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Touch screen for industrial applications

03 August, 2005

Dominion Electronics introduces The EasyView 500 PLC Touchscreen series. The EasyView touchscreen range is designed to interface seamlessly to any PLC and provide Human Machine Interface (HMI) to your next control application.

Flat-panel TV is 25% brighter

05 April, 2005

Agilent has announced a colour management system for backlighting LCD flat-panel TVs that delivers 25% more brilliant colours than current fluorescent backlighting

Rackmount monitors

06 July, 2004

Backplane Systems is due to exhibit the Aurora series of rugged 19" rackmount LCD TFT monitors at the National Manufacturing Week 2004 exhibition.

Kiosk touchscreens - lighen up

12 May, 2004

The rapid growth in indoor and outdoor public access kiosk applications is fuelling an increased demand for robust and reliable touchscreens that give high levels of performance while withstanding a wide range of environmental, accidental and malicious physical threats.

Flexible screen technology ready to roll

19 April, 2004

In the future, powering up a latptop may require that it is unfolled first.

Eyewear-mounted display

19 April, 2004

MicroOptical has announced its SV-6 PC Viewer claimed to be the first eyewear-mounted display specifically designed for use with mobile personal computers.

Improving the quality of displays

04 March, 2004

High-speed , reproducible and reliable processes, such as roll-to-roll display manufacturing is proving effective in the fabrication of light-emitting polymers (LEPs).

Rugged touchscreens

09 February, 2004

The latest touchscreen from Zytronic offers improved levels of reliability and protection against physical damage.

Polymer processing could give cheaper displays

05 June, 2003

By chemically attaching a difficult-to-process solid-state fluorescent material to a universal polymer backbone, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have built what may be a foundation for a new generation of optoelectronic display devices

Flexible screens ready to roll

21 January, 2003

In the future, powering up your laptop may require you unroll it first. Engineers at the University of Toronto have constructed flexible technology that could lay the groundwork for future generations of bendable television, computer and mobile phone screens.

Remote measurement

07 January, 2003

Developed specifically to work with existing web browser technology, the Fieldgate FXA 520 gateway is designed for remote process measurement monitoring, diagnosis and configuration of HART-compatible sensors and actuators.

Heat stress monitor

07 January, 2003

The RSS 214 DL is a handheld micro processor based wet bulb globe thermometer that measures environmental factors that contribute to heat stress.

Fluorescent displays

12 November, 2002

Noritake has introduced the 7000 series, the low cost feature rich graphic capable character range of VDF modules. This range of VFDs is both character and graphic capable and features the new user definable windowing function that provides the user with independently controlled windows that is capable of displaying text and graphics simultaneously.

LCD touchscreens

12 November, 2002

Active Components has available a range of LCD touchscreens from Truly Semiconductors.

Bendable screens

04 November, 2002

It has been reported that DuPont, Sarnoff and Lucent technologies will work together to develop a display technology that could lead to thin, flexible monitors that can be wrapped around curved surfaces or rolled up and put away or carried. The project is to be sponsored by the Advanced Technology Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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