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Setolic multifunction, waterproof, durable keypads

03 October, 2019

Using touch to trigger functions is an everyday occurrence; however, Setolic's strain gauge technology makes it possible to apply touch functionality to almost any material, including rigid metals such as stainless steel and aluminium, glass, plastic, ceramics and wood.

APEM PQ series stainless steel keypads

16 August, 2017

The PQ series stainless steel keypad is available in 4-, 12- or 16-key configurations, with two key sizes, to meet specific customer requirements. In addition to its attractive design and performance, the keypad can easily be customised.

TG3 Electronics BLTX sealed full travel keyboard

11 August, 2016

The BLTX sealed full travel keyboard features 83 keys with an integrated touchpad.

InduKey TKV-084-FIT-Touch-IP65-MGEH stainless steel keyboards

18 February, 2016

InduKey has released the TKV-084-FIT-Touch-IP65-MGEH series of stainless steel keyboards with integrated touchpads. Available in three compact versions, the keyboards are suitable for use in tough industrial applications due to their robust design and high-quality workmanship.

Indukey KR21201 capacitive industrial keyboard

31 October, 2014

InduKey's capacitive panel-mount industrial keyboard with a glass surface, the KR21201, features 94 keys, a capacitive touchpad and IP65 resistance to dust and liquid on the front panel. The product is suitable for integration into machines, systems, devices and objects.

Storm AXS Range StrikeMaster access-control keypad

29 January, 2013

The Storm AXS StrikeMaster access-control keypad is a self-contained system constructed to withstand hard use and abuse in exposed, unsupervised, public locations.

Switches Plus illuminated access keypads

31 August, 2012

Switches Plus introduces two models of illuminated access keypads, specifically designed for all kinds of industrial and commercial environments.

Interworld Electronics EKFT-108 IP67 waterproof USB keyboard

14 May, 2012

The EKFT-108 IP67 waterproof USB keyboard is designed for clean office and light industrial environments and is a full-travel board.

Interworld Electronics EK-77 fully sealed keyboard

29 June, 2011 by

The EK-77 fully sealed small footprint keyboard for industrial and medical environments has 77 keys including 12 function keys and measures 226 x 99 mm.

Indukey glass panel keyboards

30 November, 2010 by

Backplane has released Indukey’s glass panel keyboards and input devices offering users a functional data input device that can be customised.

APC Technology KBIM2-IS Qwerty keyboard

10 February, 2010 by

APC Technology has extended its range of industrial and military products with the KBIM2-IS Qwerty keyboard with integrated mouse for use in hazardous areas, and available with international IECEX certification.

Backplane Systems TKS-105a-TB38-RF-KGEH wireless industrial keyboard

17 November, 2009

Backplane Systems has released the TKS-105a-TB38-RF-KGEH wireless industrial keyboard with integrated 38 mm trackball. It includes a membrane industrial keyboard and USB-based receiver.

Wearable keyboard

16 October, 2009 by

Interworld has released iKey’s rugged AK-39 keyboard, designed to be worn on the arm and providing compact data input that does not restrict arm movements.

Piezo keypad

15 October, 2009 by

Piezo keypads that are impervious to dirt and fluids are suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Carbon keyboards

17 September, 2009 by

Backplane Systems has released the InduDur industrial carbon keyboard range, manufactured by InduKey. The keyboards are front mounting and manufactured from a carbon material with stainless steel keys.

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