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Crystal Group Network Attached Storage (NAS) cybersecurity solution

05 November, 2019

Crystal Group's Network Attached Storage (NAS) cybersecurity solution offers hardware-level protection of data classified as top-secret and below in dynamic environments and across multidomain battlefields.

FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridge (LTO-8)

18 September, 2019

The LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridge (LTO-8), from FUJIFILM, allows for the backup and archive of large-capacity data. It utilises the company's barium ferrite (BaFe) magnetic particles, which offer useful magnetic properties, good recording/retrieval performance and long-term durability.

Cluso InvMan-S1 inventory management system

05 July, 2019

Cluso's InvMan-S1 transforms the customer's warehouse into a smart inventory management system that is designed to improve productivity and efficiency.

Micron 9200 Series NVM Express solid-state drives

03 May, 2019

The 9200 Series of NVM Express (NVMe) solid-state drives (SSDs), from Micron, offer a high capacity exceeding 10 TB, fast speeds and low latency for high-performance functions.

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX8900 S4 high-end storage system

05 November, 2018

The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX8900 S4 is a high-end storage system that supports connections with open systems, such as mission-critical x86, UNIX and x86 servers.

Molecular memory could increase the capacity of hard disks

23 October, 2018

The first molecule capable of remembering the direction of a magnetic field above liquid nitrogen temperatures has been prepared and characterised by Finnish scientists.

High-speed data processing in distributed storage

11 October, 2018

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology that offers both high-speed data processing and high-capacity storage in distributed storage systems.

Crystal Group PASS cybersecurity technology

21 August, 2018

Crystal Group PASS (Platform Agnostic Security Solutions) cybersecurity technology is designed for a wide range of computationally intense, network-complex and expanded data storage applications operating in severe environments.

Nanocrystals light up the path to next-gen data storage

04 July, 2018

Nanosized crystals of salt encoded with data using light from a laser could be the next data storage technology of choice.

Good as gold: high-capacity data storage technology developed

28 March, 2018

Scientists have utilised the durability of gold in the creation of a high-capacity optical disk that can hold data securely for more than 600 years.

Data storage breakthrough brings quantum internet one step closer

18 September, 2017

Scientists have discovered a new and improved way to store quantum data, thus taking a major leap forward to providing the building blocks for a global quantum internet.

Advantech ARM mbed Cloud services

01 August, 2017

Advantech has launched its ARM mbed Cloud services integration at the WISE-PaaS Marketplace. mbed Cloud services provide secure identification, connection and device management services for IoT deployment.

Reactive Group acquires legacy data storage specialist Arraid

20 June, 2017

Reactive Group has acquired Arizona-based company Arraid, a manufacturer of replacement data storage solutions for ageing disk, tape and floppy drives on legacy computer systems.

STMicroelectronics STSAFE Trusted Platform Modules

02 December, 2016

The STSAFE Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) store system-authentication data such as cryptographic keys and software measurements in inaccessible and unalterable hardware, offering an industry-standardised way to protect PCs and servers.

Microstar Laboratories DAPtools for Python API module

09 July, 2016

The DAPtools for Python API module from Microstar Laboratories extends capabilities previously accessible in C, C++, C#, Basic and other programming environments so that data acquisition applications operating under strict time constraints can be developed using the Python language.

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