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Glyn is a high-tech solutions provider and the exclusive distributor for a select range of leading semiconductors and electronic component manufacturers worldwide.

Phone: 02 9889 2529
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Unit 3B, 64 Talavera Road , Macquarie Park NSW 2113 (Directions)


Thinxtra Xkit Sigfox-ready development kit

For users looking to get started with Sigfox, the Xkit has a full suite of features and accessories to empower anyone to set up an IoT solution, even with little hardware experience.

Robustel GoRugged R2000 Dual 4G LTE router

The Robustel GoRugged R2000 Dual is a rugged cellular router offering state-of-the-art mobile connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The router will primarily operate in 4G LTE with 3G/2G fallback and has RCM certification for Australia.

GainSpan GS2000 Wi-Fi modules with concurrent mode

GainSpan's latest firmware release enables a module to operate both as a Wi-Fi station and a Limited AP in a time-multiplexed manner, giving the user the perception of concurrent Wi-Fi station and Limited AP mode operation. The networking mode is made possible by the dual-core architecture of the GS2000 SoC along with large memory resources.

Telit IoT Portal

The Telit IoT Portal is a unified platform of services that makes it easy for people to connect their things to their apps. Seamlessly integrate any edge device, production asset or remote sensor with any app or back-office system.

IoTzone Altocumulus IoT Kit

The Altocumulus IoT Kit from IoTzone is an IoT evaluation unit that enables users to evaluate and quickly develop industrial IoT and embedded cellular applications. The PCB can operate standalone or with an external USB host.

Monolithic Power Systems MP28164 buck/boost converter

The MP28164 is a high-efficiency, low-quiescent current buck/boost converter that operates from input voltage above, equal or below the output voltage.

Glyn Mini PCIe module

The cellular Mini PCIe module is designed to allow the user easy plug-and-play options for GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and CDMA.

MikroElektronika Flip & Click board

The Flip & Click is a two-sided board from MikroElektronika. One side of the board contains an Arduino AT91SAM3X8E MCU, the Arduino pin-out and compatibility with Arduino IDE. The other side of the board has four sockets for click boards.

AAEON AIOT-QA, AIOT-QG and AIOT-QM IoT-specific gateways

Running on the Intel Quark X1000 Series SoCs, AAEON's AIOT-QA, AIOT-QG and AIOT-QM IoT-specific gateways are created and built to enable an IoT lifestyle both indoors and outdoors.

Robustel R3000 Router

The Robustel R3000 Router is a ruggedised cellular router in a metal housing measuring 125 x 108 x 45 mm. It allows operation on global 4G and 3G networks with fallback to 3G/2G and allows data speeds up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

Bluegiga BT121 Bluetooth Smart Ready Combo Module

The BT121 module integrates both Bluetooth BR/EDR and Bluetooth Smart wireless technologies in a single 11 x 14 mm module with an integrated antenna and fully certified dual-mode protocol stack, minimising design time and complexity.

Telit HE910 series 3G module

Telit's HE910 is a compact, multiband HSPA+ LGA module series with built-in GPS and GSM/EGPRS fallback at 28 x 28 mm.

InvenSense MPU-6555 6-axis motion sensor for wrist-worn devices

The MPU-6555 is InvenSense's 6-axis (3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer) activity detection device, working in conjunction with its Automatic Activity Recognition library (AAR) in a 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm (24-pin QFN) package.

ORBCOMM OG2-M, OG2-GPS and OG-ISAT OEM satellite modems

ORBCOMM has released a comprehensive suite of OEM satellite modem solutions. The suite includes the OG2 modems (OG2-M and OG2-GPS) and an Isat Data Pro (IDP) L-Band modem (OG-ISAT), which provides global coverage over Inmarsat's satellite constellation.

Netcomm Wireless NTC-6200 Series 3G M2M router

The Netcomm Wireless NTC-6200 Series 3G M2M router, available from M2Mzone (powered by GLYN), delivers connectivity to a range of M2M and IoT applications. The series brings together the choice of three powerful gateways with different connectivity options so users can choose the best gateway to suit their individual requirements.

Netcomm Wireless NTC-6200 Series 3G M2M router

The Netcomm Wireless NTC-6200 Series 3G M2M router, available from M2Mzone (powered by GLYN), delivers connectivity to a range of M2M and IoT applications. The series brings together the choice of three powerful gateways with different connectivity options so users can choose the best gateway to suit their individual requirements.

