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Metromatics Pty Ltd

Metromatics Pty Ltd

Metromatics provide the complete customer solution in the areas of: Data Acquisition Systems, Portable/Rackmountable Recorders, High Bright Industrial LCDs, Embedded Computing Solutions and all your sensor requirements. We not only supply this high quality brilliant technology we also provide the necessary after sales support with friendly, qualified engineers and with offices around Australia and New Zealand.

Phone: 07 3868 4255
Fax: 07 3868 4147
25 Flinders Parade , North Lakes QLD 4509 (Directions)


Acromag SP330 series isolated signal splitters

Acromag's SP330 series isolated signal splitter/duplicators provide two isolated outputs, proportional to a single input, with a choice of process control signal formats (0–20 mA, 4–20 mA, 0–5 V, 0–10 V, ±5 V or ±10 V).

X-ES XPedite7683 single-board computer

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) introduces the XPedite7683 — a secure, high-performance, 3U OpenVPX single-board computer based on the Intel Xeon D-1500 family of processors.

Acromag AcroExpress VPX6860 6U OpenVPX single-board computer

The VPX6860 series features the 6th Generation Skylake Intel Xeon E3-1505M processor and CM236 PCH chipset for wide-ranging I/O support. Expanded memory performance comes with up to 32 GB of DDR4 ECC SODIMMs that are firmly attached to the board but removable for security or upgrades.

Technology Dynamics CP-RK-BBU Series DC-UPS power supply systems

The Technology Dynamics CP-RK-BBU Series DC-UPS power supply systems are designed to provide clean, uninterrupted power to critical DC loads in the event of AC (utility) power loss.

Technology Dynamics NTDC series DC-DC converters

Technology Dynamics' NTDC series of high-power DC-DC converters provides highly regulated DC output power from 2000–3000 W.

Nova Electric Galaxy Series UPS systems

Nova Electric's lightweight Galaxy Series military UPS systems are power sources specifically designed for demanding applications in high-shock, -vibration, -humidity and -EMI environments.

Crystal Group RE1014 rugged embedded computer

The RE1014 is part of a range of rugged industrial computing products that have been engineered and tested to withstand challenging environments.

Crystal RS114PS18 rugged carbon fibre server

Crystal's RS114PS18 rugged carbon fibre server features high-end computing performance in a 1U chassis, with a depth of 18″, and will fit most rack spaces.

Acromag AcroPack AP571 and AP572 MIL-STD-1553 communication modules

Acromag has expanded its offering of AcroPack rugged I/O modules based on the PCI Express mini card standard with two MIL-STD-1553 communication modules. The AP571 provides single-function MIL-STD-1553 communication and the AP572 provides full multifunction databus communication.

Dytran Instruments 3525A3 IEPE quartz accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced the model 3525A3 single-axis IEPE hermetically sealed quartz accelerometer with a built-in impedance converting amplifier, capable of operating continuously at high temperatures up to 200°C.

Dytran Model 3168D2 single-axis IEPE accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced the Model 3168D2 single-axis IEPE quartz accelerometer for health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) and flight test applications. Featuring a thru-hole design for 360° cable orientation, the sensor has mechanical and electrical filters that effectively eliminate ultrahigh-frequency energy that can cause signal saturation.

Crystal Group PASS cybersecurity technology

Crystal Group PASS (Platform Agnostic Security Solutions) cybersecurity technology is designed for a wide range of computationally intense, network-complex and expanded data storage applications operating in severe environments.

Acromag XMC610 Series Gigabit Ethernet modules

Acromag's XMC610 Series modules provide four independent Gigabit Ethernet interface ports when used on VME, VPX, PCIe or other embedded computing carrier boards.

Argon Corporation ARD27 rugged display monitor

The ARD27 rugged display monitor has successfully passed airborne qualification testing parameters, including environmental, EMI and safety and abuse testing, regarding airborne C4ISR applications.

Argon Corporation ARD43 rugged display monitor

The ARD43 rugged display, from Argon Corporation, features a UHD resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels, measures 109 cm and weighs 22 kg. It has a low depth and features the signature Argon streamlined bezel.

X-ES XPand6212 and XPand6211 rugged embedded systems

The XPand6211 and XPand6212, a pair of small form factor (SFF) rugged embedded systems, are now available from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES).

Acromag uBSP signal splitter/duplicator

The uBSP signal splitter/duplicator, from Acromag, acts as a carrier for the microBlox line of plug-in signal conditioning modules to drive two scalable 4–20 mA or 0–10 V control outputs and an auxiliary 5 V third output from a single input.

IPETRONIK M-TDC Thermomodule

IPETRONIK's M-TDC Thermomodule is equipped with a special contacting technology, allowing the plugless upgrade of thermocouple measuring points. The sensor cable is directly inserted into the module, contacting and interlocking automatically.

Acromag ARCX Embedded Computer

Acromag's ARCX Embedded Computer is a rugged mission computer that is customisable off-the-shelf and SWaP-optimised.

Huntron Access DH2 Prober robotic flying probe system

The Access DH2 Prober is a dual-head robotic flying probe system suitable for low-volume PCA testing where the interfacing between two points is necessary.

X-ES XPedite2570 with Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) has introduced the XPedite2570, a rugged FPGA processing module with a high-speed optical front-end interface.

Dytran Models 60033A, 60034A and 60035A splashproof cable assemblies

The Model 60033A, 60034A and 60035A cable assemblies feature an IP65-rated connector that keeps the connection between cables and accelerometers dry during vehicle dynamics testing.

