AI chips could get a sense of time

24 May, 2024 by Katherine McAlpine, University of Michigan

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a memristor with a tunable 'relaxation time' that could reduce AI's energy use by about 90 times.

When does a conductor not conduct?

03 May, 2024

Researchers have found unusual insulating behaviour in a new atomically thin material — and the ability to switch it on and off.

Advantech EI-53 Compact Edge System

03 April, 2024 | Supplied by: Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The Advantech EI-53 Compact Edge System is designed to facilitate remote management with its integrated Advantech DeviceOn software.

Encryption: the key to embedded security

01 April, 2024 by Robin Mitchell | Supplied by: Mouser Electronics

Designers of embedded systems must keep up with the latest cyber threats and develop long-lasting and layered security solutions that incorporate software and hardware encryption.

A replacement for traditional motors could enhance next-gen robots

21 March, 2024 by Laura Castañón, Stanford University

Researchers at Stanford have designed a spring-assisted actuator — a device that can accomplish dynamic tasks using a fraction of the energy previously required.

SCHURTER MSM II metal line indicator

08 March, 2024 | Supplied by: SCHURTER (S) PTE LTD

The SCHURTER MSM II metal line indicator is available in a range of illumination variants: point, ring or surface illumination.

STMicroelectronics ST60A3H0 transceiver IC

08 March, 2024 | Supplied by: STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd

The STMicroelectronics ST60A3H0 transceiver IC is designed to remove the need for cables and connectors in personal electronics like digital cameras, wearables and small gaming terminals.

A leap towards computers with light-speed capabilities

06 March, 2024 by Will Wright and Shu Shu Zheng, RMIT University

Scientists have created a reprogrammable light-based processor that could help enable successful quantum computations, by minimising 'light losses'.

Vishay EFUSE-48V100A eFuse reference design

22 February, 2024 | Supplied by: Digi-Key Electronics

The Vishay EFUSE-48V100A eFuse reference design features TrenchFET MOSFETs and is designed to handle continuous current up to 100 A.

New 300 GHz transmitter enhances 6G and radar technologies

21 February, 2024

Researchers have developed an innovative 300 GHz-band transmitter for advanced 6G wireless communications, radar and terahertz sensors.

Avalue HID-2340 medical panel PC

21 February, 2024 | Supplied by: Avalue

The HID-2340 medical panel PC from Avalue delivers a range of advanced computing solutions to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.

3D-printed, air-powered modules help control soft robots

08 February, 2024

Researchers have developed 3D-printed pneumatic logic modules that make it possible to produce flexible and electronics-free soft robots.

Optical device designed to facilitate edge computing

24 January, 2024

Researchers have developed an optical device that is designed to support physical reservoir computing and allow real-time signal processing across a range of timescales.

Avalue ARC-1037 Rugged Panel PC

16 January, 2024 | Supplied by: Avalue

The Avalue ARC-1037 Panel PC is designed to perform in high humidity and high temperature conditions, making it suitable for a range of applications.

EXAIR Varistat Benchtop Ionizer

16 January, 2024 | Supplied by: Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

The Varistat Benchtop Ionizer is a hands-free solution that requires no compressed air and provides a constant stream of particulate-free and static-eliminating air.

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