Smart sensors keep medication secure

07 May, 2019

New sensor technology could be used as part of a smart pill bottle that sends wireless alerts when it detects tampering, overdose or unsafe storage conditions.

Smart connected lighting and the IoT

01 May, 2019 by Paul Golata* | Supplied by: Mouser Electronics

The technological reality of the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers smart connected lighting within a coordinated system. This article articulates how smart connected lighting is enabling a bright future.

Teledyne DALSA BOA Spot XL vision sensor

15 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Adept Turnkey Solutions

Teledyne DALSA has announced its BOA Spot XL vision sensors for industrial automation and inspection. Designed for error proofing, identification, general inspection and robot guidance, the vision sensors deliver high performance and useful capabilities.

Smart glove made from a sensory film

01 April, 2019

Researchers took an ultralightweight, highly flexible film made from an elastic polymer and turned it into an adaptable sensory organ for a variety of technical applications.

Autonomous electric bus unveiled in Singapore

13 March, 2019

The Volvo 7900 Electric bus features light detection and ranging sensors, stereo-vision cameras that capture images in 3D and a global navigation satellite system.

Developing quantum sensors for autonomous vehicles

20 February, 2019 | Supplied by: The University of Queensland

UQ researchers are working to develop next-generation quantum sensors which could revolutionise navigation and communications in unmanned and autonomous vehicles.

Bosch Sensortec BMI088 inertial measurement unit

06 February, 2019 | Supplied by: Mouser Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd

The BMI088 high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU), from Bosch Sensortec, delivers a stable, low-noise, 6-axis inertial sensor designed for industrial and harsh environment drone and robotics applications.

Tronics Microsystems GYPRO series MEMS gyros

22 January, 2019 | Supplied by: element14

Tronics Microsystems has released the GYPRO range of closed-loop MEMS gyros, taking MEMS inertial sensors to a high level of performance with good measuring accuracy and long-term stability.

Predictive maintenance — not just for industrial applications

18 December, 2018 | Supplied by: STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd

Predictive maintenance is outgrowing industrial applications to transform consumer products in part because our products make this new field more accessible and cost-effective.

Self-monitoring lighting supports a smart building network

12 December, 2018

An Australian company is rolling out wireless technology that allows buildings to monitor themselves and report problems autonomously — and even talk to your smartphone.

'Fitness tracker for cows' monitors livestock movements

10 December, 2018

The new technology, which takes the form of a smart ear tag, produces similar data to that delivered by consumer smart watches.

Power consumption substantially cut for IoT sensors

23 November, 2018

Researchers have invented a 'battery-less' wake-up timer that is claimed to cut the power consumption of rarely active IoT sensor nodes by 1000 times.

Dialog Semiconductor SmartBond Multi-Sensor Kit

13 November, 2018 | Supplied by: Mouser Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd

Dialog Semiconductor's SmartBond Multi-Sensor Kit is a complete multisensor node solution that enables engineers to develop multiple applications on the same hardware and support different use cases through firmware.

'Touch' virtual objects with these ultralight gloves

24 October, 2018

The DextrES haptic glove enables users to touch, grasp and manipulate virtual objects while feeling like they are actually touching something in the real world.

Smartphones powered by STMicroelectronics touchscreen controller

15 October, 2018 | Supplied by: STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd

STMicroelectronics' FingerTip touchscreen controller (TSC) is powering all three of the latest Xiaomi Mi8 smartphone models — Standard, SE and Explorer.

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