Alta Data Technologies eNetX-MA4 Ethernet bridge converter

Alta Data's eNetX-MA4 is an innovative product for 'remoting' 1553 and ARINC-429/717 operations on 10/100/1000 Ethernet local area networks (LANs).

Acromag AP560 CAN bus interface module

The AP560 module provides four independent, isolated CAN bus channels. Each channel has a Holt H13111 CAN controller paired with an Analog Devices ADM3053 transceiver for high performance and high-voltage isolation.

Dewesoft X3 64-bit data acquisition software

Dewesoft X3 data acquisition software is easy to use but loaded with functionality. It is now available in a 64-bit version, allowing users to take full advantage of the resources that are physically available in modern computers.

Dytran Model 2006M1 IEPE acoustic pressure sensor

The Dytran Model 2006M1 is an ATEX certified, IEPE high-intensity acoustic pressure sensor. With a sensitivity of 1000 mV/psi, the product is designed to measure dynamic pressure phenomena of up to 5 psi at frequencies over 21 kHz.

Dytran Model 3493A2 ultraminiature triaxial accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released the Model 3493A2 — an ultraminiature, low-noise, low-outgassing, IEPE triaxial accelerometer. Weighing 0.9 g, it is designed to mount in spaces inaccessible to other types of accelerometers.

Acromag AcroPack Series AP225 and AP235 mezzanine boards

Acromag has added the AP225 and AP235 mezzanine boards to its PCIe-based AcroPack Series. The AP225 offers a 12-bit D/A converter and AP235 features a 16-bit D/A converter voltage waveform output model.

Crystal Group RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server

Crystal Group's RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server is designed to be effective at fulfilling modern military needs, offering high-performance computing in even extreme operating environments.

NOVA Integration Model 1101 rugged colour inkjet printer

The Model 1101 is a rugged COTS colour inkjet printer that utilises a highly ruggedised commercial off-the-shelf print engine. The printer is said to save time and resources with rapid start-up times and print speeds up to 18 ppm.

Crystal Group RACE0161 rugged computer for autonomous vehicles

The Crystal Group RACE0161 high-performance, rugged computer is specifically designed to help engineers shorten development time, bringing autonomous vehicle innovations to market ahead of their competitors.

Crystal Group RS37AS17 3U Rugged Server

The RS37AS17 3U Rugged Server converges key data-handling capabilities — including high-performance processing, storage and networking — in a compact, rugged server designed to bring military-grade durability to power substations.

Crystal Group RE1012 Rugged Embedded Computer

The feature-rich, configurable RE1012 is engineered with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, including Intel chipsets and processors, stabilised in a compact, rugged enclosure to provide robust compute power over a long operational life in extreme environments.

MetroSpec LCD55FHD slim, double-sided LCD display

The MetroSpec LCD55FHD is a slim, double-sided LCD advertising display for indoor use. It has a compact, sleek design, with less than 25 mm thickness, making it a suitable sales tool for retail and advertising applications.

FUTEK LCB400 rod-end load cell

FUTEK has released the Model LCB400, which is a rod-end load cell (tension/compression) designed for applications involving inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male/female threads.

Acromag AcroPack Series AP226 and AP236 rugged 8-channel isolated analog output modules

Acromag has announced the expansion of its AcroPack Series with the AP226 and AP236. The modules provide built-in isolated voltage output signals to drive up to eight devices.

Nova Integration Solutions Model 1250 military-grade wide-format inkjet printer

Nova Integration Solutions (NIS) has announced the Model 1250 — a wide-format, colour inkjet printer. It offers 4800 x 1200 dpi optimised photo-quality colour printing and is capable of printing up to 28 x 43 cm sheets.

ITS America Model 6055C-nxGHD multichannel HD-SDI video data encoder

The Model 6055C-nxGHD is a 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-channel (n) video inserter designed to overlay GPS (the x option) or IRIG B time, GPS position (when present), text, and fixed and movable crosshair in a range of colours on an HD-SDI video bit stream.

Ipetronik HVshunt2 high-precision shunt for high-voltage and current measurement

The IPETRONIK HVshunt2 enables safe HV voltage and HV current measurements for electric and hybrid vehicle testing.

Crystal Group RCS5516FW Rugged Network Firewall

Crystal Group has introduced the RCS5516FW Rugged Network Firewall, designed to secure and protect networks deployed in harsh environments such as those found in defence, transportation and energy sectors.

Dytran Model 5340B2 VibraScout 3D Vibration Measurement System

Dytran Instruments has released the Model 5340B2 VibraScout 3D Vibration Measurement System, which includes a USB digital triaxial accelerometer combining a MEMS accelerometer with a microcontroller to create an intelligent sensor.

Acromag AcroPack Series AP471 PCIe bus interface boards

Acromag has announced an addition to its PCIe-based AcroPack Series. The AP471 offers 48 general-purpose, bidirectional I/O points to monitor and control a large quantity of digital devices. Inputs and outputs are CMOS and TTL compatible.

Dytran Model 3220C1 piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer

The Dytran Model 3220C1 is a low-profile piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer with lightweight titanium construction. The product features a miniature thru-hole mounting configuration, which allows the sensor to be turned a full 360° prior to securing.

Dytran Series 7503D triaxial VC MEMS accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has announced the Series 7503D high-precision variable capacitance (VC) triaxial accelerometers. The series combines three VC accelerometer chips with high-drive, low-impedance buffering for measuring acceleration in rugged automotive, commercial and industrial environments.

