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Connectors down

16 April, 2005

The World Connector Business Index (CBI) dropped in December to 3.191 from 3.423 in November. All regions dropped except China, which is now 3.531 from 3.509 in November. Japan is still below 3.000, but improved slightly to 2.901 in December from 2.895 in November.

Cord range expanded

12 April, 2005 | Supplied by:

Molex has added two cordset and receptacle versions to its RJ45 product family.

MT cable assemblies

03 March, 2005 | Supplied by: Molex Premise Networks Pty Ltd

The high-density MT cable assemblies create space saving on the front panel by making configurations up to 72 fibres possible, while reducing installation times and lowering applied costs.

Flat tinned copper earth braids

03 February, 2005 | Supplied by:

Comprising over 70 sizes, the flat tinned copper range from Erico can be used for applications from 30 to 360 A.

Bronze-plated coaxial connectors

03 February, 2005 | Supplied by:

The Pulse N-201 connector from RFI utilises a white bronze plating finish, providing tarnish resistance and improved electrical performance.

Changing industry for connectors

17 January, 2005

A research report providing a description of the major connector initiatives and their impact on technology driving the connector industry has been published by Bishop & Assoc in the US. The aim of the report is to create a resource for understanding the new technologies, their purpose and uniqueness and to provide a basis for determining their viability in an ever-changing world of electronic systems.

Tab connectors

12 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

The AMP PIDG tabs consist of a solid metal tab with plastic insulation on the crimp end. The metal support sleeve under the insulation crimps tightly onto the wire insulation, providing good grip in high vibration.

DIN rail connectors

12 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

The DIN rail adapter for Mate-N-Lok cap housings allows wire and harness installers to bring two ends of a cable assembly or wire harness together at a DIN rail mounted location.

D-SUB connector range

07 September, 2004 | Supplied by: Adilam Technologies

Harting has extended its D-SUB connector range with a water resistant series manufactured to IP67.

Interface link

12 May, 2004 | Supplied by:

National Instruments has announced MXI-4, a high-speed serial interface link compatible with the latest PCI standards commonly found in high-performance servers and workstations.

Field terminable connector

17 December, 2003 | Supplied by: Molex Premise Networks Pty Ltd

Molex Premise Networks has released Xpress-Lock - the field terminable MT-RJ connector, designed in accordance with the industry FOCIS intermateability standard (TIE/EIA-604-12).

Category 5 patch cords

28 November, 2003 | Supplied by: Molex Premise Networks Pty Ltd

Molex Premise Networks has developed a range of slim boot enhanced category 5 patch cords.

Cable ties and straps

28 November, 2003 | Supplied by: Velcro Australia Pty Ltd

One-Wrap cable ties and straps are a wrap-around, self-gripping cable tidy for computer cables, fibre optics, power tool leads, etc.

PC cable tester

28 November, 2003 | Supplied by: element14

A standalone cable wiring configuration tester to identify and test most common PC connection leads includes a range of connector types and is suitable for testing data cables, network cables, printer cables, monitor cables, modem cables, mouse cables, game cables, USB cables, etc.

Electronics interconnections for extreme space environments

13 October, 2003

If all goes as planned, two rovers named Spirit and Opportunity will explore the surface of Mars next year, gathering geologic information and beaming the results back to Earth. However, the environment is so extreme that the rovers will be equipped with heaters to keep the electronic gear warm enough to operate properly as temperatures can dip to -120 degrees C. Futures space probes will involve even more extreme environments, with temperatures as high as 460 degrees Celsius on Venus and as low as -180 Celsius on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

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