Atollic TrueSTUDIO v5.0 development suite

TrueSTUDIO v5.0 is a major upgrade to the previous version of the development suite. It contains a complete GUI face lift, providing a modern appearance, themeable look and a windowing system with a flexible layout and docking solution.

InvenSense MotionTracking wearable health sensors

InvenSense's MotionTracking devices, with embedded MotionFusion software, are capable of providing high-accuracy body movement detection in comparison to traditional accelerometer-only wearable designs.

GainSpan GS2000 Wi-Fi/ZigBee IP chips and modules

GainSpan has released its GS2000 chips and modules. The single-chip solution brings together two IEEE low-power standard wireless technologies: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and ZigBee IP (802.15.4).

Plessey GaN-on-Si LED die

Plessey has announced its high-performance, high-quality and high-volume large LED die based on GaN-on-Silicon technology. The die benefits from three core features of the Plessey process: the low thermal resistance of silicon; a single-surface, emitter die design; and 6″ wafer processing.

Telit Jupiter SL869 V2 GNSS module

The Jupiter SL869 V2 receiver is an additional generation of the SL869 module. The multi-GNSS receiver, which features easy integration and good battery life performance, is able to discover and simultaneously track multiple constellations.

Bluegiga BLE121LR Bluetooth Smart Long Range Module

The BLE121LR is Bluegiga's latest edition to its Bluetooth Smart module range, offering extended range capabilities in excess of 250 to 450 m with current-generation tablets and smartphones while maintaining low power operation commensurate with Bluetooth Smart technology.

InvenSense INMP441 digital MEMS microphone

InvenSense's digital MEMS microphones combine high-performance MEMS elements with low-noise, high-SNR, wide dynamic range CMOS technology. The INMP441 is a high-performance, low-power, digital-output, omnidirectional MEMS microphone with a bottom port.

Monolithic Power Systems MP2110 3 A step-down converter

Monolithic Power Systems has released the MP2110 - a 3 A step-down converter with a programmable input current integrated circuit. The device is suitable for applications that require input current limiting.

Monolithic Power Systems MPM3805 and MPM3810 step-down switch-mode converter modules

The MPM3805 and MPM3810 are monolithic step-down switch-mode converter modules with built-in internal power MOSFETs and inductors. The DC/DC modules have a small surface mount and are available in a 2.5 x 3 x 0.9 mm QFN package.

Monolithic Power Systems MP110 flyback regulator and EV110-P-00A evaluation board

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) has announced the MP110, a monolithic 900 V flyback regulator that is designed specifically for electronic meters, supporting wireless communication. The product offers robustness, ease of use, and smart home and building compatibility.

GainSpan GS2011M Wi-Fi module

The GS2011M module by GainSpan provides a quick and easy way for device and appliance manufacturers to add Wi-Fi connectivity to their products. It adds low-power, high-speed Wi-Fi and internet connectivity to any device with a microcontroller and serial host interface.

FTDI Chip Embedded Video Engine (EVE) platform

Now available from Glyn is the FTDI Embedded Video Engine (EVE) platform, which provides display, audio and touch capabilities on a single chip.

Atollic TrueSTUDIO v4.1 development suite

Atollic has announced the latest release of the Atollic TrueSTUDIO integrated development environment. Atollic TrueSTUDIO v4.1 aims to assist embedded developers to write code of high quality.

FTDI Chip USB-DUO USB-to-RS232 kit

FTDI Chip, through its X-Chip series, has now added USB-to-RS232 interfacing to its portfolio of semiconductor solutions.

SignalQuest MEMS microsensors

SignalQuest's tilt, vibration, shock and acceleration MEMS sensors are easy to integrate in most embedded product designs. For those applications which require further data analysis, the company offers more sophisticated versions.

Pervasive Displays e-paper

Pervasive Displays provides a line of e-paper display (EPD) modules ranging in size from 1.44 to 10.2″. The panel includes a TFT backplane, e-paper film, a protective sheet, COG driver-ICs and an FPC connector.

Bluegiga BLE113 small, low-power Bluetooth Smart module

Bluegiga Technologies recently announced its BLE113 Bluetooth Smart module. The addition to the Bluegiga Bluetooth Smart product family offers 30% lower peak power consumption, 30% smaller size and a hardware I2C interface simplifying connectivity to MEMS peripheral sensors.

