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3D printing using ultrasonic waves

04 July, 2017

Software company Neurotechnology is developing ultrasonic technology that will enable the 3D printing and assembly of almost any type of object using a wide range of different materials and components.

LEACH electronics contract manufacturing service

23 June, 2017

LEACH provides turnkey electronics contract manufacturing services including R&D, supply chain management, SMT and TH assembly, manual and AOI testing, IC programming, function test, cable or mechanical assembly, transport and logistic services.

The Bright Group manufacturing services

22 June, 2017

The Bright Group (TBG) is a multinational group servicing the needs of global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with design, manufacturing, assembly and component distribution.

EXAIR Ion Air Cannon

19 January, 2017

EXAIR's Ion Air Cannon eliminates static electricity and cleans at distances up to 4.6 m, with no moving parts. It is suitable for benchtops, machine mounting and those hard-to-reach spaces that require a concentrated flow of static-eliminating ions.

Screen Process Circuits die cut and laser cut gaskets

07 November, 2016

Screen Process Circuits die cut and laser cut gaskets can be manufactured in many shapes, sizes and thicknesses and from a variety of different materials to meet sealing requirements.

Four strategies to strengthen subassembly sourcing

20 October, 2016 by Ed Sullivan*

Selecting subassembly manufacturers with specific capabilities can speed turnaround, improve product performance and functionality, and increase an OEM's bottom line.

Making a splash in water-resistant digital devices

26 August, 2016

The trend in consumer electronics has always been to make them faster, smarter and with ever-expanding capabilities. But waterproofing has become the new focus of global electronics manufacturers and most brands are rushing to include this benefit to ensure they are not left behind in this ultracompetitive market.

LPMS Beta 300 low-pressure moulding machine

01 June, 2016

The LPMS Beta 300 is a low-pressure moulding machine for small-, medium- or high-volume production. It enables the efficient encapsulation of various electronics including PCBAs, cable connections, connector terminations and other items.

Thomson Miniature Metric Rolled Ball Screws

04 May, 2016

Miniature Metric Rolled Ball Screws from Thomson deliver smooth and quiet operation with a good load capacity, making them suitable for laboratory, medical and mechatronic applications.

Aerotech QNP-Z z-axis nanopositioning stages

29 March, 2016

Aerotech has introduced a series of Z-axis piezo nanopositioning stages for extreme-precision research and industrial requirements. The QNP-Z stages provide the resolution, linearity, repeatability and high dynamics required for the most demanding applications, from microscopy to optics alignment.

Texas Instruments bq50002 wireless power transmitter analog front end

10 March, 2016

The bq50002 is a highly integrated wireless power transmitter analog front end that contains all of the analog components required to implement a WPC-compliant 5 V transmitter. It integrates a full-bridge power driver with MOSFETs, a variable-frequency oscillator, a two-channel communication demodulator, a linear regulator and protection circuits.

Screen Process Circuits polycarbonate decals

26 August, 2015

Utilising a polycarbonate decal is a stylish way to add a professional appearance to a product directly. Screen Process Circuits will screen print the user's desired logo, image or graphic on the subsurface of the polycarbonate.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening Spiralock micro threaded inserts

07 April, 2015

Electronics engineers now have access to enhanced electronics performance - including fastener resistance to vibrational loosening, drop shock and high heat - due to the self-locking Spiralock internal thread form design in micro threaded inserts.

LPMS Beta 600 low-pressure moulding machine

06 August, 2014

The LPMS Beta 600 low-pressure moulding machine is suitable for medium- to high-volume production of small parts. Features include a user-friendly PLC control system, two independent temperature control zones, safety light curtains and safety tank cover, equipped ejection system and ease of use.

Jablocom Essence GDP-06 3G desk phone

03 June, 2014

The Jablocom Essence GDP-06 3G desk phone provides the format of a standard office landline desk phone but connects using a 3G SIM. The phone works on 3G 900/2100 networks.

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