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Camille Bauer SINEAX DM5S poly-phase transducers

17 April, 2019

The SINEAX DM5S, from Camille Bauer, is a DIN rail instrument for measuring in single phase and three phase. 3- and 4-wire systems can be equipped with a Modbus RTU interface and up to four analog signals.

Maxim Integrated MAX12900 sensor transmitter

15 February, 2018

The MAX12900 is an ultralow-power, highly integrated 4–20 mA sensor transmitter from Maxim Integrated Products, enabling users to create small, low-power designs for industrial automation applications.

FUTEK LCB400 rod-end load cell

29 January, 2018

FUTEK has released the Model LCB400, which is a rod-end load cell (tension/compression) designed for applications involving inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male/female threads.

FUTEK LTH Series Thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells

05 October, 2017

FUTEK's LTH Series Thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells offer a variety of capacities and inner diameter sizes, making them suitable for bolt-fastening applications.

JTAG Technologies JT 2147/eDAK signal conditioning module

09 June, 2017

The JT 2147/eDAK, from JTAG Technologies, is a multifunction signal conditioning module that allows connections from JTAG PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the MAC panel 'Scout' connection system.

Heat-resistant transducers developed

09 June, 2017

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC have successfully realised piezo sensors that can continuously monitor components as hot as 900°C.

FUTEK MBA500 torque and thrust biaxial sensor

25 May, 2017

FUTEK's MBA500 torque and thrust biaxial load cell is designed to measure reaction torque moments as well as tension and compression loads, all in one transducer.

FUTEK LCB200 Rod End Load Cell

30 April, 2017

The FUTEK LCB200 Rod End Load Cell (tension/compression) is designed for applications involving inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male/female threads. The load cell has low deflection and can easily thread in line into a threaded rod actuator.

Futek LSB series load cells

09 February, 2017

Futek LSB series load cells offer a broad capacity range as well as many capabilities that are suitable for inline endurance applications from industrial automation to delicate medical testing.

Futek inline load cell and test and measurement software

17 January, 2017

Load cells give researchers the ability to monitor the force applied to their test specimens. Futek's solution for biomaterial testing includes its inline load cell (LCM Series) paired with instrumentation and software.

FUTEK LSM300 Precision Load Cell

22 December, 2016

FUTEK's LSM300 Precision Load Cell (also known as the Belt Buckle Load Cell) offers a lightweight design with an easy side-mounting feature, making it suitable for OEM applications.

What do load cells have to do with Christmas dinner?

12 December, 2016

FUTEK is getting into the holiday spirit by illustrating how its LRF Low Profile Load Cells, combined with instrumentation such as the IHH500 handheld display, can monitor the weight of your Christmas turkey.

Futek LCM200 miniature threaded inline load cell

19 September, 2016

The Futek LCM200 is a miniature tension and compression load cell built for endurance or inline tension or compression applications.

Futek LCF400 pancake load cell

15 September, 2016

The Futek LCF400 pancake load cell has been designed to resist high extraneous loads, primarily due to its one-piece construction. Typical applications include fatigue and endurance testing where long performance cycles are required.

FUTEK LLB130 subminiature load button load cell

16 June, 2016

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology has announced LLB130, a subminiature, lightweight, load button load cell. The company's engineers have improved the accuracy of the product to non-linearity of ±0.5% and deflection of 0.002″ nominal.

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