Telit HE910 family modules receive Telstra certification

The HE910-D and HE910-G 3G+ modules from Telit Wireless Solutions have been certified as being Telstra Mobile Network compatible and approved for use on the carrier’s HSPA and HSPA+ wireless network.

FTDI FT313H host controller IC

The FT313H host controller IC supports USB 2.0 high-speed (480 Mbps), full-speed (12 Mbps) and low-speed (1.5 Mbps) implementations. Designed for easy integration, it adds high-speed connectivity capability into a system through its support of standard USB class drivers.

Bluegiga BT111 Bluetooth Smart Ready HCI Module

Bluegiga Technologies has available the Bluetooth Smart Ready HCI module, BT111.

Telit HE910-based Mini-PCIe adapter card

Telit Wireless Solutions has introduced a Mini PCI Express card with an embedded M2M module designed for industrial applications.

Plessey Semiconductors PS25203 EPIC sensor

Plessey Semiconductors’ Epic sensor technology claims low-cost, reliable detection systems for several automotive applications.

Fastrax IT530 OEM GPS module

Fastrax has introduced the IT530, an ultra low power-consuming and super-sensitive OEM GPS module in a tiny form factor.

Fastrax IT600 GNSS receiver module

Fastrax has unveiled the IT600, including GPS, Russian-based Glonass, Japanese QZSS and SBAS in a single receiver module.

Jennic ZigBee e-learning website

Jennic has launched an e-learning website to introduce the fundamental concepts and principles of the ZigBee standard for modern wireless networks. This standard is defined in the specification from the ZigBee Alliance.

Maxwell Technologies 56 V ultracapacitor module

Maxwell Technologies has introduced a 56 V ultracapacitor module designed specifically to address the short-term ridethrough and bridge power requirements of uninterruptible power supply systems for installations such as data centres, hospitals, factories and telecommunication facilities.

Telit Wireless Solutions HE863 HSPA module

Telit Wireless Solutions is launching the HE863 - the first model in a new module series.

Telit GE865 breakout board

The Telit GE865 breakout board WT25_GE865 makes it easier to get a microcontroller connected to the internet over 2G GSM/GPRS network.

Bluegiga Technologies BLE112 low energy module/USB dongle

Bluegiga Technologies has launched its Bluetooth low energy product family that includes the BLE112 low energy module and a BLED112 low energy USB dongle.

Future Technology Devices FT232H USB2.0 high-speed device

Future Technology Devices International has further strengthened its range of USB interface IC products with the release of the FT232H USB2.0 high-speed device.

Glyn M2M antenna store website

Glyn has created a dedicated M2M antenna store website ( to specifically address the antenna needs for machine to machine applications.

Yitran IT700 communication module

Yitran has released the IT700, an integrated system-on-a-chip powerline communication IC that incorporates physical layer, high-performance data link layer and network protocol.


AverLogic has released the AL330B integrated display system on chip, containing a 3-channel + 10-bit ADC, 2D video decoder, deinterlacer, scaler, microcontroller, OSD and TCON.

Prototype boards

SchmartBoard’s PCBs, available from Glyn High-Tech, are said to be the easiest electronic circuit prototyping system on the market.

Data storage

4D Systems has released its latest micro-Drive: uDrive-uSD-G1, a compact embedded disk drive module that can be added to any microcontroller design that requires a DOS-compatible file and data storage system.

OLED displays

Univision has released two low-cost passive matrix OLED monochrome displays.

Data gateway

Telit has introduced the GG863-SR, an all-in-one gateway focusing on data transmission in smart metering systems, home and industrial automation, security, healthcare, urban and landscape applications.

TFT display family

Glyn, in collaboration with Emerging Display Technologies, has developed a family of TFT displays of various sizes (currently 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 and 7) and resolution (from 320 x 240 to 800 x 480) that are compatible with one another and have a common interface.

IT350 GPS module

Fastrax has released its IT350 GPS receiver module which is a drop-in replacement for U-BLOX LEA4 and LEA5, is pin compatible and has the same form factor as LEA4 and LEA5.

Host controller

FTDI is claimed to make it easier to provide USB capability on existing or new embedded designs with its Vinculum VNC1L USB host controller IC and modules.

