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Toshiba TLX9309 analog output IC photocoupler

16 July, 2018

The TLX9309 analog output IC photocoupler enables high-speed communications in automotive applications — especially electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

Q&A on the next generation of power electronics

01 June, 2018

Will everything be GaNtastic or are you just SiC of the hype?

Doping simulated in organic semiconductors

14 March, 2018

German and Japanese researchers have successfully demonstrated how the doping of organic semiconductors can be simulated and experimentally verified.

New catalytic effect discovered during gallium oxide production

04 December, 2017

German physicists have drastically increased the yield of gallium oxide — a class of semiconducting oxide — with a catalytic effect observed for the first time during crystal growth.

Beryllium-doped gallium nitride for next-gen power electronics

13 November, 2017

Aalto University physicists have discovered a microscopic mechanism that will allow gallium nitride semiconductors to be used in electronic devices that distribute large amounts of electric power. Their secret? Doping gallium nitride with beryllium atoms.

Graphene-based material lights the way to ultralow-power transistors

10 November, 2017

An international team of scientists has discovered what they believe to be a new route to ultralow-power transistors. The key to their research lay in the use of a graphene-based composite material.

Controlling spinning electrons

11 July, 2017

Researchers from Linköping University have demonstrated how to combine a commonly used semiconductor with a topological insulator, in a groundbreaking discovery of how to control and transfer spinning electrons.

Putting an end to cracked screens

07 June, 2017

An international team of scientists is working together to bring an end to cracked smartphone and tablet screens.

Flexible, organic and biodegradable: electronics based on human skin

08 May, 2017

US researchers have developed a semiconductor that is as flexible as skin and easily degradable, offering diverse medical and environmental applications without adding to the mounting pile of global electronic waste.

Graphene 'copy machine' to produce cheaper wafers

24 April, 2017

MIT engineers have developed a technique that could vastly reduce the overall cost of wafer technology for the semiconductor industry, enabling devices made from more exotic, higher performing materials than conventional silicon.

Star-spangled nanowires

22 March, 2017

US researchers have described a material that, when heated by several hundred degrees, transforms from an atomically thin, two-dimensional sheet into an array of one-dimensional nanowires, each just a few atoms wide.

Semiconductor solutions for the Nintendo Switch

15 March, 2017

Semiconductor solutions from STMicroelectronics, including motion sensors, touch-screen controller IC, STM32 microcontrollers and NFC controller ICs, have been selected for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's latest gaming device.

Better than graphene: the 2D material for atom-thin semiconductors

28 February, 2017

Semiconductors that are as thin as an atom are no longer the stuff of science fiction, with physicist Professor Axel Enders creating a two-dimensional material that could revolutionise electronics.

Conductive polymer films for plastic electronics

18 January, 2017

Singaporean scientists have developed conducting polymer films that provide high performance in plastic electronics, including organic LEDs, solar cells and transistors.

Three ways organic electronics is changing technology as we know it

13 October, 2016 by Stuart Higgins, Imperial College London

One day, your latest gadget won't be in your pocket like a phone or even wrapped around your wrist like a smartwatch, but stuck to your skin like a transparent plaster.

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