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Current sensing in brushless motor drives: shunt vs current sensors

11 September, 2019 by Warren Pettigrew, Chief Technical Officer

Sensing currents in brushless motor drives is essential, even if it is just for current limiting.

Parvalux SD series AC motors with dual worm gearheads

30 July, 2019

The SD motor series from Parvalux offers 240 VAC solutions, with the ability to mount multiple gearheads in the orientation to appropriately suit the application.

FAULHABER DM series stepper motors

27 June, 2019

FAULHABER has expanded its portfolio to include the DM series of stepper motors — suitable for situations where speed and direction change often and quickly. This occurs often in the semiconductor and textile industries, as well as in medical technology and robotics.

maxon motor industrial series IP65 hollow shaft right-angle gearmotor

21 May, 2019

Featuring high power density, maxon motor's 60 mm diameter, 400 W, 48 V brushless DC motor and right-angle helical bevel gear combination can deliver 25 Nm of torque.

maxon motor named official supplier to America's Cup champs

29 January, 2019

Emirates Team New Zealand's vigorous defence of the 36th America's Cup will be assisted with the support of maxon DC motors.

FAULHABER BXT series flat brushless DC servomotors

24 January, 2019

FAULHABER has introduced the BXT family of flat brushless DC motors, featuring high performance, external rotor and slotted drives.

FAULHABER 1645 … BHS brushless DC servomotor

22 January, 2019

FAULHABER's 1645 ... BHS brushless DC servomotor features a short response time, high speed and large permissible radial load. The powerful BLDC motor is also characterised by low vibration and heat development.

FAULHABER 1660 series brushless DC servomotors

18 January, 2019

The 1660 ... BHx series are high-power slotless brushless motors in 16 mm diameter based on a 2-pole technology.

Copley Controls Argus EtherCAT high-current servo drive

30 October, 2018

Copley Controls has released a series of low-voltage servo drives for brushless motors. The Argus drive is capable of running up to 2.7 kW motors and most common feedback types are supported.

Motion Technologies drive slew rings

29 October, 2018

Drive slew rings from Motion Technologies are designed for high axial and radial loads. Often not noticed, they can produce large amounts of torque.

STMicroelectronics STSPIN830 and STSPIN840 single-chip motor drivers

05 September, 2018

Simplifying the design of low- to mid-power motor controls in the 7–45 V range, the STSPIN830 and STSPIN840 single-chip drivers from STMicroelectronics contain flexible control logic and low-RDS(ON) power switches for industrial applications, medical technology and home appliances.

maxon motor EC-I 30IE brushless DC motor with integrated controller

28 August, 2018

The EC-I 30IE brushless DC motor features a five-wire connection to simplify implementation and still give a wide functionality.

maxon motor frameless DC motor and encoder

14 May, 2018

maxon motor's frameless DC motor and encoder set is designed to allow for miniaturisation and integration. The motors meet the increasing need for smaller robotic actuation by assembling individual parts directly into the robotic joint.

maxon EC-max brushless DC motor with hall sensors, absolute encoder and incremental outputs

09 May, 2018

For fine motor position control across multiple generation brushless motor controller models, maxon motor has supplied the maxon EC-max brushless DC motor with three modes of feedback.

maxon motor brushless DC servomotor and planetary gearbox

04 May, 2018

maxon motor's 10 mm-diameter DC motor and planetary gearbox has been fitted with an encoder for speed and position control.

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