Crystal Group FORCE rugged servers

Crystal Group's FORCE rugged rackmount servers marry the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with high-speed networking, enhanced I/O, platform security and thermal management in a modular, customisable high-performance computing (HPC) system to bring good processing power and flexibility to the battlefield.

Crystal Group RCS7150 rugged network switch

Crystal Group's RCS7150 network switch delivers a rugged system with robust enterprise-level capabilities. The switch is designed for extended temperature ranges between -40 and +55°C.

FUTEK LTH Series Thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells

FUTEK's LTH Series Thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells offer a variety of capacities and inner diameter sizes, making them suitable for bolt-fastening applications.

Ipetronik µCROS XL compact CAN and FlexRay data logger

The Ipetronik µCROS XL is a compact unit that is suitable for standard logger applications that require CAN and FlexRay protocol measurements along with traffic measurements.

X-ES XCalibur4646 single-board computer

The XCalibur4646, from X-ES, is a secure, high-performance, 6U OpenVPX single-board computer based on the Intel Xeon D-1500 family of processors.

Crystal Group rugged rackmount computers with Xeon Scalable Processor architecture

The next generation of Crystal Group's rugged rackmount products include a host of robust enhancements, including a jump in compute performance, greater scalability, increased security and more agility to adapt to changing technologies.

Alta Data Technologies XMC-1553 interface card

Alta Data Technologies has released a high-density (up to 10 channels) XMC MIL-STD-1553 interface card — the XMC-1553. The product offers what is claimed to be the highest 1553 channel count in the industry with a PCI Express 2.1 backplane.

Crystal Group R1112 Rugged Embedded Computer

Crystal Group has introduced the R1112 Rugged Embedded Computer, designed for applications where high performance is needed in demanding environmental conditions.

Dytran model 7705A1 Extended Low Frequency (ELF) accelerometer

The Dytran model 7705A1 Extended Low Frequency (ELF) accelerometer combines piezoelectric and a variable capacitance MEMS element as a single output, to create wide frequency response bandwidth from DC (0 Hz) to 10 kHz.

Metromatics MetroSpec Stirling LCD Controller Board

The MetroSpec Stirling LCD Controller Board is used to control and display images and information on high-resolution LCD panels.

Acromag PS5R Slim Line power supplies

Acromag is now offering its PS5R Slim Line range of nine power supplies with universal voltage inputs.

X-ES XPedite5205 Embedded Services Router (ESR)

The XPedite5205 XMC/PMC-based Embedded Services Router (ESR) runs Cisco IOS Software with Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities, providing secure data, voice and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless links.

FUTEK MBA500 torque and thrust biaxial sensor

FUTEK's MBA500 torque and thrust biaxial load cell is designed to measure reaction torque moments as well as tension and compression loads, all in one transducer.

FUTEK LCB200 Rod End Load Cell

The FUTEK LCB200 Rod End Load Cell (tension/compression) is designed for applications involving inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male/female threads. The load cell has low deflection and can easily thread in line into a threaded rod actuator.

Dytran 3543A high-temperature IEPE triaxial accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released the model 3543A — a high-temperature, 100 mV/g, internally electrically isolated triaxial accelerometer.

Dytran Series 3493A miniature IEPE triaxial accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has announced the release of the Series 3493A ultraminiature, low-noise, IEPE triaxial accelerometer.

Dytran 3310A miniature accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has announced the release of the 3310A — an innovative, ultraminiature, high-temperature, isolated, charge mode accelerometer.

IPETRONIK Mx-STG2 6 STG and voltage measurement module

IPETRONIK's X-LINK device series has been extended by a fast 6-channel measurement module for RLDA and STG applications. The Mx-STG2 6 supports TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) sensors just like the Mx-SENS2 8, Mx-SENS2 4 and Sx-STG do.

Dewesoft VIBRO KIT for simulating rotating machinery measurements

Dewesoft's VIBRO KIT is designed for simulating rotating machinery measurements. It is suitable for use in educational settings, such as schools and university laboratories, by providing a playground for countless experiments.

Dewesoft SIRIUSwe HD 16xSTGS data acquisition unit

Dewesoft has introduced the SIRIUSwe HD 16xSTGS EtherCAT unit. The waterproof, high-density data acquisition model has been built to withstand harsh environments in a multitude of industries, including military, mining and automotive.

Dewesoft KRYPTON 6xSTG DAQ modules

Dewesoft has expanded the KRYPTON product line for the KRYPTON 6xSTG module. KRYPTON DAQ modules are engineered precisely to operate in harsh conditions such as heat, dust, mud, water and snow.

FUTEK QTA141 Micro Reaction Torque Sensor

FUTEK has announced the QTA141 Micro Reaction Torque Sensor. With a miniature footprint of 22 mm in diameter by 10 mm in height, the sensor was designed to provide a precision torque measurement solution for miniature DC servo motors.

Futek QLA383 Portable Calibration Kit

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology announces the QLA383 Portable Calibration Kit — a three-channel monolithic force sensor calibration tool used to audit testing probes for touch-screen devices.

Acromag VPX4820 OpenVPX carrier card

Acromag's VPX4820 is a non-intelligent mezzanine carrier card, providing a simple solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system.

Acromag VPX4812 and VPX4814 OpenVPX carrier cards

Acromag offers rugged OpenVPX carrier cards to deliver high-speed performance for data-intensive, high-bandwidth applications.

Acromag AcroPack AP500 Series serial communication modules

Acromag has announced its latest PCIe-based AcroPack modules, the AP500 Series. The boards offer up to eight RS232 or RS422/485 communication ports with 256 B FIFO buffers, minimising CPU interaction for improved system performance.

