Smart finger ring features an integrated RFID chip

10 May, 2021

The multifunctional ring could be used for paying for goods at the checkout, unlocking doors, acting as a health insurance card and more.

6 key aspects of the 3GPP 5G Release 16

03 May, 2021 by Steve Taranovich* | Supplied by: Mouser Electronics

Release 16 brings to market the effort and technology of new capabilities and functionalities for enterprises and industrial organisations.

u-blox CloudLocate service for constrained IoT devices

28 April, 2021 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

u-blox has introduced a service that offloads the position calculation from IoT devices into the cloud, enabling positioning of even the simplest IoT devices with the most constrained computing, communications and energy resources.

New GNSS anti-spoofing service developed

21 April, 2021

Galileo has developed the OSNMA anti-spoofing service, which allows secure end-to-end transmission from Galileo satellites to OSNMA-enabled GNSS receivers.

u-blox ZED-F9T-10B and LEA-F9T-10B L1/L5 timing modules

15 April, 2021 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

The ZED-F9T-10B and LEA-F9T-10B timing modules are designed to deliver the nanosecond-level timing accuracies required to synchronise cellular network base stations and smart power grids.

Terahertz waves used to transmit 8K video

17 February, 2021

Researchers employed terahertz waves from the 300 GHz band as an information carrier that allows for the wireless transmission of uncompressed, 8K UHD video.

Renesas P9418 60 W wireless power receiver IC

08 January, 2021 | Supplied by: Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics has introduced a 60 W wireless power receiver, the P9418, to deliver fast wireless charging experiences for smartphones, laptops and notebook devices in a high power-density solution.

Avalue Technology RENITY ARTEMIS real-time locating and tracking system

07 January, 2021 | Supplied by: Avalue

Avalue Technology has launched the RENITY ARTEMIS indoor positioning system for real-time tracking and tracing analysis.

Record broken for world's largest swarm of drones

24 November, 2020 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

Over 2000 miniature unmanned aerial vehicles were simultaneously launched into the night sky and at one point formed a flying dove with a wingspan of 600 m.

A smart altimeter for aerial athletes

16 November, 2020 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

u-blox's GNSS technology is being used by Dekunu Technologies in a smart altimeter for skydivers, paragliders, wingsuit pilots and other aerial athletes.

Smart collar can track your pet in real time

12 November, 2020 | Supplied by: CSIRO Data61

CSIRO's Data61 and Ceres Tag are developing a device that will enable pet owners to accurately track the location of their animal from both short and long distances.

u-blox M10 GNSS platform

09 November, 2020 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

The u-blox M10 is an integrated GNSS platform for ultralow-power, high-performance positioning applications such as sport watches or asset and livestock trackers — all in a compact format and with a long battery life.

u-blox IoT Security-as-a-Service offering

13 October, 2020 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

Available on both the u-blox SARA-R4 and SARA-R5 series of LTE-M cellular IoT modules, the service makes it simple to protect data from malicious third parties, both on the device and during transmission from the device to the cloud.

Maxim Integrated MAX33012E and MAX33072E transceivers

23 September, 2020 | Supplied by: Avnet Electronics Marketing

Designers requiring longer uptime for industrial automation applications can accelerate troubleshooting and communicate across large networks with the MAX33012E controller area network (CAN) bus transceiver and the MAX33072E RS-485 half-duplex transceiver from Maxim Integrated Products.

Combating COVID-19 with track-and-trace wearables

22 September, 2020 | Supplied by: u-blox Singapore Pte Ltd

Available as either a wristband or a pendant, the TDS-50 has been developed by Electronic Precepts to present a highly effective track-and-trace solution.

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