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Mini-Circuits ZVVA-3000 continuously variable attenuator

28 September, 2017

Mini Circuits' ZVVA-3000 is a 50Ω RF variable attenuator combining the benefits of a voltage variable design with the convenience and ease of use of a software-controlled step attenuator.

Mini-Circuits BW-VX-1W54+ series precision fixed attenuator

12 May, 2017

Mini-Circuits has introduced the BW-VX-1W54+ series — a precision fixed attenuator that operates from DC to 50 GHz.

Pasternack Enterprises low-frequency attenuators

03 May, 2016

Pasternack Enterprises has released a line of 3 and 4 GHz frequency attenuators. The range of low-frequency coaxial attenuators is specially suited to in-the-field uses and other general-purpose applications where stainless steel designs and high performance are not required.

Peregrine PE43711, PE43712 and PE43713 digital step attenuators

26 June, 2015

The PE43711, PE43712 and PE43713, from Peregrine Semiconductor, are 50 Ω, HaRP technology-enhanced, 7-bit RF digital step attenuators (DSAs) that support applications from 9 kHz to 6 GHz.

Macom Technology Solutions MAAD-011021 digital attenuator

20 August, 2014

Macom Technology Solutions has announced the MAAD-011021 wideband, 6-bit digital attenuator. The product is offered in both bare die and a 3 mm PQFN package, operating from DC-40 GHz and DC-30 GHz.

Wavelex WAT06E 30 dB attenuator

09 January, 2014

The WAT06E precision attenuator from Wavelex operates from DC to 6 GHz, with 50 Ω impedance and up to 30 dB attenuation, and features 20 W continuous wave (CW) RF power handling and 1.2:1 VSWR. It is suited for wideband power attenuation, high power measurement, high power IP measurement and RF bench test applications.

Anaren D30NA30Z4, D50AA20Z4 and D50AA30Z4A SMT high-power attenuators

26 November, 2013

Anaren has released three surface-mount technology (SMT) high-power attenuators. The 30-50 W devices are high-performance, high-power chip attenuators covering from DC to 3.0 GHz and featuring high return loss and small footprints.

UMS CHT4016-QEG 6-bit digital step attenuator

18 November, 2013

The CHT4016-QEG, from United Monolithic Semiconductors SAS (UMS), is a 6-bit digital step attenuator that operates from 4 to 14 GHz and provides an attenuation range of 31.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps.

Yantel Coaxial Temperature Compensation Attenuator Co-TCA Series

31 October, 2012

The Coaxial Temperature Compensation Attenuator Co-TCA Series from Yantel offers a frequency range of DC to 6 GHz, a power rating of 2 W, impedance of 50 Ω and operating temperature of -55 to 150°C.

Yantel VAS Miniature Variable Attenuators

04 October, 2012

Yantel has introduced its VAS Miniature Variable Attenuators. They operate in a wide frequency range of DC to 6000 MHz, using advanced microstrip technology to achieve high RF performance in a small package.

Yantel VAB and VAE Series Rotary Variable Attenuators

03 October, 2012

Yantel has introduced its VAB and VAE Series Rotary Variable Attenuators, which operate in a wide frequency range of DC to 6000 MHz.

PMI PVVAN-0R4G6G-40-MP-1 diode attenuator

12 April, 2012

PMI PVVAN-0R4G6G-40-MP-1 is a non-reflective, linearised, voltage-controlled pin diode attenuator that operates over the 400 MHz to 6.0 GHz frequency range and provides up to 40 dB attenuation range from 0 to +10 VDC control voltage.

RF Micro Devices RFSA2013/RFSA2023 voltage controlled attenuators

03 August, 2011 by

RF Micro Devices has released two voltage controlled attenuators, the RFSA2013 and RFSA2023.

Vane attenuators

27 April, 2009 by

ASD Technology has released the range of high-power rotary vane attenuators (HPRVA), the series 114 from Flann Microwave.

ASD fixed attenuators

14 April, 2009

ASD has released a 10 W fixed attenuator for DC to 6 GHz and a high-power fixed attenuator for DC to 18 GHz applications.

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