Futek PFT510 miniature flush mount pressure sensor for desalination system monitoring

Reverse osmosis systems require constant pressure delivered from a system of pumps to maintain membrane health and maximise system efficiency.

Acromag XT1111 Modbus/TCP discrete I/O module

Acromag's i2o peer-to-peer communication on the XT1111 Modbus/TCP discrete I/O module can send one signal from a central control room PLC that can be split and retransmitted to many remote sites at the same time.

Futek LSB series load cells

Futek LSB series load cells offer a broad capacity range as well as many capabilities that are suitable for inline endurance applications from industrial automation to delicate medical testing.

Acromag VPX4810 OpenVPX carrier card

The Acromag VPX4810 is a 3U mezzanine carrier card providing a simple solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system. The carrier card routes power and bus signals to a plug-in mezzanine module through the VPX card slot connector.

Acromag XMC FPGA modules

Acromag's high-performance XMC FPGA modules allow users to develop and store their own instruction sets in the FPGA for a variety of adaptive computing applications.

IPETRONIK M-THERMO2 HV CAN temperature-measuring module

IPETRONIK has released the M-THERMO2 HV — a CAN temperature-measuring module with four type K thermocouple inputs offering maximum protection on high-voltage potentials up to ±846 V.

X-ES Intel Xeon D-1500 single-board computers

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) has announced the Intel Xeon D-1500 family processor-based single-board computers, designed to address the environmental and security challenges inherent in military and aerospace applications.

FUTEK LSB210 S-Beam load cell for interventional device testing

FUTEK's LSB210 submersible S-beam load cell fixed to a testing system can be used to measure the trackability of a catheter through a tortuous anatomy.

Futek inline load cell and test and measurement software

Load cells give researchers the ability to monitor the force applied to their test specimens. Futek's solution for biomaterial testing includes its inline load cell (LCM Series) paired with instrumentation and software.

FUTEK LSM300 Precision Load Cell

FUTEK's LSM300 Precision Load Cell (also known as the Belt Buckle Load Cell) offers a lightweight design with an easy side-mounting feature, making it suitable for OEM applications.

Ipetronik M-UNI2 module for temperature and voltage measurement

The M-UNI2, from Ipetronik, offers temperature and voltage measurement with a single device. The flexible module is suitable for mobile testing as well as test bench applications.

Acromag VPX6600 3U OpenVPX single-board computer

The AcroExpress VPX6600 3U OpenVPX single-board computer utilises the 6th Generation Skylake Intel Xeon processor and C230 PCH chipset for extensive I/O support.

Alta Data PCCD-1553 and ECD54-1553 MIL-STD-1553 interface cards

Alta Data Technologies' PCCD-1553 and ECD54-1553 interface modules are multichannel (1–2) 1553 cards supported by the latest software technologies.

Futek sensor calibration services

Futek offers full system calibration services for sensors with digital displays, amplifiers and/or USB solutions using calibration procedures in compliance with ISO 17025:2005 standards.

Alta Data PCIE4L-1553 multichannel interface module

Alta Data Technologies' PCIE4L-1553 interface module is a multichannel (1–4), ½ size, 4 Lane PCI Express 1553 card supported by the latest software technologies.

X-ES XChange3021 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch module

The XChange3021 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch module provides both 10 Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express Gen3 functionality, which allows the product to serve as the heart of interboard communications inside a high-end OpenVPX system.

Dytran Model 3316C2 single-axis charge mode accelerometer

The Dytran Model 3316C2 is an electrically isolated, ultrahigh-temperature, piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer designed to operate in temperatures up to 530°C.

DEWESoft R2DB Vehicle Multi-Analyser

The R2DB Vehicle Multi-Analyser, from DEWESoft, is a battery-powered portable instrument designed in accordance with MIL standards. It is capable of withstanding rugged conditions, making it suitable for construction and military applications.

Crystal Group RCS7450 and RCS7750 rugged switches

Crystal Group has announced the expansion of its rugged switch line with the introduction of the RCS7450 and RCS7750 rugged switches. Designed for deployment in harsh environments, the rugged switch line provides robust networks with long-term field operation.

FUTEK IHH500 intelligent handheld display

FUTEK's IHH500 handheld display is a versatile tool compatible with strain gauge sensors. Whether the application involves load cells, torque sensors or pressure sensors, the product is durable enough for continual automation applications and precise enough for delicate medical testing.

FUTEK TTF400 Reaction Torque Sensor

Futek's TTF400 Reaction Torque Sensor can be used for hinge fatigue testing, demonstrating how test and measurement professionals are able to replicate the stress hinges undergo by mimicking up to 100,000 times the movements the hinge will undergo in real-life scenarios.

Futek LCM200 miniature threaded inline load cell

The Futek LCM200 is a miniature tension and compression load cell built for endurance or inline tension or compression applications.

Futek LCF400 pancake load cell

The Futek LCF400 pancake load cell has been designed to resist high extraneous loads, primarily due to its one-piece construction. Typical applications include fatigue and endurance testing where long performance cycles are required.

Acromag ACEX-4600 COM Express carrier card

The Acromag ACEX-4600 COM Express carrier is a rugged COM Express modular platform, designed with rigid PCBs and extended temperature support for extreme industrial and defence applications.

Futek Model LLB250 miniature load button

The Futek Model LLB250 miniature load button is built for press or inline compression applications.

Acromag BusWorks Models XT1530 and XT1540 ethernet I/O modules

Acromag has expanded its BusWorks XT Series of ethernet I/O modules to include models with multiple I/O functionality.

