SMP 5057 series power inductors

11 February, 2003 | Supplied by: Clarke & Severn Electronic Solutions

Gowanda Electronics has introduced a series of surface mount inductors designed for power applications where high current handling and surface mount packaging are required.

Electronic battery chargers

11 February, 2003 | Supplied by: Power Protection Solutions Pty Ltd

Mastervolt has introduced three battery chargers: the IVO Smart 12/10, 24/6 and 12/15-2. Making use of high frequency switchmode technology the models are ultra compact and lightweight while providing power, correct charging and battery maintenance.

Recall of UPS units

03 February, 2003

APC in Australia and New Zealand has announced a voluntary recall of two specific models in its Back-UPS CS uninterruptible power supply (UPS) line due to potential safety issues that may result in over heating and represent a potential fire hazard.

Is the 'smart' battery a help or deterrent?

05 January, 2003 by Isidor Buchmann*, President, Cadex Electronics Inc | Supplied by: Cadex Electronics Inc

The battery has the inherent problem of not being able to communicate with the user. Neither weight, colour, nor size provides an indication of the battery's state-of-charge and state-of-health. The user is at the mercy of the battery

Lab power supplies

12 November, 2002 | Supplied by: Helios Power Solutions

Amtex Electronics has introduced the ZUP series of laboratory power supplies.

Models FO600 and FO610 Power Meters

12 August, 2002 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Extech's fibre optic power meters, Models FO600 and FO610, measure over a wide 75 dB dynamic range with ±0.15 dB accuracy and 0.01 dB resolution.

Will rechargeables replace the primary battery?

05 June, 2002 | Supplied by: http://www.rfindustries.com.au

Electrical energy from non-rechargeable (primary) batteries is very expensive, and many organisations are switching to rechargeable (secondary) batteries. This article examines the advantages, limitations and economics of primary and secondary batteries

Coin Cell Retainer

14 May, 2002 | Supplied by: NPA Pty Ltd

Keystone Electronics has added a low-profile coin cell retainer for 2450 coin cells to its range of battery retainers.

Power Circuit Package

22 January, 2002 | Supplied by: Braemac Pty Ltd

STMicroelectronics has introduced a generation of chip-scale packages for power integrated circuits as well as six n-channel MOSFETs that take advantage of the new package to reduce size and weight while boosting thermal and electrical performance.

Data, data everywhere

05 December, 2001 | Supplied by: Eaton Corporation

In today's dynamic telecoms environment the equipment loads on a DC power system and battery may be regularly increased through its life

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