3D Hall-effect sensor

Micronas has launched the HAL 36xy family with its HAL 3625 Hall-effect sensor based on 3D-Hall technology and equipped with vertical Hall elements.

Receiver module

Fastrax has introduced its UC324 OEM GPS receiver module that uses the SiRF single chip receiver GSC3LT having navigation sensitivity of -159 dBm.

Data module

Telit has released the UC864-WD, a 3G wireless data module designed to be fully compatible with the company’s GSM/GPRS and CDMA products in the compact, unified form factor family.

Driver board

URT has introduced the TMS-9083 A/D driver board to make it easier to interface PC VGA and analog video signals (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) to digital TFT LCD modules.

Telit GSM/GPRS module

Telit has unveiled the GE865, the latest extension to its GE product range.

LCD controller

AverLogic has introduced its AL320C analog LCD controller which is suitable for applications such as LCD game screen (PS2/Mini-PS2), camera and DVR system, personal media player, in-car TV and entertainment system, portable TV/DTV and portable DVD player.

USB security dongle

Future Technology Devices has released its USB-key security device.


Active matrix LCDs are available from Glyn.

GSM terminal

Glyn has introduced the EZ864 Pro GSM terminal with Microchip PIC18F67J10 microcontroller as a turnkey solution for machine-to-machine applications.

Digital data buffering

AverLogic Technologies has introduced its high-performance FIFO (first-in-first-out) field memory chips designed to buffer audio/video/graphic digital data for a wide range of applications.

Entry-level MCU

Cyan has released the eCOG1XE01A6, an entry-level subset of the eCOG1X microcontroller (MCU) family.

Home networking

AverLogic Technologies has launched Home Audio/Video (AV) Networking, Home A/V Network plus Ethernet Extension and Audio Sender reference designs, the digital home audio/video streaming solutions using existing power line infrastructure.

Video audio encoder

AverLogic has introduced the AL9V576 chip, a real-time MPEG-4/2/1 video/audio encoder that fully complies with ISO/IEC-11172, ISO/IEC-13818, and ISO/IEC-14496.

Data acquisition module

FTDI has available the DLP-232PC data acquisition module that is suitable for data acquisition, industrial/process control and process monitoring applications.

Headset CODEC

Micronas has released its UAC 355xB high-performance system-on-chip family for VoIP telephony, USB phone and PC headset applications.


Registration now open for the Telit IoT Innovation Workshop

Experts from Telit USA are conducting a workshop all about the latest IoT connectivity and cloud platform developments.

Visit IoTzone at Connect EXPO for advice and a free handbook

IoTzone will be exhibiting at Connect EXPO, to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 19–20 April 2016.

Telit and Glyn to exhibit at CeBIT Australia 2015

Electronics suppliers Telit and Glyn will be exhibiting at CeBIT Australia 2015 from 5-7 May at Sydney Olympic Park. At the business technology event, Telit will be demonstrating how it is making the Internet of Things (IoT) plug and play.

ORBCOMM launches next-gen satellites

ORBCOMM, a global provider of M2M solutions, is taking its network to an even higher level of functionality, performance and service with the launch of OG2, its next generation of satellites.

IoT cloud workshop

There is a growing trend to connect embedded products to the cloud/internet for control and monitoring applications. For embedded design engineers designing their first IoT product, knowing where to start can be a challenge.

Glyn opens Christchurch office with Martin de Lange as new BDM

Glyn High-Tech Distribution has opened an office in Christchurch and appointed Martin de Lange as NZ Business Development Manager.

Microsensor manufacturer SignalQuest signs distribution agreement with Glyn

USA-based microsensor manufacturer SignalQuest has recently signed up Glyn High-Tech Distribution as its distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Antenova antennas and RF modules now available from Glyn

Antenova M2M has recently appointed Glyn High-Tech Distribution as its distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Glyn and Energy Micro sign distribution agreement

Glyn and Energy Micro, a Norwegian manufacturer of ARM-based ultralow-power microcontrollers, have signed a distribution agreement which includes all activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Electronex show

Glyn is exhibiting at Electronex 2011.


New tools that help software testing

Releasing a product with bugs is potentially very expensive, especially considering the cost of field upgrades, recalls and repairs. Less quantifiable, but at least equally important, is the damage done to reputation and consequent loss of customer goodwill.



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