Crystal Group RE1312 Rugged Embedded Computer

Crystal Group has launched the RE1312 Rugged Embedded Computer, a lightweight computer with the capability to bring powerful computer processing to a variety of transportation platform applications.

Acromag microBlox uB isolated signal conditioning modules

A full line of microBlox isolated signal conditioning modules is now available from Acromag. Offering over 175 models, the microBlox uB modules can safely interface a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature, frequency and other field signals with a ±5 V or 0–5 VDC output to host measurement and control systems.

Argon ARD21 21.3″ rugged display

The Argon ARD21 21.3″ rugged display is designed for command and control applications where maximum viewable surface area is needed in the smallest mounting possible.

Crystal Group RE1401 NUC embedded computer for rugged environments

Crystal Group has recently announced the introduction of the RE1401 NUC (Next Unit of Computing), a compact, high-performance, rugged embedded computer appropriate for operational deployment in harsh environments.

FUTEK LLB130 subminiature load button load cell

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology has announced LLB130, a subminiature, lightweight, load button load cell. The company's engineers have improved the accuracy of the product to non-linearity of ±0.5% and deflection of 0.002″ nominal.

FUTEK LCM 100 inline load cell

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology announces the LCM100, an ultraminiature threaded load cell with a capacity range from 1000 g to 11.3 kg.

Acromag USB isolator

Acromag's compact, industrial-grade isolator provides a high-voltage isolation barrier between a computer and a connected USB device. The product protects equipment from electrical surges and transient voltage spikes as well as eliminating ground loop currents flowing between the PC and peripherals.

Crystal Group RS4104 and RS4198L24 rugged servers

Crystal Group has announced the introduction of the RS4104 and RS4198L24, two high-performance and highly configurable rugged servers.

X-ES XPedite6401 XMC/PrPMC mezzanine module

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) announces its first NXP QorIQ ARM-based board, the XPedite6401 XMC/PrPMC mezzanine module. The product is a good choice for a wide variety of applications that demand low power consumption coupled with high-performance processing.

Acromag AcroPack series I/O modules

Acromag's PCIe-based AcroPack general-purpose I/O mezzanine modules for embedded computing applications are an extended version of the mPCIe specification. Featuring a 100-pin connector to handle the I/O, they provide a modular approach to system assembly, enabling application-specific customisation.

X-ES NXP hypervisor

X-ES now provides a modified, lightweight version of the NXP hypervisor that supports partitioning and isolation for the company's NXP QorIQ single-board computers and processor mezzanine modules.

Acromag XVME-6700 6U VME single-board computer

Acromag's XVME-6700 is a high-performance 6U VME single-board computer based on the Intel Celeron 2002E processor and utilising the Intel 8-Series QM87 QM87 PCH chipset for extensive I/O support.

Pacific Instruments PI 7200 and PI 7300 data acquisition systems

Designed to reduce installation and test set-up costs while improving signal quality, the 16-channel PI 7200 and PI 7300 data acquisition systems (DAS) function as ethernet-connected appliances that condition, amplify and digitise outputs from strain gauges, bridges, IEPE or voltage transducers.

NextComputing Vigor ED portable workstation

NextComputing has released the Vigor ED portable workstation for maximum performance and storage in tough environments.

Acromag XMC-7A200 XMC mezzanine module and Artix-7 FPGA

Acromag's XMC-7A200 is an XMC mezzanine module enhanced with a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA for low power consumption and 128 M x 16-bit Quad DDR3 SDRAM processing performance.

Crystal Group RS549 and RS5718L24 rugged 5U servers

The RS549 and RS5718L24 rugged 5U servers, from Crystal Group, are developed for applications in industries such oil and gas, public transport, utilities, mining, military and security. The servers provide high compute performance in tough environmental conditions.

X-ES XPand6903 fanless embedded box PC

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) has announced the XPand6903, a rugged, sealed, compact, fanless, embedded box PC utilising the Intel Atom E3800 family processor. The product provides a maintenance-free computing platform that is suitable for environmentally challenging and space-constrained situations.

Acromag XMC-7K XMC modules

Acromag's XMC-7K family of XMC mezzanine modules are enhanced with the Xilinx Kintex -7 FPGA for low power consumption and good processing performance. The reconfigurable FPGA is made possible via a direct download into the Flash configuration memory over the PCIe bus or the JTAG port.

Alta Data Technologies PC104P-MA4 interface card for PC/104-Plus systems

Alta Data Technologies announces the release of the PC104P-MA4 interface card for PC/104-Plus systems. The product combines MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC interface channels on a single card, providing a small footprint and low power for PC/104-based systems.

Dewesoft Krypton ruggedised distributed EtherCAT data acquisition modules

Dewesoft has released Krypton, its latest ruggedised distributed EtherCAT DAQ modules. The modules are engineered to weather all conditions and to operate in cold, hot, dusty, mud, snow and water environments.

Crystal Group RSS13S17 JBOD Rugged 1U Storage System

Crystal Group has announced the RSS13S17 JBOD Rugged 1U Storage System - an extreme-duty system designed for military operations, commercial industries and demanding mission-critical applications. The product features several storage options, compatibility with existing Crystal Group hard drive sleds, individually removable drives and reliability based on successful experience with current servers.

Acromag XVME-64106U VME i7/i5 processor board

Acromag's XVME-6410 is a high-performance 6U VME single-board computer based on the 4th Generation Intel Core i7 or i5 processor and utilising the Intel 8-Series QM87 PCH chipset for extensive I/O support. The product allows users to update their systems, rather than undergoing a total redesign.

