MAX2745 GPS receiver

03 March, 2005 | Supplied by: Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Maxim has introduced the MAX2745, a single-chip, RF front-end for GPS. This IC offers high integration and eliminates the need for SAW and bulky discrete IF filters.

Researchers shrink wireless devices

08 November, 2004

James Bond-style technologies such as mobile phones the size of earpieces and invisible sensors sprinkled about to detect toxins are closer to reality.

Power supply videos

04 August, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.agilent.com/

Agilent has announced five web-based video demos for N6700 multiple-output programmable DC power supply system applications.

Location system puts satellite jammers on the run

23 July, 2004

Deliberate jamming of communications to and from space satellites is being overcome with a system that identifies and locates the source of the jamming in minutes.

Bluetooth test sets validated

20 February, 2004

Anritsu’s MT8850A/MT8852A Bluetooth test sets have received ‘Test System Validation’ status from the Bluetooth Qualification Review Board — claimed to be the only integrated test sets to have achieved validation status for radio layer measurements.

Multi-band radio tuner

17 December, 2003 | Supplied by: Active Components (Aust) Pty Ltd

Available from Active Components is the Philips TEA6845H, an AM double conversion (10.7 MHz/450 kHz) receiver for LW, MW and SW (5.85-9.99 MHz) and an FM single conversion (10.7 MHz) receiver capable of operating on US FMs, Europe FM, East Europe FM, Japan FM (65-108 MHz) and US weather bands.

ADCs tuned to digital radio

05 November, 2003

A breakthrough discovery by DSTO scientists will have a significant impact on future technology in many areas of sensing and communications

Wireless communication improvements

25 September, 2003

Researchers at UMR and Motorola are developing 3D switches and tiny fuel cells to improve the reception quality and extend the operating time for wireless communications and other wireless sensing devices.

Ethernet transceiver

09 September, 2003 | Supplied by: http://www.adilam.com.au/

TDK Semiconductor has extended the availability of its 78Q2120 ethernet transceiver range - and the availability of user designs which are based on it - by porting the device to a new semiconductor process.

Anti-crash radar comes closer for all vehicles

05 July, 2003

A British company, Cambridge Consultants, claims to have made a breakthrough in radar safety systems for vehicles, with the potential to make sophisticated reversing and anti-collision safety aids an affordable accessory for the mass market

MT8852A Bluetooth test set

05 June, 2003 | Supplied by: Anritsu Pty Ltd

Anritsu has introduced the MT8852A Bluetooth test set, claimed to be the first instrument that combines full audio test capability of the Bluetooth audio specification with the ability to perform radio layer measurements according to the Bluetooth RF test specification.

Secure wireless communication a possibility

14 April, 2003

A team of Virginia Tech researchers is attempting to push ultra-wide-band (UWB) technology into the next phase - where military communications can elude detection and all manner of home electronics systems can be operated wirelessly.

Open standard for wireless applications

13 January, 2003

STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments have teamed up to define and promote an open standard for wireless application processor interfaces.

Tailor-Made Telemetry

11 June, 2002 | Supplied by: Omnitronics Pty Ltd

Omnitronics has produced an application package to allow engineers to design their own telemetry programs using Argus hardware.

Agere and Nortel announce standard for 10 Gbps receivers

26 March, 2002

In a bid to have its technologies adopted industry-wide, Agere and Nortel Networks have claimed to have developed the first multi-source agreement to establish standards for surface-mount 10 Gbps receivers.

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