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Robotas Sigma manual assembly optimisation system

17 March, 2020

Robotas Technologies has developed a system for optimising the manual assembly process for the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Outsourcing a key determiner of success in dynamic markets

06 February, 2019 by Timo Gassauer, Head of Product Line Stacks

In order to remain profitable, companies must reduce their development times, recoup their initial investment costs sooner and bring products into markets more rapidly.

2D oxide layers created with liquid metal

24 October, 2017

Australian researchers have used liquid metal to create two-dimensional materials no thicker than a few atoms that have never before been seen in nature.

3D-printed electronics

26 October, 2015

A combination of two technologies — one to create a thin film and the second to 'cut' designs out of the film — could be a potentially powerful tool to create custom electronic components.

Keysight Technologies 5G Channel Sounding Reference Solution

25 August, 2015

Keysight Technologies has introduced the 5G Channel Sounding Reference Solution. The reference solution is designed for accelerating research of millimetre-wave 5G channel models and includes ultrabroadband and MIMO.

Valor MSS Process Preparation tool

10 August, 2014

Mentor Graphics has released its product data manufacturing process tool, Valor MSS Process Preparation.

Rainbow Technology Systems Desktop Coater

10 July, 2014

Rainbow Technology Systems has introduced a version of its desktop coating system said to offer even greater functionality and ease of use. The product features an alignment system, which means the copper panel and phototool can be lined up with accuracy.

Controlling the assembly of atoms

22 March, 2013

University of Canterbury scientists have discovered a new way of assembling atoms that could lead to increases in the power of mobile phones, computer tablets and memory sticks.

Production process doubles speed and efficiency of flexible electronics

20 February, 2013

Stretching out the atomic structure of the silicon in the critical components of a device can be a good way to increase a processor’s performance.

Nanolithography printer replacing conventional electronics

11 February, 2013

The world’s fastest 3D printer of micro- and nanostructures has been developed. With this printer, smallest three-dimensional objects, often smaller than the diameter of a human hair, can be manufactured with minimum time consumption and maximum resolution. The printer is based on a novel laser lithography method.

When two insulators become conductors

27 July, 2012

How can two materials which do not conduct electricity create an electrically conducting layer when they are joined together? This article explores the various hypotheses to answer this question.

Assembly errors quickly identified

17 May, 2012

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF have come up with a testing technology to help reduce assembly errors.

Audio modules

04 December, 2006

Barix has released its IP audio modules for audio streaming applications from real-time audio transmission, audio monitoring and distribution, audio recording, paging, to intercom and warning tone generation systems.

Cadmium batteries to be phased out

13 April, 2002

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to prohibit cadmium batteries in electrical vehicles during 2005.

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