GE Intelligent Platforms RAR15-XMC-FIO XMC avionics module

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the RAR15-XMC-FIO for the MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 XMC front I/O module. A multiprotocol embeddable avionics module featuring front I/O, it is designed to save space, weight and power.

Acromag BusWorks XT1210 and XT1220 ethernet modules

Acromag's BusWorks XT series of ethernet I/O modules now includes the XT1210 and XT1220 models, providing an 8-channel interface for analog voltage or current input signals and EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Profinet or peer-to-peer communication.

Acromag XT1230 and XT1240 analog input ethernet modules

Acromag has released the XT1230 and XT1240 in the BusWorks XT series of ethernet I/O modules. The models provide a 16-channel interface for single-ended analog current or voltage input signals with EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Profinet or i2o peer-to-peer communication.

Alta Data PCI-A429 ARINC PCI Interface Card

Alta Data Technologies' PCI-A429 interface module offers a variety of ARINC-419/429/575/573/717 channel configurations with software-selectable RX/Tx channels, baud rates, bit encoding and word configurations (start/sync/stop length, parity, bits/word, MSB/LSB). The product can rncode or decode almost any ARINC-429 physical layer signal.

Acromag XMC-6260 and XMC-6280 mezzanine modules

Acromag's XMC-6260 and XMC-6280 mezzanine modules provide a 10-gigabit ethernet (10GbE) interface solution for data-intensive, real-time embedded computing systems. High performance is achieved using a TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) ASIC connected to a PCI Express Gen2 x8 interface.

GE XVR16 6U VME single-board computer

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the XVR16 6U VME rugged single-board computer featuring quad-core 4th generation Intel Core i7 architecture. The capabilities of the product will not only allow it to address existing command/control applications, but also to be deployed in demanding high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) signal processing applications.

NextComputing Intel Xeon E5-2600v2 processors

NextComputing has added Intel Xeon E5-2600v2 processors to its line of portable workstations, compact towers and high-density rack-mount computers. The processors offer up to 12 processor cores per CPU, allowing power users in many industries to work fast and efficiently.

Acromag ST130 temperature transmitters

The Acromag ST130 temperature transmitters are USB configured, loop powered and provide a proportional 4-20mA output. 

Alta Data ENET-1553 converter

Alta Data has combined the 32-bit FPGA protocol engine AltaCore with a real-time IP/UDP thin server in a small, low power, rugged box.

Alta Data Technologies MPCIE-A429 Mini PCI Express interface card

Alta Data Technologies’ MPCIE-A429 Mini PCI Express F1 interface module offers a variety of ARINC-429/575/717 channel configurations with software-selectable RX/TX channels, baud rates, bit encoding and word configurations (start/sync/stop length, parity, bits/word, MSB/LSB).

Alta Data eNet-A429 interface card

eNet-A429 is an interface card that provides remote connection of ARINC operations on 10/100/1000 ethernet IP/UDP local area networks.

Alta Data Technologies MPCIE-1553 mini PCI Express COTS card

Alta Data Technologies’ MPCIE-1553 is a mini PCI Express full mini type 2 interface off the shelf (COTS) card for MIL-STD 1553 networks.

Acromag TT230 series isolated transmitters

The Acromag TT230 series of isolated transmitters are PC/Windows-programmable via USB for conversion of temperature, voltage and current inputs to sink/source-compatible 4-20 mA control signals.

Acromag ACEX4405 carrier board for COM Express modules

The Acromag ACEX4405 is a rugged carrier board for COM Express modules offering a wide assortment of peripheral I/O connections and a mini PCIe slot for production or prototype systems.

Dytran model 3220M27 IEPE accelerometer

The Dytran model 3220M27 is a low-profile, ring-shaped IEPE accelerometer with an overall weight of just 2.7 g.

Dytran models 3225M36 and 3225M37 ultraminiature teardrop accelerometers

These IEPE accelerometers are designed for mounting in spaces typically inaccessible to accelerometers.

Dytran model 3122C miniature high-temperature accelerometer

The 3122C series of piezoelectric accelerometers offers either 50 pc/g or 15 pc/g of sensitivity in applications with temperatures up to +191°C.

DEWE2 data acquisition systems

Simultaneous sampling Trion plug-in modules combine the modularity of PXI with a larger front panel.

GE Intelligent Platforms bCOM6-L1400 COM Express module

GE Intelligent Platforms has released the latest addition to its range of COM Express modules with the launch of the rugged bCOM6-L1400.

Dewetron Dewe-Orion-1616-100X multichannel card range

The Dewe-Orion-1616-100X series of multichannel cards has a 1 MS/s sample rate and gap-free storage.

Cortron 121 keyboard/pointing device range

Cortron’s model 121 series of keyboard/pointing devices are rugged and industrial versions built to withstand hostile and demanding industrial and military environments.

GE Intelligent Platforms COTS rugged system range

GE Intelligent Platforms has added to its range of COTS rugged systems with eight packaged, pre-validated, ready-to-run, rugged data/processing control computer systems for a broad range of military and commercial applications.

Futek IHH500 intelligent digital display

Futek has released the IHH500 intelligent digital display, a multipurpose digital display, used as a handheld device, that can be configured as bench top and/or wall mount.

GE Intelligent Platforms Wolverine III rugged flat panel computer

GE Intelligent Platforms has released the Wolverine III rugged flat panel computer, designed to withstand harsh, hazardous applications such as oil and gas exploration and drilling where salt, spray, dust, shock, vibration and extremes of temperature are present.

Dytran 3059A low profile IEPE accelerometer

The Dytran 3059A is a low profile IEPE accelerometer featuring a thru hole 1/4-28 mount and radial two-pin MIL-C-5015 connector.

