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How to optimise solder stencil aperture to increase connector options

14 January, 2020 by David Decker*

Designers of high-density electronics systems can now match 0.15 mm co-planarity connectors with 0.10 mm-thick solder stencils through careful aperture design.

Essential approaches for SMT assembly process control

09 May, 2019

Effective process control is helpful in finding out any issue that may stop assembly manufacturing from smoothly running and minimising the failure rate of products.

Mixing instructions for epoxy resin

23 April, 2019

This video provides instructions for the mixing of epoxy resins.

Kurtz Ersa VERSAFLOW 4XL selective soldering system

21 February, 2019

The VERSAFLOW 4XL selective soldering system, from Kurtz Ersa, provides good flexibility and application variety with a high level of soldering quality.

Ersa i-CON 1V and i-CON 2V soldering and desoldering stations

13 July, 2018

Together, Ersa's i-CON 1V and 2V control units are able to drive eight different soldering tools.

Nordson SELECT selective soldering systems

13 July, 2018

The Nordson SELECT range of selective soldering systems caters for different requirements from low to high volume.

Interflux Electronics LMPA-Q low melting point alloys

12 July, 2018

Interflux Electronics' LMPA-Q range of low melting point alloys (LMPAs) is designed to allow users to use soldering temperatures that are lower than for traditional lead-free Sn(Ag)Cu (SAC) alloys.

INVENTEC ECOREL FREE 305-16LVD solder paste

12 July, 2018

ECOREL FREE 305-16LVD is a no-clean, lead-free solder paste developed with the chemistry of the ECOREL solder paste range. The product is suitable for standard convection reflow and vapour phase soldering.

Altronic Distributors T 2460A lead-free touchscreen soldering station

05 July, 2018

Altronic Distributors has introduced the T 2460A high-power, temperature-controlled soldering station with touch screen. The soldering station incorporates a special intelligent microchip control design.

DFA VP-Jumbo condensation reflow soldering machine

05 July, 2018

The DFA VP-Jumbo soldering solution has been specifically designed for reflow soldering in laboratory and prototype environments.

Metcal CV-5200 Connection Validation soldering station

26 June, 2017

Metcal soldering stations feature SmartHeat technology, which senses thermal load and instantly delivers power on demand directly to the joint.

Low-temperature soldering reduces emissions

15 February, 2017

Technology company Lenovo has announced a new low-temperature solder (LTS) process, developed to improve PC manufacturing by conserving energy and increasing reliability.

Thermaltronics CHT soldering irons

11 July, 2016

Thermaltronics' soldering irons, based on Curie Heat Technology (CHT), respond to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material. In addition, the soldering hand-piece instantly heats and cools upon removing and replacing from its holder.

ASSCON MultiVacuum vacuum soldering process

08 July, 2016

In the MultiVacuum process, PCBs are subjected to several vacuum applications during the soldering stages, with the option of applying vacuum both before and during the melting of the solder paste.

Aluminium paste market to grow due to use in electronics, photovoltaics

06 April, 2016

The use of aluminium paste in photovoltaic and electronics applications is set to boost the aluminium powder, flakes and paste market to 332,000 metric tons in shipments by 2019, according to a new research study from Technavio.

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