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Emerson AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor

14 November, 2019

Emerson's AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor is an easy-to-deploy vibration sensor that performs prescriptive analytics on vibration data using native software to automatically identify failure modes and prevent potential problems involving rotating assets.

Dytran CAN-MD digital smart accelerometer network

10 October, 2019

The CAN-MD (Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostics) accelerometer, from Dytran Instruments, is a bus-based, digital smart accelerometer network with configurable firmware for machinery health monitoring and diagnostics.

Balluff BMP series intelligent displacement sensors

04 October, 2019

Balluff's BMP series of intelligent displacement sensors provide not only the absolute position signal for the stroke travel of a piston via IO-Link, but also information about the sensor status and the current ambient conditions.

Stretch-sensing glove captures hand poses in real time

09 August, 2019

Computer scientists have developed a user-friendly, stretch-sensing data glove to capture real-time, interactive hand poses with precision.

LORD Sensing G-Link-200 rugged wireless accelerometer

07 August, 2019

The G-Link-200 is a battery-powered, wireless, 3-axis accelerometer with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure.

Dytran 3030B5 series miniature accelerometers

31 July, 2019

The Dytran 3030B5 series of miniature IEPE piezoelectric accelerometers feature a rugged stainless steel construction and are available with an abbreviated low-end frequency response as low as 2 Hz.

Dytran series 3623 submersible triaxial accelerometer

25 July, 2019

The Dytran series 3623 is an IEPE, case isolated, IP68 rated (submersed to 175 psi) triaxial accelerometer.

STMicroelectronics AIS2DW12 automotive accelerometer

15 July, 2019

The STMicroelectronics AIS2DW12 automotive accelerometer makes passive keyless entry (PKE) radio fobs tough enough to survive drops and scrapes.

Dytran 3133 series miniature triaxial accelerometers

05 July, 2019

The Dytran 3133 series of ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, IEPE triaxial accelerometers, weighing just 0.8 g, are designed to mount in spaces inaccessible to other types of accelerometers.

Dytran Instruments model 3262C ultrahigh-temperature accelerometer

07 June, 2019

Dytran Instruments has released the model 3262C — a high-temperature differential output accelerometer that operates at up to 649°C and can survive temperature excursions up to 760°C.

STMicroelectronics multisensor development kit

03 June, 2019

STMicroelectronics is launching to help everyone from young people to expert designers discover the power of IoT and understand how they can easily collect and send sensor information to the cloud.

Retrofitting IoT

21 May, 2019

Connecting to the IoT doesn't necessarily mean replacing all your machinery with new devices, as it's possible to connect your existing equipment.

STMicroelectronics Unico GUI for inertial measurement units

17 May, 2019

STMicroelectronics' Unico GUI simplifies configuring the finite state machine and machine learning core (FSM and MLC) logic of its latest inertial measurement units (IMUs).

Smart connected lighting and the IoT

01 May, 2019 by Paul Golata*

The technological reality of the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers smart connected lighting within a coordinated system. This article articulates how smart connected lighting is enabling a bright future.

Developing quantum sensors for autonomous vehicles

20 February, 2019

UQ researchers are working to develop next-generation quantum sensors which could revolutionise navigation and communications in unmanned and autonomous vehicles.

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