Futek IPM650 intelligent panel meter

Futek has released the IPM650 intelligent panel meter to gradually replace the IPM5490/IPM500 family.

Dytran Instruments 3334A1 miniature IEPE accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released the 3334A1, a miniature IEPE accelerometer designed for environmental stress screening and product response testing applications.

GE Intelligent Platforms RTR8GE rugged router

The RTR8GE router features a small footprint, low weight and low power and enables communications on the move.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology CSG110 strain gauge signal amplifier

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has introduced its upgraded CSG110 strain gauge signal amplifier.

Dytran Instruments 3315A high frequency IEPE accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced model 3315A, a high frequency IEPE accelerometer designed for use in health and usage monitoring systems as well as active vibration control of commercial and military aircraft.

NextComputing ViewPort 17 LED backlit monitor

NextComputing has released a portable monitor for laptop users who require multiple high-resolution displays.

NextComputing Nucleus workstation computer

NextComputing has enhanced its Nucleus compact graphics workstation to allow professional users to work in an immersive 3D environment within their favourite graphical software.

Astro-Med Dash MX portable data acqusition

Astro-Med has introduced a lightweight and compact portable data acquisition system.

GE Intelligent Platforms EC12 6U CompactPCI single board computer

GE Intelligent Platforms has released the EC12, a 6U CompactPCI single board computer, designed for embedded computing environments in which entry and mid-level performance is required.

Dytran Instruments 3023A6H miniature triaxial accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released its latest model to the family of 3023A series miniature triaxial accelerometers.

GE Intelligent Platforms rugged automatic video tracker

GE Intelligent Platforms has released its rugged automatic video tracker.

Dewetron galvanically isolated multi-sensor amplifier range

Dewetron has introduced two galvanically isolated multi-sensor amplifiers with linearised analog output. The module connects to any thermocouple and measures additional voltage, Pt100 to Pt2000, constant current supplied bridges and resistance.

Metromatics portable DEWE-3020 measurement instrument

The portable DEWE-3020 is said to be the smallest, rugged ‘all-in-one’ measurement system for galvanically isolated amplifiers. It includes a built-in touch screen, high isolation signal inputs, high sampling rates - up to 1 MSps, up to 24-bit resolution and a data throughput of 70 MBps.

Metromatics MS12 1500PC embedded device

The MS12 1500PC embedded device has been designed and manufactured to operate in harsh conditions while providing viewable and workable data, whatever the environmental conditions.

GE Intelligent Platforms XCR14 6U CompactPCI/XVR14 6U VME embedded computers

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced two rugged single board computers based on second-generation Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge processors.

GE Intelligent Platforms DSP280 multiprocessor

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the DSP280 rugged dual-socket quad-core 6U VPX multiprocessor, designed to meet the real-time demands of applications such as ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar, sonar and image and sensor processing.

Dytran Instruments DC response accelerometer range

Dytran Instruments has introduced a series of DC response accelerometers, models 7500M10 and 7500M11 that are DC-coupled analog variable capacitance devices for both commercial and military applications.

Dytran Instruments 3302A biaxial IEPE accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced the model 3302A, a biaxial IEPE accelerometer designed to provide dynamic vibration monitoring within active vibration control applications typically found on commercial and military aircraft..

Dytran Instruments model 1022V IEPE force sensor

Dytran Instruments has introduced the model 1022V IEPE force sensor, designed to offer low-mass dynamic measurement capabilities within the company’s smallest and most lightweight package.

Dytran Instruments 3091A IEPE accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced the model 3091A IEPE accelerometer, designed for use in health and usage monitoring systems and active vibration control of commercial and military aircraft.

GE Intelligent Platforms WANic 6354 high-performance packet processor

GE Intelligent Platforms has released the WANic 6354 intelligent high-performance packet processor designed for high-volume IP network applications.

GE Intelligent Platforms NETernity gigabit ethernet switch

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the NETernity CP921RC-30x 6U CompactPCI 24-port gigabit ethernet switch.

Futek LPM200 panel-mount load cell

Futek has released its LPM200 panel-mount load cell, a miniature device with an optional USB output.

Futek LLB400 miniature load button load cell

Futek has released the LLB400, a miniature load button load cell that has a high accuracy with a deflection of 0.0015-in nominal. It is also available with a USB output option.

Futek LTH350 donut/thru hole load cell

Futek has added to its USB sensor range with the LTH350 donut/thru hole load cell with a USB output option.

Dytran Instruments 4190 portable vibration meter

Dytran Instruments has announced the 4190 portable vibration meter for field testing accelerometers, which can be used in conjunction with a handheld shaker for sensor validation.

MetroSpec Rugged Industrial 12.1-inch Model MS12 1500PC panel PC

The MetroSpec Rugged Industrial 12.1-inch Model MS12 1500PC panel PC has been designed to operate in harsh conditions while providing viewable and workable data.

Dytran IEPE triaxial accelerometer model 3293A

Dytran Instruments has released an IEPE triaxial accelerometer, Model 3293A, a lightweight, high-sensitivity accelerometer containing three miniature ceramic shear mode accelerometer elements mounted to a single support and welded into a titanium housing.

A10200 ATCA single board computer

GE Fanuc has announced the A10200 ATCA single board computer, with a dual Xeon 5500 series dual- or quad-core processor and up to 64 GB of DDR3 SDRAM.

Triaxial accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released a miniature triaxial accelerometer, using quartz shear technology, coupled with 2-wire internal IEPE electronics.

