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Testing high-throughput satellites: from prototyping to in-orbit verification

04 March, 2020 by Dr Rajan Bedi*

When developing satellite electronics, testing occurs throughout all stages of spacecraft development.

RBD 9103 USB Picoammeter

21 February, 2020

Rugged, portable and ASCII programmable, RBD's 9103 USB Picoammeter measures bipolar DC current from picoamps to milliamps. It can be biased with an optional built-in fixed 90 VDC bias or the user's own low-noise DC power supply.

Megger VLF Sine 62 kV test and diagnostics system for medium-voltage cables

10 January, 2020

Megger's VLF Sine 62 kV with integrated tan delta is a compact, robust and portable high-performance test and diagnostics system for the testing and condition analysis of medium-voltage cables.

Dewesoft IOLITEi-8xRTD temperature measurement module

18 December, 2019

The IOLITEi-8xRTD is an 8-channel module and a suitable solution for temperature measurement with resistance temperature detectors (RTD).

Nordson DAGE Prospector Micro Materials Tester

12 December, 2019

The Prospector Micro Materials Tester, from Nordson DAGE, features advanced mechanical testing technology that enables high levels of test flexibility. Its capabilities cover a wide range of test scenarios for micro-components and devices.

Cascade cell voltage measurement in hybrid vehicles

01 November, 2019

The automotive sector has seen a consistent rise of efficiency-improving technologies such as hybrid engines in the present times.

Anritsu MT8852B Bluetooth 5.1 Test Solution

01 October, 2019

Anritsu has introduced a new option for its Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B to support the latest Bluetooth Core v5.1 (BT 5.1) specification for evaluating key positioning services.

Viavi SmartClass 4800 Ethernet Tester

20 September, 2019

The Viavi SmartClass 4800 Ethernet Tester is a modern tool for ensuring data and voice services achieve expected key performance indicators.

Megger Baker MTR105 multifunction motor tester

29 August, 2019

The Megger Baker MTR105 handheld motor tester is designed and built for performing multifunctional tests on motors, all in one device.

Thermo Scientific Meridian S inverted static optical fault isolation (OFI) system

23 August, 2019

With the Thermo Scientific Meridian S inverted static optical fault isolation (OFI) system, semiconductor failure analysis labs can futureproof their operations with a fully scalable solution.

Narda RadMan Personal RF Field Radiation Monitor

22 August, 2019

The Narda RadMan Personal RF field radiation monitor provides safe and timely warning of electromagnetic fields directly threatening humans in their presence.

Fluke 80i-110s AC/DC current probe

01 July, 2019

The Fluke 80i-110s provides measurements for a wide range of applications involving electric, electronic and automotive circuits.

Beamex CENTRiCAL workshop calibration test bench

26 June, 2019

The CENTRiCAL workshop calibration test bench is designed to combine ease of use, versatility and ergonomics for performing calibrations in a workshop.

The key to success in test and measurement

21 June, 2019 by Lauren Davis

In an era of 5G, IoT, wearables, smart devices and more, how do you ensure your electronics company stands out from the crowd?

NVE SM225-10E TMR smart magnetometer

12 June, 2019

NVE Corporation has launched the SM225-10E high-speed TMR smart magnetometer, which is suitable for measuring proximity or AC current. The sensor combines a tunnelling magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor element with elegant digital signal processing.

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