaber.

Erntec Series 0824 … B and 1028 … B brushless DC servomotors

Available from Erntec are the Series 0824 … B and 1028 … B miniature brushless DC servomotors. The devices combine power, compactness and high-resolution feedback. They are suitable for speed and positioning tasks in areas such as optics and photonics, medical device technology and robotics.

ERNI MiniMez board-to-cable connector

ERNI is expanding its 1.27 mm Blindmate connector system, MiniMez, with a board-to-cable solution. It uses the board-to-board MiniMez connectors with thick side walls to ensure polarised mating without the concern of housing wall breakage.

2057 brushless DC servomotors

Electronic commutation is a feature of the brushless DC-servomotor series 2057.

Mini enclosures

The series 2000 desktop miniature enclosures are suitable for peripheral equipment such as computers, electro medical devices, laboratory equipment, measuring devices and control equipment.

Instrument enclosures

The 400 series of moulded miniature enclosures is suitable for instrumentation and telecommunications equipment from handheld to desktop sizes.

Miniature stepper motor

With a good power-to-volume ratio, 6 mm outer diameter, 9.3 mm length and weighing 1.4 g, the ADM 0620 is claimed to be the smallest two-phase miniature stepper motor in the world.

Enhanced DIN connectors

Erni Electronics has redesigned its right-angle female DIN connectors for daughter card applications.

CAN controllers

The compact Faulhaber motion controllers can be optionally operated via an RS232 or CAN interface.

22 mm stepper motor

The two-phase miniature stepper motor with a diameter of 22 mm and a high power-to-volume ratio, the AM 2224, achieves an output of 2.5 W and a peak holding torque of 45 mNm.

Board-to-board adapter

The latest SMC board-to-board adapter from Erni Electronics adds to the SMC 1.27 mm pitch connector range offering flexibility in its board-to-board heights from 20 to 40 mm in 2 mm increments.

Power modules extended

Erni Electronics has upgraded its hard metric universal power module to include new 5-, 6- and 7-pin versions. The UPMs augment the existing 3-pin power modules and match their current carrying capacity of 18A per contact (at 20ºC).

PCI Express connectors

Erni is offering a 1 mm centreline PCI Express (PCIe) connector family that includes X1 (36 pins), X4 (64 pins), X8 (98 pins) and X16 (164 pins) right-angled connectors.

Erni D-sub power connectors

Erni has available a range of D-sub connectors with precision stamped high-current contacts to meet the needs of SMT, through-hole reflow and press fit applications.

Connector wizard

Erni Electronics has introduced its Connector Application Wizard that simplifies connector selection to best match the needs of the specific PCB design requirements.

Power modules extended

Erni Electronics has upgraded its hard metric universal power module to include new 5-, 6- and 7-pin versions. The UPMs augment the existing 3-pin power modules and match their current carrying capacity of 18A per contact (at 20ºC).

RFID reader chipset

Anadigm has announced the RangeMaster2 RFID reader 3.3 V chip set that allows system vendors to design and maintain a single reader that can be customised to read different radio frequency identification tag types, with different modulation types and frequencies.

Horizontal multi-LEDs

Suitable for displaying switching status, Mentor has developed horizontal SMD components for 3 mm LEDs. Between one and six LEDs, which are available in various quality, colours and combinations of colours, are integrated in the housing.

Compliant connectors

Erni says that the CompactPCI Express PICMG EXP.0 R1.0 specification is supported by compliant ERmet ZD and HM ERmet connectors.

Thin profile DC-Micromotors

The centrepiece of each thin profile DC-Micromotor is the ironless rotor with its three flat oval copper coils.

Protective covers

ERNI provides protective covers for the pre-alignment guides from breaking on 2 mm hard metric right angle and vertical female connectors.

Illuminated knobs

The illuminated control knob from Mentor makes it possible to see the exact setting of the knob, regardless of the ambient light.


Hard metric universal power module connectors

Erni has upgraded its hard metric universal power module connectors to include 5-, 6- and 7-pin versions that augment the existing 3-pin power modules and match their current carrying capacity of 18 A per contact (at 20°C).

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Stepper motors in space

Motors from FAULHABER are being used in NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) research project to examine the Earth's magnetic field.


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