Force sensors

Dytran Instruments has released a series of ring-style charge output force sensors.

VPXcel6 SBC620 rugged 6U VPX single board computer

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the VPXcel6 SBC620 rugged 6U VPX single board computer.

3224A series of mini accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced its latest model to the 3224A series of ultra miniature IEPE accelerometers.

ADC module

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the ICS-1556B 4-channel 400 MHz 14-bit ADC PMC module.

Gigabit ethernet switch

GE Fanuc has announced the NETernity RM983RC VME ethernet switch, designed for applications in industrial, commercial, government, telecommunications and defence applications.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms rugged SBC

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the VPXcel3 SBC341 3U VPX rugged single board computer.

3023A triaxial accelerometer family

Dytran has released an addition to the 3023A family of miniature triaxial accelerometers.

V7875 single board computer

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the V7875 single board computer for 6U VME solutions with increased processing performance, lower power consumption, extensive I/O capability and good graphics.

Processor board

The Telum ASLP11 with Core Duo L7400 1.5 GHz processor is a single-width, full- or mid-sized ACM processor board of up to 4 GB memory and is designed for distributed ATCA/Micro TCA processing applications such as wireless base stations, voice over packet, test and measurement, server blades and other enterprise-wide computing.

Dual processor blade

GE Fanuc has announced the AT2-5800 IP packet processor advanced TCA blade.

Gigabit switches

GE Fanuc has announced two gigabit ethernet switches.

Mini accelerometer

Dytran has introduced an ultra-miniature IEPE accelerometer with titanium housing. Weighing 0.2 g, this miniature accelerometer reduces mass loading effects.

Portable data acquisition

Dewetron has released the DEWE 201 data acquisition recorder, a portable and rugged device consisting of a solid-state disk for environments where shock and vibration are present.

Gigabit ethernet support

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the Telum GE-QLX/QSX gigabit ethernet AdvancedMC.

Table-mount LCD

Released by Crystal Group is the RD2120C, a 20.1" table-mount LCD with a stainless lid and aluminium base.

Probe pressure sensors

The 2301B probe-type pressure sensors are designed to measure fast pressure transients such as those encountered in field blast and shock tube applications.

Sealed computer

Computer Dynamics has announced SealTouch-15 rugged flat panel computers in an environmentally sealed enclosure that can be installed on an arm.

Data acquisition recorder

Astro-Med has released the Dash 2EZ+, a handheld, portable data acquisition recorder.

6U VMEbus SBCs

GE Fanuc has announced the V7768 and V7769 6U VMEbus single board computers.

PMC module

GE Fanuc has announced the ICS-1554 PMC module with four 16-bit ADCs sampling synchronously at frequencies up to 160 MHz.

6U CompactPCI C2K single board computer

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems has announced its 6U CompactPCI C2K single board computer. The device uses the 1 GHz MPC7447A or 1.4 GHz MPC7448 Freescale processor and extensive I/O ports for improved performance and flexible functionality.

Intelligent packet processor

The Telum NPA-3804 is a modular package designed to meet performance and thermal requirements with secure high-speed connectivity and complex packet processing at wire speed performance.

Kneeboard computer

Secure Communication Systems has released Air Warrior II - Electronic Data Manager, a kneeboard computer system that is a rugged, lightweight and portable which uses the Windows XP Professional operating system in a configuration optimised for wearable, kneeboard requirements.

Sealed LCD monitors

VarTech Systems has released an all-weather, fully submersible series of flat LCD screen monitors.

Integrated PC terminal

VarTech Systems has introduced the VTPC150SE all-in-one monitor and computer that can survive the harshest washdown environments.

Port failover software

SBS Technologies has announced VD-FOE ethernet port failover software for the VxWorks real-time operating system.

Single board computers

SBS Technologies has introduced three 6U CompactPCI single board computers.

Press fit connectors

Harwin has extended its range of PC/104 and PC/104 Plus connectors to include stack through and non-stack through variants.

COTS graphics

SBS Technologies has introduced the Sentiris S4110-CD00-AR COTS graphics subsystem offering good performance and image quality in a conduction cooled PMC format.

Logic testing

Huntron Instruments has released the Tracker 2700 which now extends the capabilities of power-off testing to troubleshoot low voltage logic circuitry.


Measuring shark bite force with load cells

Getting into the spirit of Shark Week 2017, FUTEK teamed up with the engineers at Peacock Productions to create a shark bite force measurement application.

Powering an exoskeleton for paraplegics

FUTEK recently partnered with the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition on its latest exoskeleton, the Mina v2, which will provide paraplegics with gait mobility.

Rugged server selected for Army intelligence system

Defence company Leidos has selected Crystal Group's RS378 3U rugged server for the Leidos eXpeditionary RT (XRT) system, a real-time signal intelligence system used by the US Army.

What do load cells have to do with Christmas dinner?

FUTEK is getting into the holiday spirit by illustrating how its LRF Low Profile Load Cells, combined with instrumentation such as the IHH500 handheld display, can monitor the weight of your Christmas turkey.


Remotely monitor your motors over Ethernet

By using current sensing transducers and Ethernet I/O modules, remote motors located anywhere in your operation can be easily monitored.

Enabling fastener torque auditing and certification

Take apart any electronic device from the past or present and you'll encounter a myriad of screws and bolts. Consistent torque application is key for these products to meet promised specifications.

Pick the torque sensor for your servo motor in three easy steps

At the heart of many automated assembly platforms and robots is an electric motor. If the motor is the heart, then the brain is the controller and closed loop control system.



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