RFEL HALO HD video processing and enhancement system

14 June, 2013 | Supplied by: RFEL

HALO, a HD video processing and enhancement system from RFEL, provides next-generation, low-power, real-time video processing for image-based surveillance, which is a critical capability for counterterrorism, defence and security.

Panasonic WV-CP300/WV-CP624E analog security cameras

14 June, 2013 | Supplied by: Panasonic Australia Pty Limited

Panasonic Australia has expanded its security range with three new cameras developed specifically with a full spectrum of demanding security and surveillance applications in mind.

Acromag ST130 temperature transmitters

01 May, 2013 | Supplied by: Metromatics Pty Ltd

The Acromag ST130 temperature transmitters are USB configured, loop powered and provide a proportional 4-20mA output. 

TURCK Q80WD non-flush inductive proximity switch

01 May, 2013 | Supplied by: Turck Australia Pty Ltd

The TURCK Q80WD non-flush inductive proximity switch detects all metals with 75 mm switching distance. The sensor can be mounted, partially embedded or fully flush - its switching sensitivity adjusts itself to the mounting conditions.

Osram infrared (IRED) Oslon black SFH 4716S

30 April, 2013 | Supplied by: Osram Australia Pty Ltd

The infrared (IRED) Oslon black SFH 4716S from Osram Opto Semiconductors, with an optical output of 1030 mW and a beam angle of 150°, is suitable for gesture detection systems linked to computer games or for optical safety systems in the automotive sector.

UC students design electronic triathlon tracking device

18 April, 2013

University of Canterbury researchers have designed a new miniature electronic triathlon tracking device to be worn by athletes and broadcast live to smartphone apps.

Researchers use microelectronics for non-invasive gut health testing

10 April, 2013

NIZO food research, an independent research centre in Europe, and the electronic oral drug delivery company Medimetrics have joined forces by developing a technology to sample from the small intestine in a non-invasive way - using the latest microelectronics.

Boring into the surface of Mars

05 April, 2013

Customised sensors monitor and control the robotic drilling arm that is boring into the Martian surface.

Wearable electronics with touch technology

22 March, 2013

Touch technology innovator Peratech is working with the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London to develop wearable electronics that use the company’s award-winning QTC sensors.

STS DTM digital pressure transmitter

13 March, 2013 | Supplied by: Automated Control Pty Ltd

The DTM digital pressure transmitter is a compact unit with robust stainless steel assembly, incorporating a piezoresistive measuring element.

Protecting microelectromechanical system sensors in harsh environments

07 March, 2013

Sensors used in harsh conditions, such as deep-sea oil wells, must withstand extreme temperatures and pressures for hundreds of hours without failing. Researchers have investigated two metal alloys that could give microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors better protection in the toughest environments.

Advanced exoskeleton promises more independence for people with paraplegia

18 January, 2013

Until recently, ‘wearable robots’ were the stuff of science fiction. In the last 10 years, however, advances in robotics, microelectronics, battery and electric motor technologies have advanced to the point where it has become practical to develop exoskeletons to aid people with disabilities.

Ircon 7V series infrared sensor for Modline 7 infrared thermometer

05 December, 2012 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The Ircon 7V series of infrared sensors has been added to the Modline 7 infrared thermometers. The new models provide solutions for the semiconductor industry and are one of eight in a series launched by Ircon earlier this year.

Turck LI inductive linear position sensor

29 November, 2012 | Supplied by: Turck Australia Pty Ltd

The LI inductive linear position sensor is suitable for closed-loop control applications. It has new electronics architecture that increases the effective output rate of the sensor from 1 to 5 kHz.

Stretchable electronics

12 November, 2012

Sensors and other electronics are usually made of rigid and stiff material such as metals and plastics - they cannot be stretched, twisted or thrown and should be handled with care. But that is about to change with the advent of stretchable electronics.

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