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Würth Elektronik WE-LAN AQ LAN transformer

11 July, 2019

The WE-LAN AQ is a LAN transformer manufactured by a fully automated production process. Its innovative coil winding technique reduces the electrical variation while improving performance over a wide frequency range.

Würth Elektronik MID-DSLSCK transformers

18 April, 2019

Würth Elektronik has released additional transformers to its MID-DSLSCK family, approved for use with Sckipio chipsets.

Würth Elektronik eiSos WE-CPIB HV high-voltage double chokes

15 February, 2019

The magnetically shielded 1:1 transformers, with an isolation voltage of 2000 V, offer low losses and a low level of stray inductance.

TDK EPCOS B82806D0060A** series transformers

12 March, 2018

TDK has released a series of EPCOS transformers designed for an output of up to 60 W, which are therefore suitable for PoE++ according to IEEE 802.3bt.

STMicroelectronics BALF-SPI2-01D3 single-chip balun for low-power radio

10 January, 2018

STMicroelectronics has introduced a matched balun for its S2-LP 868-927 MHz low-power radio transceiver to help engineers save board space and minimise RF-circuit design challenges in size-conscious products like IoT sensors, smart meters, alarms, remotes, building automation and industrial controls.

Inside a transformer's iron core

15 September, 2016

Researchers have developed a method of looking inside iron core transformers, enabling them to see the tiny magnetic structures inside a transformer at work during the transforming process — a step towards building more efficient transformers in the future.

Vishay Sfernice PLA51 planar transformer

18 April, 2016

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a planar transformer offering power from 1 to 3 kW in a compact 70 x 53 x 22 mm size. Compared to devices built on traditional winding technology, the Vishay Sfernice PLA51 is said to deliver the same power transfer/conversion while offering higher efficiency and a lower weight and profile.

Texas Instruments SN6505A transformer driver for isolated power supplies

19 February, 2016

The SN6505 is a low-noise, low-EMI push-pull transformer driver which is specifically designed for small form-factor, isolated power supplies. It drives low-profile, centre-tapped transformers from a 2.25 to 5 VDC power supply.

Mini-Circuits STYX4-13HP+ surface-mount 4:1 transformer

29 August, 2015

The Mini-Circuits STYX4-13HP+ surface-mount 4:1 transformer handles 10 W RF input power from 30 to 1000 MHz. It supports high power requirements in a shielded package measuring only 0.43 x 0.69 x 0.42″.

Mini-Circuits Z7550-NMNF+ connectorised matching transformer

08 June, 2015

The Mini-Circuits Z7550-NMNF+ connectorised matching transformer is suitable for many applications, from DC to 2300 MHz, where 50 to 75 Ω matching is required.

STMicroelectronics 2.4 GHz balun design for Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 and nRF24 series transceivers and SoCs

27 February, 2013

Ultralow power RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor has announced that STMicroelectronics has developed an integrated 2.4 GHz balun design for Nordic’s nRF51 and nRF24 series transceivers and SoCs (systems-on-chip) that eliminates the need for RF antenna matching circuitry comprising up to eight passive components (capacitors and inductors) and the interconnections between them.

10,000 MW DC transformer saves power losses

11 July, 2012

A 1100 kV ultra-high-voltage direct current converter transformer, tested by ABB, is claimed to break the record for the highest DC voltage levels ever.

Maxim MAX13256 H-bridge transformer driver

01 November, 2011 by

Maxim has introduced the MAX13256, an H-bridge transformer driver with a wide input-voltage range for isolated power supplies.

TDK-EPC EPCOS EP5 SMT pulse transformer range

23 September, 2011 by

TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK, has developed a series of EPCOS EP5 SMT pulse transformers, used to couple gate-drive circuits to MOSFETs and IGBTs operating at switching frequencies within a range of 150 kHz to several MHz.

Data Device Total-ACE terminal/transformer

08 October, 2010 by

Data Device has introduced the Total-ACE, a complete solution to MIL-STD-1553 applications.

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