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Phoenix Contact terminal block range

17 July, 2012

Three terminal block types for distributing, measuring and switching energy are plug-in combi units with a cross-section area of 10 mm2 and are suitable for distributing energy and for modular switching system constructs.

Hawker Richardson TWS Automation range

13 July, 2012

Hawker Richardson is launching the TWS Automation range of pick-and-place machines, printers and ovens.

Electrolube PE7500 Clear Polyester resin

13 July, 2012

Electrolube is launching a clear polyester resin and showcasing the newest ‘green’ and silicone resin products for the electronics, motor vehicle and industrial manufacturing industries.

Amber Technology Erack aluminium transit rack

19 June, 2012

Erack is a lightweight, 19″ ruggedised aluminium transit rack for electronic equipment, specifically designed for commercial and military applications when protection against physical, climatic and electromagnetic hazards are required, and where weight, strength and portability are critical issues.

Times Microwave Systems CST-600 all-in-one combination prep tool

11 April, 2012

The CST-600 all-in-one combination prep tool is for use with LMR-600 low loss coaxial cables.

Rittal ‘Blue e’ generation cooling units

10 April, 2012

Energy-saving cooling units of the ‘Blue e’ generation have a cooling output ranging from 500 to 4000 W (depending on the application) that can help achieve energy savings of up to 70%.

Phoenix Contact operator panel range

24 March, 2012

A range of web-based operator panels with 10 and 15″ versions offers more display area for visualising basic applications.

Kontron KM2M806XT M2M deployable system

22 March, 2012

Kontron has available its M2M deployable system, the KM2M806XT.

Anderson Power Products Multipurpose Powerpole

26 January, 2012

Anderson Power Products’ Multipurpose Powerpole is a make-first/break-last connection when used in a multi-pole situation with the company’s standard 15/45 power poles.

ARC Technologies Wave-X Heat shrinkable tube absorber

12 October, 2011 by

Wave-X Heat, from ARC Technologies, is a shrinkable tube absorber, designed to integrate with wire and cable assemblies, neatly sealing junctions and connector interfaces while absorbing unwanted EMI interference.

Phoenix Contact ME and ME MAX modular electronic housing

23 August, 2011

ME and ME MAX modular electronic housing offers the option of implementing all necessary connections from small signal voltages to high supply voltages in a single housing.

Wago Cage Clamp S rail-mounted quadruple deck terminal block range

02 August, 2011 by

Wago’s range of multipurpose, Cage Clamp S rail-mounted quadruple deck terminal blocks can be used for connecting electric devices from motors to sensors and allows for a set of terminals to supply power to a number of motors or three-wire sensors.

TE Connectivity HXCT heat-shrinkable tubing

29 July, 2011 by

TE Connectivity has launched a low fire hazard, heat-shrinkable continuous identification tubing for industrial, rail and mass transit, aerospace and defence, as well as marine applications.

Keystone Electronics PCB screw terminal

20 June, 2011 by

Keystone Electronics has released a miniature, screw terminal type binding post suited for 22-15 AWG wire and used in high-density PCB packaging.

Laird Technologies Tpcm 580SP series phase change material

26 May, 2011 by

Laird Technologies has released its Tpcm 580SP series phase change material.

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