Toshiba TCK12xBG Series load switch ICs

17 January, 2022 | Supplied by: Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd

The series uses a driver circuit that realises a typical ON-state quiescent current of 0.08 nA.

Microchip Technology ISO 26262 functional safety packages

01 December, 2021 | Supplied by: Microchip Technology Australia

Microchip Technology's certified functional safety packages enable engineers to develop their products as per the ISO 26262 functional safety standard.

Digi-Key Electronics private LoRaWAN-in-a-box solutions

25 November, 2021 | Supplied by: Digi-Key Electronics

The ready-to-use solutions combine Seeed Studio's industrial-grade LoRaWAN IoT sensors and gateways with Machinechat JEDI Pro Seeed Studio Edition IoT data monitoring and visualisation software.

Percepio Tracealyzer v4.6 visual trace diagnostics software

18 November, 2021 | Supplied by: Macro Dynamics

Percepio has announced version 4.6 of its visual trace diagnostics software, Tracealyzer, with improved support for Microsoft Azure and Azure RTOS ThreadX.

Renesas RAA489206 and RAA489204 multi-cell battery front end ICs

17 November, 2021 | Supplied by: Renesas Electronics

The ICs provide fast, flexible cell balancing up to 200 mA and over — a critical function to enable fast recharging and high utilisation in large battery packs.

Advanced Energy Excelsys power supplies

15 October, 2021 | Supplied by: element14

Advanced Energy's Excelsys range of low-voltage power supplies supports a wide variety of engineering applications that require high-performance solutions.

MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink Release 2021b

05 October, 2021 | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

MathWorks has introduced Release 2021b of the MATLAB and Simulink design software product families. R2021b offers hundreds of additional and updated features and functions, along with two new products and five major updates.

Analog Devices MAX77659 SIMO PMIC with built-in switching charger

23 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Analog Devices Pty Ltd

The SIMO PMIC delivers over 4 h of play time after a short, 10-min charge and uses a single inductor to power multiple rails.

Power Integrations InnoSwitch3 IC family

17 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Digi-Key Electronics

Power Integrations' InnoSwitch3 IC family, with PowiGaN technology, is designed to deliver high-impact performance for demanding consumer and industrial applications while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

Rohde & Schwarz R&S VSESIM-VSS signal creation and analysis tool

13 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd

The tool is aimed at simplifying the engineering process from RF design to implementation and enhancing accuracy by using realistic signals for both simulation and testing.

Renesas Lab on the Cloud

08 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics has expanded its Lab on the Cloud environment to simplify the configuration and testing process and speed time to market.

ROHM BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ buck DC/DC converter ICs

06 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Fairmont Marketing

ROHM has announced two buck DC/DC converter ICs with built-in MOSFETs, the BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ, that support high voltages and currents in factory automation equipment such as PLCs/inverters and 5G base stations that handle high power.

Red Pitaya @HOME kit

03 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Digi-Key Electronics

Red Pitaya's @HOME kit is an easy-to-use remote lab or take-home kit that was created specifically for teachers and students working remotely or at home.

Acromag XMC-7AWP and XMC-7KWP FPGA modules

02 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Metromatics Pty Ltd

Acromag's XMC-7AWP and XMC-7KWP modules, with a user-programmable Xilinx Artix-7 or Kintex FPGA, feature write-protected flash memory to secure the configuration files.

Technique to facilitate fast, error-free software design

24 August, 2021

Researchers have created a new software model verification technique that permits the early detection of errors at any point during the modelling process.

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